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fork of dwm (dynamic window manager) with patches and tweaks. based on version 5.8.2
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README show only active tags. use a different color for window title
bstackhoriz.c implement horizontal layout (from part of official bstack patch)
config.h launch wicd with a different terminal. otherwise, graphical codes not…
dwm.1 add rest of dwm files, unchanged from 5.8.2


Starting from dwm version 5.8.2, this fork has the following changes:

  • movestack patch allows shuffling windows around, similar to xmonad
  • xft patch supports nicer fonts
  • statuscolors patch enables colors in status bar text
  • only show tag names (1,2,...9) when they have windows in them, or are visible
  • use a different color for the active window title

A shell script which provides information to the dwm status bar. Simple, but not very flexible. In spite of my poor shell code, it seems to use less cpu than a comparable xmobar script.

  • CPU, Memory, Swap usage
  • Network throughput and wireless signal strength (if detected)
  • Battery remaining (if detected)
  • MPC music playing
  • Date and clock


A script that starts the script and then starts dwm. This is what my /usr/share/xsessions/dwm.desktop runs.


Follow the instructions for installing dwm. Note the colors are specified differently in config.h, and are off-by-one when referring to them in

after running "make" and "make install", copy and dwm-start into the default path, eg /usr/local/bin . then create an entry in your login manager, eg /usr/share/xsessions/dwm.desktop

Dan Brown, 2010

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