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Awesome command line interface for the browserstack api.

Please submit pull requests to


npm install -g browserstack-cli



Setup your credentials and API key. This will prompt for your BrowserStack username/password and your tunneling API keys, which you can get from their automated browser testing page and local testing page while you are logged in.

browserstack setup

Available Browsers

Get a list of available browsers:

browserstack browsers

Launch a Browser

Launch firefox 3.6 and point it to

browserstack launch firefox:3.6

Launch will use the latest version if none is specified:

browserstack launch firefox

Using the --attach option keeps the program running until it receives a SIGTERM or a SIGINT (CTRL-C) signal, at which point it kills the remote browser and then exits.

browserstack launch --attach firefox

Can you launch mobile browsers? Yes.

browserstack launch "iPhone 5"

List Active Jobs

browserstack jobs

Killing Jobs

Kill a job by ID

browserstack kill 514664

or kill'em all

browserstack killall


browserstack tunnel localhost:8080


Usage: cli.js [options] [command]


  setup                  Initial setup
  launch <browser> <url> Launch a browser
  browsers               List available browsers
  jobs                   List active jobs
  kill <job_id>          Kill an active job
  killall                Kill all active jobs
  tunnel <host:port>     Setup tunneling
  status                 Get the current status


  -h, --help                  output usage information
  -V, --version               output the version number
  -u, --user <user:password>  Browserstack authentication
  -a, --attach                Attach process to launched browser
  -o, --os                    The os of the browser or device. Defaults to "win"
  -t, --timeout <seconds>     Launch duration after which browsers exit
  -p, --private               Use the private web tunneling key for manual testing
  -k, --key <key>             Tunneling key

Programmatic API

browserstack-cli is supported by a companion library browseroverflow which is essentially a one-to-one mapping of browserstack-cli's commands to API calls.

Issues, Questions?

To ask a question or report an issue, please open a github issue.