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This repo builds JUCE into a dynamic linked library TD-JUCE.dll, currently about 5.5 MB. Users can make their own TouchDesigner JUCE DLLs by linking against this library, and these plugins are likely to be even lighter. For example, TD-JUCE-Reverb.dll is only 31 KB. Going forward, this repo will grow by containing more plugin examples.

Currently implemented:


The input should be stereo waveform.


This plugin works as both a VST instrument (DLL files) and VST effect (DLL and .vst3 files). For both instruments and effects, the second CHOP input, which is optional, should contain the VST parameter choices. These channels can be either low sample rate (60 Hz) or audio rate (44100 Hz). The "Block size" custom parameter determines how many samples are processed for each time the parameters get updated. Use the Info DAT on the plugin to figure out which channels correspond to which parameters.

When the VST is an effect, the first CHOP input should be a stereo waveform. When the VST is an instrument, the third CHOP input should be 128 channels, which correspond to MIDI notes. Middle-C is 60. The values in this CHOP are the velocities of the notes, from 0 to 1. The CHOP's sample rate can be 60 fps or audio rate.


All Platforms

Clone this repo with git. It will not work if you download it as a zip.


Install CMake and make sure it's in your system path. Then in this repo, open a cmd window and do the following:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Open build/TD-JUCE.sln and build in Release (Debug is broken). Then press F5 and TouchDesigner should open. This repo's Plugins folder should contain a newly compiled TD-JUCE.dll and other DLLs such as TD-JUCE-Reverb.dll and TD-JUCE-VST.


Not fully tested yet, but the Windows instructions might work.


TouchDesigner isn't on Linux ;)


  • Make it possible to build in debug mode
  • Mac OSX support
  • Add continuous integration testing
  • Your suggestion here (open a Github issue)


If you use this code you must obey the JUCE 6.0 License.