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17 lines (16 sloc) 1.19 KB do |s| = %q{ooor}
s.version = "1.6.6" = %q{2012-02-04}
s.authors = ["Raphael Valyi -"] = %q{}
s.summary = %q{OOOR - OpenObject On Ruby}
s.homepage = %q{}
s.description = %q{OOOR exposes business object proxies to your Ruby (Rails or not) application, that maps seamlessly to your remote OpenObject/OpenERP server using webservices. It extends the standard ActiveResource API. Running on JRuby, OOOR also offers a convenient bridge between OpenERP and the Java eco-system}
s.files = [ "", "agpl-3.0-licence.txt", "lib/ooor.rb", "ooor.yml",
"lib/app/models/open_object_resource.rb", "lib/app/models/type_casting.rb", "lib/app/models/serialization.rb", "lib/app/models/uml.rb", "lib/app/models/base64.rb", "lib/app/models/ooor_client.rb", "lib/app/models/relation.rb", "lib/app/models/db_service.rb", "lib/app/models/common_service.rb",
"lib/app/ui/action_window.rb", "lib/app/ui/client_base.rb", "lib/app/ui/form_model.rb", "lib/app/ui/menu.rb", "spec/ooor_spec.rb"]
s.add_dependency(%q<activeresource>, [">= 2.3.5"])
s.bindir = "bin"
s.executables = %w( ooor )