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SlimeRefresh looks like UIRefreshControl in iOS6, SlimeRefresh can also run on iOS4.0 and later , and SlimeRefresh can action on UIScrollView.

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A lovely refreshing style looks like UIRefreshControl. It looks like the Slime so I named it SlimeRefresh.







1,download the source from

  • git : git clone SlimeRefresh

2,add all under SlimeRefresh/SlimeRefresh to your project.

3,#import "SRRefreshView.h"

4,init SRRefreshView and add it to a UIScrollView.

just like:

    _slimeView = [[SRRefreshView alloc] init];
    _slimeView.delegate = self;
    [_tableView addSubview:_slimeView];


A protocol and a block, choise one.

- (void)slimeRefreshStartRefresh:(SRRefreshView*)refreshView;

Only one protocol, you have to implement. it will be called when the refreshing will be executed.

and here is the other way:

@property (nonatomic, copy)     SRRefreshBlock  block;

as you see there is a block to receive the refresh event.just like:

__block __unsafe_unretained id this = self;
[refreshView setBlock:^(SRRefreshView* sender) { 
    [this load];    //replace this line to your refreshing code.


  • Refere to the demo.

  • The reflesh arrow image :

    • refreshView.refleshView.image = [UIImage imaggeNamed:@"Yours"];
    • refreshView.refreshView.bounds = CGRectMake(0, 0, 23, 23);
    • I'm sorry, it is not a good name.


  • When in the animation the view controller dealloc, that will make application creash.
    • Use the new version and remove refreshView from it's super view, when view controller dealloced.

- (void)dealloc { [refreshView removeFromSuperview]; }


Ok, that is all. Enjoy it, and this is my blog:

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