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DIALLED crawler

In June 2014, CWRC created a list of 4,789 Canadian libraries and archives, including their homepages.

The CWRC data is available in JSON. We can use this as a starting point for polling Canadian cultural institutions and collect linked open data that they might be expressing on their homepages, such as hours of operation, branch locations, or contact information.

More information is available from

Basic usage

./crawl --html-refresh --libraries libraries_test.json

This will:

  1. crawl the libraries listed in the test file based on their URL

  2. download the HTML for their listed URL into the html subdirectory

  3. extract any linked data from the HTML it can find (whether RDFa, microdata, or JSON-LD) into an N3 file in a corresponding ttl subdirectory

  4. serialize all of the data into N3 format in a datadumps subdirectory

Once you have gathered the data, you can run a set of queries against it to determine what kinds of linked open data the homepages of the libraries contain:



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