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Version 0.4.2 (Current Stable)

  • PageRank sampling added
  • Mockito added for testing support
  • Multiple aggregation functions in a single aggregation operator
  • GraphCollection support for CSV Source/Sink
  • LGTM code quality badge
  • PropertyTransformation operator added
  • Weakly Connected Components runner added
  • CSV delimiter escaping

CSV format changed! Through the newly added graph collection support for CSVDataSource/Sink and IndexedCSVDataSource/Sink, existing graphs created by these sinks from a previous release have to be transformed into the new representation. A GradoopFormatConverter is available in the gradoop-examples package to do this conversion. Use parameter lgcsv (for graphs created by the CSVDataSink) or lgindexed (for graphs created by the IndexedCSVDataSink) as input format and csv or indexed as output format. The outdated sources and sinks are renamed as LogicalGraphCSVDataSource and LogicalGraphCSVDataSink and will be removed in version 0.5.0.

Version 0.4.1

  • Cypher, Subgraph and SNA Benchmarks added
  • Predicate pushdown for HBase available
  • Split property type and value in HBase table layout
  • NULL and Set support in PropertyValues
  • Code coverage report
  • Support graphs without edges
  • .print() added for LogicalGraph and GraphCollection
  • Aggregation example added
  • Sampling algorithms extended incl. Graph density computation

Version 0.4.0

  • Upgrade Flink from 1.3.1 to 1.5.0
  • JSONDataSource and JSONDataSink are now marked as deprecated
  • CSVDataSource and CSVDataSink supporting all available property value types
  • IndexedCSVDataSink added
  • Added Gradoop-Store module with Apache Accumulo and HBase support
  • Added Store Api with manual predicate pushdown (for Accumulo DataSource)
  • First Sampling Algorithms

Version 0.3.3


Version 0.3.2


Version 0.3.1

Bug fixes and support for more Gelly algorithms.

Version 0.2.0

Added Pattern Matching and Frequent Subgraph Mining algorithms.

Version 0.1

Major refactoring of internal EPGM representation (e.g. ID and property handling), Equality Operators, GDL-based unit testing

Version 0.0.3

Apache Flink replaces MapReduce and Giraph as operator implementation layer and distributed execution engine.

Version 0.0.2

Added support for HBase as distributed graph storage.

Version 0.0.1

First prototype using Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Giraph for operator processing.

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