A SBB/CFF/FFS commandline based timetable client. Project started at make.opendata.ch.
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Goal: Simple access to the SBB/CFF/FFS timetable service from the commandline with human readable argument parsing.

Relies on the public transport API by opendata.ch: http://transport.opendata.ch/

Fahrplan supports Python 2.7 and 3.5. PyPy should be working (except for the tests), but there is no official support until the tests are fixed.


To install the current version using pip, issue:

$ sudo pip install fahrplan

To install from this repository, clone it and use:

$ python setup.py fahrplan


fahrplan --help:

usage: fahrplan [--full] [--info] [--debug] [--help] [--version]
                [--proxy PROXY]

A SBB/CFF/FFS commandline based timetable client.

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  --full, -f            Show full connection info, including changes
  --info, -i            Verbose output
  --debug, -d           Debug output
  --help, -h            Show this help
  --version, -v         Show version number
  --proxy PROXY, -p PROXY
                        Use proxy for network connections (host:port)

 You can use natural language arguments using the following
 keywords in your desired language:
 en -- from, to, via, departure, arrival
 de -- von, nach, via, ab, an
 fr -- de, à, via, départ, arrivée

 You can also use natural time and date specifications in your language, like
 - "now", "immediately", "at noon", "at midnight",
 - "tomorrow", "monday", "in 2 days", "22/11".

 fahrplan from thun to burgdorf
 fahrplan via bern nach basel von zürich, helvetiaplatz ab 15:35
 fahrplan de lausanne à vevey arrivée minuit
 fahrplan from Bern to Zurich departure 13:00 monday
 fahrplan -p proxy.mydomain.ch:8080 de lausanne à vevey arrivée minuit



Testing is done using tox and nosetests.

To run the test script for Python 2 and 3:

$ ./test.sh


The sourcecode is available on Github: https://github.com/dbrgn/fahrplan


The code is licensed as GPLv3. See LICENSE file for more details.