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Drupal Library Basic theme

This theme is based on the Library One-Pager theme originally created by and maintained on Github.

It includes the following elements:

  • modules/library_search: Defines a configurable library search block that can link to a catalogue and provide a search box for an arbitrary target.

  • modules/office_hours/ : Replaces the stock office_hours theming include with an in-place version that generates openingHours markup. TODO: move the theming function into the actual theme (but in my defence, it’s over 100 lines long!)

  • modules/schema_address : Modifies the HTML generated by the Addressfield module to include markup, without requiring the RDF or schemaorg modules to be active.

  • themes/library_basic : Includes templates and theming functions for overriding email and telephone HTML output so that the appropriate property can be included and the output complies with tel: URI scheme.


Module dependencies include:

  • Addressfield

  • jQuery update

  • Office Hours

  • Views

View templates that you need to import include:

  • themes/library_basic/address_view.block

  • themes/library_basic/hours_view.block

  • themes/library_basic/library_content_view.block

You need to create some content types as well: library_address, hours, library_home, and library_content_block. TODO: Define these.


A Drupal 7 theme based on the Library One-Pager, with integration.



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