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Slyncy is an example application (read: slop) using CouchDb on Android. It was bashed out for a blog entry here. This is based on AndroidGrocerySync.


This is a standard Android Java project, just check it out and run via Eclipse.


  • A recent version of Android in your emulator or phone
  • A CouchDb instance running somewhere that the phone can see (optional)


  • Add/edit documents with random fields to local CouchDb
  • Delete documents from local CouchDb
  • Push and pull replication to a remote CouchDb of your choice
  • Changes driven list of items, so can see things update from backend in near real time


  • Add new item to create a document
  • Put in some random fields
  • Done to save
  • Menu -> Settings to specify remote CouchDb
  • Menu -> Start Replication to replicate this document to remote
  • Play around editing / adding docs on both side and watch the replication happen
  • ???
  • Profit