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tlassemble is a simple Mac OS X command line utility that combines a sequence of images into a movie. A GUI version, Time Lapse Assembler, is also available for download.

If you find this software useful, please consider making a small donation to fund future development. Donate now

###Building and Installation

For the simplest installation, use homebrew:

$ brew install tlassemble

To build from source you must install XCode and the XCode developer tools, then:

$ git clone
$ cd cocoa-tlassemble
$ make
$ sudo cp tlassemble /usr/local/bin/ # or your own local bin directory




$ tlassemble ./images
$ tlassemble ./images -fps 30 -height 720 -codec h264 -quality high
$ tlassemble ./images -quiet yes


-fps: Frames per second for final movie can be anywhere between 0.1 and 60.0.
-height: If specified images are resized proportionally to height given.
-codec: Codec to use to encode can be 'h264' 'photojpeg' 'raw' or 'mpv4'.
-quality: Quality to encode with can be 'high' 'normal' 'low'.
-quiet: Set to 'yes' to suppress output during encoding.
-reverse: Set to 'yes' to reverse the order that images are displayed in the movie.

###License tlassemble can be distributed in accordance with the BSD New license. See the top of tlassemble.m for full license terms.