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Future Enhancments for BioSignalML Model


  • Be consistent in specifying intervals -- do we always use start and end times, with `duration1 a property? The same way should be used in all Python code that deals with intervals as well as RDF representations.

  • Deleting recordings from a RDF store -- what happens in provenance graph?

    • Do we create a (empty) resource whose predecessor is the recording being deleted?

    • Or do we use some other property, including marking the latest version with a 'deleted' flag?

    • Best to leave latest unchange but point an empty resource at it? For a recording graph::

      <uri_xxx> a prv:dataItem ;
        # a <DeletedClass> .
        prv:preceededBy <del_record> ;
        prv:createdBy [ ] ;
        dct:subject <recording> .
      <del_record> a prv:dataItem ;
        a bsml:RecordingGraph ;
        prv:createdBy [ ] ;
        dct:subject <recording> .

Abstract Model

  • Store either the recording graph's URI or a Provenance object with all resources?
  • Remove graph attribute from AbstractObject (and replace with graph URI? Provenance?
  • Add a 'provenance()' method to AbstractObject that returns a Provenance object?? BEST
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