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Improve mpg123 performance #4

merged 0 commits into from May 12, 2014

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first of all: Thanks for creating bongo. I just started to use it and really like it!

I also noticed high CPU load:

and did some profiling/improvements:

High CPU load is produced by parsing mpg123 process output. Instead
of creating a temporary buffer for each process output and using
buffer-search/regex functions to parse it, transform input string to
an intermediate list representation by using faster string functions.

Also remove duplicate events: By rounding the elapsed time to full
seconds a lot of events don't have to be processed.

This reduces CPU load from 60% to 24% on my Core2Duo system.


Nice work, but this fix reduces cpu load from 100%(emacs) on one core to 50%(mpg123) and 50%(emacs) on both cores. I also have Core2Duo system.


with the latest commits i was able to reduce CPU load to 12% on my system.

@dbrock dbrock merged commit 14a3a4a into dbrock:master May 12, 2014
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