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  • Changed Flink version to 1.9.3
  • Temporal Pattern Matching using Temporal-GDL added
  • Temporal verify operator added
  • More Gelly-based algorithms are available for TemporalGraph
  • Min and Max aggregations can now be applied on date and datetime types
  • Duration aggregations have now an optional unit parameter to define a time unit (e.g., Minutes)
  • Indexed CSV Source/Sink added (also for temporal graphs)
  • Some bugfixes in MinimalCSVImporter
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  • Improved testing and stability
  • improved gdl error handling
  • added basic vertex deduplication
  • implemented distributed graph layouting
  • moved capf into new repository gradoop-capf
  • improved temporal graph handling
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  • gradoop-temporal module added
    • Temporal Property Graph Model (TPGM) implementation
    • diff and snapshot operators for TPGM
    • some commonly used temporal predicates
    • examples for temporal operator usages
    • equals and print support
    • support for generified operators
  • Fixed bug in cypher constructor patterns
  • Reorganized hbase dependency
    • Remove hbase dependencies from gradoop-flink
  • Fixed incorrectly escaped chars in DOT output
  • Added overwrite parameter for CSV output
  • Added new grouping operator using key functions (KeyedGrouping)
    • Added key functions for grouping on temporal infos
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  • API Changes - Interfaces EPGMEdge, EPGMVertex, EPGMGraphHead renamed to Edge, Vertex and GraphHead
  • API Changes - Instance classes Edge, Vertex and GraphHead renamed to EPGMEdge, EPGMVertex, EPGMGraphHead
  • Logical Graph Operators generalized
  • Graph Collection operators generalized
  • VerifyGraph(s)Containment operator added
  • gradoop-examples module is refactored
  • ElementFactories are now part of the BaseFactory (not part of config)
  • Enhanced comparison of property values
  • Deprecated JSON source and sink removed
  • Support for Maven 3.6
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  • Upgrade Flink dependency from 1.7.0 to 1.7.2
  • Integration of Cypher on Apache Flink (CAPF) to support OpenCypher queries
  • Improvement of CSVDataSource
  • Added Graph ETL operators to module gradoop-data-integration
  • Added Degree Centrality operator
  • Added Random Walk operator
  • Added Verify operator to remove dangling edges
  • Refactored PropertyValue class according to strategy pattern
  • Added overwrite support for HBaseDataSink
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  • Upgrade Flink dependency from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0
  • Generalized Subgraph, Transformation and Property Transformation operators
  • Generalized MetaData construct
  • Refactored GradoopId to no longer use MongoDB
  • Added RollUp example
  • Added support to construct GraphCollection from mutliple LogicalGraphs
  • Added simple importers for CSV and JSON files
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  • Upgrade Flink dependency from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0
  • gradoop-data-integration module added
  • Fixed bugs in IndexedCSVDataSink
  • Sampling Benchmarks added
  • Datagen-package removed from Gradoop
  • Clustering coefficient computation addded
  • Triangle counting added
  • Rollup-Operator added
  • Unified aggregate functions now applicable to both aggregate and grouping operator
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  • PageRank sampling added
  • Mockito added for testing support
  • Multiple aggregation functions in a single aggregation operator
  • GraphCollection support for CSV Source/Sink
  • LGTM code quality badge
  • PropertyTransformation operator added
  • Weakly Connected Components runner added
  • CSV delimiter escaping
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  • Cypher, Subgraph and SNA Benchmarks added
  • Predicate pushdown for HBase available
  • Split property type and value in HBase table layout
  • NULL and Set support in PropertyValues
  • Code coverage report
  • Support graphs without edges
  • .print() added for LogicalGraph and GraphCollection
  • Aggregation example added
  • Sampling algorithms extended incl. Graph density computation
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  • Upgrade Flink from 1.3.1 to 1.5.0
  • JSONDataSource and JSONDataSink are now marked as deprecated
  • CSVDataSource and CSVDataSink supporting all available property value types
  • IndexedCSVDataSink added
  • Added Gradoop-Store module with Apache Accumulo and HBase support
  • Added Store Api with manual predicate pushdown (for Accumulo DataSource)