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Current Known Issues / Regressions
- Breaks DBIx::Class::ResultSet::WithMetaData (fix pending in RT#104602)
- Breaks DBIx::Class::Tree::NestedSet (fix pending in RT#114440)
Revision history for DBIx::Class
* Notable Changes and Deprecations
- The entire class hierarchy now explicitly sets the 'c3' mro, even
in cases where load_components was not used. Extensive testing led
the maintainer believe this is safe, but this is a very complex
area and reality may turn out to be different. If **ANYHTING** at
all seems out of place, please file a report at once
- The unique constraint info (including the primary key columns) is no
longer shared between related (class and schema-level) ResultSource
instances. If your app stops working with no obvious pointers, set
- Neither exception_action() nor $SIG{__DIE__} handlers are invoked
on recoverable errors. This ensures that the retry logic is fully
insulated from changes in control flow, as the handlers are only
invoked when an error is leaving the DBIC internals to be handled by
the caller (n.b.
(also fixes the previously rejected RT#63874)
- Overrides of ResultSourceProxy-provided methods are no longer skipped
silently: a one-per-callsite warning is issued any time this tricky
situation is encoutered
- $result->related_resultset() no longer passes extra arguments to
an underlying search_rs(), as by design these arguments would be
used only on the first call to ->related_resultset(), and ignored
afterwards. Instead an exception (detailing the fix) is thrown.
- Increased checking for the correctness of the is_nullable attribute
within the prefetch result parser may highlight previously unknown
mismatches between your codebase and data source
- Calling the set_* many-to-many helper with a list (instead of an
arrayref) now emits a deprecation warning
- Calling the getter $rsrc->from("argument") now throws an exception
instead of silently discarding the argument
* New Features
- DBIC now performs a range of sanity checks on the entire hierarchy
of Schema/Result/ResultSet classes loudly alerting the end user to
potential extremely hard-to-diagnose pitfalls ( RT#93976, also fully
addresses )
- InflateColumn::DateTime now accepts the ecosystem-standard option
'time_zone', in addition to the DBIC-only 'timezone' (GH#28)
- Massively optimised literal SQL snippet scanner - fixes all known
slowdowns ( in some cases 50x ) of very complex prefetch/selects
- DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies now properly understands
combinations of requirements and does the right thing with e.g.
->req_list_for([qw( rdbms_oracle ic_dt )]) bringing in the Oracle
specific DateTime::Format dependencies
* Fixes
- Fix regresion (0.082800) of certain calls being presented stale
result source metadata (RT#107462)
- Fix incorrect SQL generated with invalid {rows} on complex resultset
operations, generally more robust handling of rows/offset attrs
- Fix incorrect $storage state on unexpected RDBMS disconnects and
other failure events, preventing clean reconnection (RT#110429)
- Make sure exception objects stringifying to '' are properly handled
and warned about (GH#15)
- Fix incorrect data returned in a corner case of partial-select HRI
invocation (no known manifestations of this bug in the field, see
commit message for description of exact failure scenario)
- Fix corner case of stringify-only overloaded objects being used in
- Fix spurious warning on MSSQL cursor invalidation retries (RT#102166)
- Fix several corner cases with Many2Many over custom relationships
- Fix corner cases of C3 composition being broken on OLD_MRO (5.8.x)
* Misc
- Add explicit test for pathological example of asymmetric IC::DT setup
working with copy() in t/icdt/engine_specific/sybase.t (GH#84)
- Fix t/54taint.t failing on local::lib's with upgraded Carp on 5.8.*
- Fix invalid variable names in ResultSource::View examples
- Skip tests in a way more intelligent and speedy manner when optional
dependencies are missing
- Make the Optional::Dependencies error messages cpanm-friendly
- Incompatibly change values (not keys) of the hash returned by
Optional::Dependencies::req_group_list (no known users in the wild)
- Stop using bare $] throughout - protects the codebase from issues
similar (but likely not limited to) P5#72210
- Config::Any is no longer a core dep, but instead is migrated to a new
optdep group 'config_file_reader'
0.082840 2016-06-20 07:02 (UTC)
* New Features
- When using non-scalars (e.g. arrays) as literal bind values it is no
longer necessary to explicitly specify a bindtype (this turned out
to be a mostly useless overprotection)
* Fixes
- Ensure leaving an exception stack via Return::MultiLevel or something
similar produces a large warning
- Another relatively invasive set of ::FilterColumn changes, covering
potential data loss (RT#111567). Please run your regression tests!
- Ensure failing on_connect* / on_disconnect* are dealt with properly,
notably on_connect* failures now properly abort the entire connect
- Fix use of ::Schema::Versioned combined with a user-supplied
$dbh->{HandleError} (GH#101)
- Fix parsing of DSNs containing driver arguments (GH#99)
- Fix silencing of exceptions thrown by custom inflate_result() methods
- Fix complex prefetch when ordering over foreign boolean columns
( Pg can't MAX(boolcol) despite being able to ORDER BY boolcol )
- Fix infinite loop on ->svp_release("nonexistent_savepoint") (GH#97)
- Fix spurious ROLLBACK statements when a TxnScopeGuard fails a commit
of a transaction with deferred FK checks: a guard is now inactivated
immediately before the commit is attempted (RT#107159)
- Fix the Sybase ASE storage incorrectly attempting to retrieve an
autoinc value when inserting rows containing blobs (GH#82)
- Remove spurious exception warping in ::Replicated::execute_reliably
- Work around unreliable $sth->finish() on INSERT ... RETURNING within
DBD::Firebird on some compiler/driver combinations (RT#110979)
- Fix leaktest failures with upcoming version of Sub::Quote
- Really fix savepoint rollbacks on older DBD::SQLite (fix in 0.082800
was not sufficient to cover up RT#67843)
* Misc
- Test suite is now officially certified to work under very high random
parallelism: META x_parallel_test_certified set to true accordingly
- Typo fixes from downstream debian packagers (RT#112007)
0.082821 2016-02-11 17:58 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Fix t/52leaks.t failures on compilerless systems (RT#104429)
- Fix t/storage/quote_names.t failures on systems with specified Oracle
test credentials while missing the optional Math::Base36
- Fix test failures when DBICTEST_SYBASE_DSN is set (unnoticed change
in error message wording during 0.082800 and a bogus test)
- Remove largely obsolete test of SQLite view deployment (RT#111916)
* Misc
- Work around rare test deadlock under heavy parallelism (RT#108390)
0.082820 2015-03-20 20:35 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Protect destructors from rare but possible double execution, and
loudly warn the user whenever the problem is encountered (GH#63)
- Relax the 'self_result_object' argument check in the relationship
resolution codepath, restoring exotic uses of inflate_result
- Fix updating multiple CLOB/BLOB columns on Oracle
- Fix exception on complex update/delete under a replicated setup
- Fix uninitialized warnings on empty hashes passed to join/prefetch and
- Fix hang in t/72pg.t when run against DBD::Pg 3.5.0. The ping()
implementation changes due to RT#100648 made an alarm() based
timeout lock-prone.
* Misc
- Remove warning about potential side effects of RT#79576 (scheduled)
- Various doc improvements (GH#35, GH#62, GH#66, GH#70, GH#71, GH#72)
- Depend on newer Moo, to benefit from a safer runtime (RT#93004)
- Fix intermittent failures in the LeakTracer on 5.18+
- Fix failures of t/54taint.t on Windows with spaces in the $^X
executable path (RT#101615)
0.082810 2014-10-25 13:58 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Fix incorrect collapsing-parser source being generated in the
presence of unicode data among the collapse-points
- Fix endless loop on BareSourcelessResultClass->throw_exception(...)
* Misc
- Depend on newer SQL::Abstract (fixing overly-aggressive parenthesis
opener: RT#99503)
- Depend on newer Moo, fixing some interoperability issues:
0.082801 2014-10-05 23:55 (UTC)
* Known Issues
- Passing large amounts of objects with stringification overload
directly to DBIx::Class may result in strange action at a distance
exceptions. More info (and a workaround description) can be found
under "Note" at
- The relationship condition resolution fixes come with the side effect
of returning more complete data, tripping up *some* users of an
undocumented but widely used internal function. In particular
* Notable Changes and Deprecations
- DBIC::FilterColumn now properly bypasses \'' and \[] literals, just
like the rest of DBIC
- DBIC::FilterColumn "from_storage" handler is now invoked on NULLs
returned from storage
- find() now throws an exception if some of the supplied values are
managed by DBIC::FilterColumn (RT#95054)
- Custom condition relationships are now invoked with a slightly
different signature (existing coderefs will continue to work)
- Add extra custom condition coderef attribute 'foreign_values'
to allow for proper reverse-relationship-like behavior
(i.e. $result->set_from_related($custom_rel, $foreign_result_object)
- When in a transaction, DBIC::Ordered now seamlesly handles result
objects that went out of sync with the storage (RT#96499)
- CDBICompat::columns() now supports adding columns through supplied
Class::DBI::Column instances (GH#52)
- Deprecate { col1 => col2 } expressions in manual {from} structures
(at some point of time manual {from} will be deprecated entirely)
* Fixes
- Fix Resultset delete/update affecting *THE ENTIRE TABLE* in cases
of empty (due to conditions) resultsets with multi-column keys
- Fix on_connect_* not always firing in some cases - a race condition
existed between storage accessor setters and the determine_driver
routines, triggering a connection before the set-cycle is finished
- Fix collapse being ignored on single-origin selection (RT#95658)
- Fix incorrect behavior on custom result_class inflators altering
the amount of returned results
- Fix failure to detect stable order criteria when in iterator
mode of a has_many prefetch off a search_related chain
- Prevent erroneous database hit when accessing prefetched related
resultsets with no rows
- Proper exceptions on malformed relationship conditions (RT#92234)
- Fix incorrect handling of custom relationship conditions returning
SQLA literal expressions
- Fix long standing bug with populate() missing data from hashrefs with
different keysets: (RT#92723)
- Fix multi-value literal populate not working with simplified bind
- Massively improve the implied resultset condition parsing - now all
applicable conditions within a resultset should be properly picked
up by create() and populate()
- Ensure definitive condition extractor handles bizarre corner cases
without bombing out (RT#93244)
- Fix set_column on non-native (+columns) selections (RT#86685)
- Fix set_inflated_column incorrectly handling \[] literals (GH#44)
- Ensure that setting a column to a literal invariably marks it dirty
- Fix copy() not working correctly with extra selections present
- Work around exception objects with broken string overloading in one
additional codepath (missed in 0.08260)
- Fix more inconsistencies of the quote_names attribute propagating
to SQL::Translator (partially RT#87731)
- Fix SQLT constraint naming when DBIC table names are fully qualified
- Ensure ::Schema::Versioned connects only once by reusing the main
connection (GH#57)
- Fix inability to handle multiple consecutive transactions with
savepoints on DBD::SQLite < 1.39
- Fix CDBICompat to match Class::DBI behavior handling non-result
blessed has_a (implicit deflate via stringification and inflate via
blind new) (GH#51)
* Misc
- Ensure source metadata calls always take place on the result source
instance registered with the caller
- IFF DBIC_TRACE output defaults to STDERR we now silence the possible
wide-char warnings if the trace happens to contain unicode
0.08270 2014-01-30 21:54 (PST)
* Fixes
- Fix 0.08260 regression in DBD::SQLite bound int handling. Inserted
data was not affected, but any function <=> integer comparison would
have failed (originally fixed way back in 0e773352)
- Fix failure to load DateTime formatter when connecting to Firebird
over ODBC
* Misc
- All drivers based on ::Storage::DBI::Firebird::Common now return the
same sqlt_type value (affects ::DBI::Interbase, ::DBI::Firebird and
0.08260 2014-01-28 18:52 (UTC)
* New Features
- A new zero-to-DBIC style manual: DBIx::Class::Manual::QuickStart
* Notable Changes and Deprecations
- Explicitly deprecate combination of distinct and selecting a
non-column via $rs->get_column()
* Fixes
- More robust handling of circular relationship declarations by loading
foreign classes less frequently (should resolve issues like
Note that none of this is a manifestations of a DBIC bug, but rather
unexpected (but correct) behavior of load-order-dependent (hence
logically broken) Resultclass hierarchies. In order to deal with this
DBIC is scaling back a large number of sanity checks, which are to be
reintroduce pending a better framework for source registration
- Fix multiple edge cases of complex prefetch combining incorrectly
with correlated subquery selections
- Fix multiple edge cases stemming from interaction of a non-selecting
order_by specification and distinct and/or complex prefetch
- Fix unbound growth of a resultset during repeated execute/exhaust
cycles (GH#29)
- Work around (and be very vocal about the fact) when DBIC encounters
an exception object with broken string overloading
- Clarify ambiguous behavior of distinct when used with ResultSetColumn
i.e. $rs->search({}, { distinct => 1 })->get_column (...)
- Setting quote_names propagates to SQL::Translator when producing
SQLite DDL (it is one of the few producers *NOT* quoting by default)
- Fix incorrect binding of large integers on old versions of
DBD::SQLite (now DBIC simply always binds SQLite ints as BIGINT)
- Silence (harmless) warnings on recent DBD::SQLite versions, when
inserting/updating large integers on 32bit ivsize systems (RT#76395)
- Back out self-cleaning from DBIx::Class::Carp for the time being
(as a side effect fixes RT#86267)
- Fix incorrect internal use of implicit list context in copy()
- Fix 0.08250 regression in driver determination when DBI_DSN is used
- Tests no longer fail if $ENV{DBI_DSN} is set
- Throw clearer exception on ->new_related() with a non-existent
- Fix incorrect parethesis unroll with multicolumn in, (never noticed
before fixing false positive in SQLA::Test 1.77)
- Fix t/storage/replicated.t class loading problem
- Stop using the deprecated Class::MOP::load_class()
- Fix warning in t/54taint.t with explicitly unset PERL5LIB (RT#91972)
- Fix t/54taint.t failing under a local::lib with installed earlier
DBIC version (RT#92486)
* Misc
- Massive incompatible change of ::BlockRunner internals (was never
documented as usable externally, this last set of changes settles
the design for proper documentation and opening up)
- Adjust exceptions in tests to accommodate changes in the upcoming
DBD::SQLite based on libsqlite 3.8.2
- More robust lock file naming scheme - allow tests to work on exotic
MSWin32 filesystems (habitual offender being
- Better diagnostics when File::Spec->tmpdir gives us crap in testing
- Replace $row with $result in all docs to be consistent and to
clarify various return values
0.08250 2013-04-29 22:00 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Rewrite from scratch the result constructor codepath - many bugfixes
and performance improvements (the current codebase is now capable of
outperforming both DBIx::DataModel and Rose::DB::Object on some
workloads). Some notable benefits:
- Multiple has_many prefetch
- Partial prefetch - you now can select only columns you are
interested in, while preserving the collapse functionality
(collapse is now exposed as a first-class API attribute)
- Prefetch of resultsets with arbitrary order
(RT#54949, RT#74024, RT#74584)
- Prefetch no longer inserts right-side table order_by clauses
(massively helps the deficient MySQL optimizer)
- Prefetch with limit on right-side ordered resultsets now works
correctly (via aggregated grouping)
- No longer order the insides of a complex prefetch subquery,
unless required to satisfy a limit
- Stop erroneously considering order_by criteria from a join under
distinct => 1 (the distinct should apply to the main source only)
- Massively optimize codepath around ->cursor(), over 10x speedup
on some iterating workloads.
- Support standalone \[ $sql, $value ] in literal SQL with bind
specifications: \[ '? + ?', 42, 69 ] is now equivalent to
\[ '? + ?', [ {} => 42 ], [ {} => 69 ] ]
- Changing the result_class of a ResultSet in progress is now
explicitly forbidden. The behavior was undefined before, and
would result in wildly differing outcomes depending on $rs
- Deprecate returning of prefetched 'filter' rels as part of
get_columns() and get_inflated_columns() data
- Invoking get_inflated_columns() no longer fires get_columns() but
instead retrieves data from individual non-inflatable columns via
- Emit a warning on incorrect use of nullable columns within a
primary key
- Limited checks are performed on whether columns without declared
is_nullable => 1 metadata do in fact sometimes fetch NULLs from
the database (the check is currently very limited and is performed
only on resultset collapse when the alternative is rather worse)
* Fixes
- Fix _dbi_attrs_for_bind() being called befor DBI has been loaded
(regression in 0.08210)
- Fix update/delete operations on resultsets *joining* the updated
table failing on MySQL. Resolves oversights in the fixes for
RT#81378 and RT#81897
- Fix open cursors silently resetting when inherited across a fork
or a thread
- Properly support "MySQL-style" left-side group_by with prefetch
- Fix $grouped_rs->get_column($col)->func($func) producing incorrect
SQL (RT#81127)
- Stop Sybase ASE storage from generating invalid SQL in subselects
when a limit without offset is encountered
- Even more robust behavior of GenericSubQuery limit dialect
- Make sure deployment_statements() and cursor_class() are called on
a resolved storage subclass
* Misc
- Fix tests failing due to unspecified resultset retrieval order
(test suite now will pass with newest SQLite libs)
0.08210 2013-04-04 15:30 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Officially deprecate the 'cols' and 'include_columns' resultset
- Remove ::Storage::DBI::sth() deprecated in 0.08191
* Fixes
- Work around a *critical* bug with potential for data loss in
DBD::SQLite - RT#79576
- Audit and correct potential bugs associated with braindead reuse
of $1 on unsuccessful matches
- Fix incorrect warning/exception originator reported by carp*() and
0.08209 2013-03-01 12:56 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Debugging aid - warn on invalid result objects created by what
seems like an invalid inheritance hierarchy
* Fixes
- Fix another embarrassing regression preventing correct refining of
the search criteria on a prefetched relation (broken in 0.08205)
- Fix incorrect callsite reporting by DBIC::Carp
0.08208 2013-02-20 09:56 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- A bunch of nonsensically named arguments to the SQL::Translator
parser have been marked as deprecated (while still fully
* Fixes
- Fix duplicated selected columns when calling 'count' when a same
aggregate function is used more than once in a 'having' clause
- Prevent SQL::Translator::Producer::YAML from seeing the $dbh
in a potentially connected $schema instance (RT#75394)
* Misc
- Fixup our distbuilding process to stop creating world-writable
tarball contents (implicitly fixes RT#83084)
- Added strict and warnings tests for all lib and test files
0.08206 2013-02-08
* Fixes
- Fix dbh_do() failing to properly reconnect (regression in 0.08205)
- Extra sanity check of a fresh DBI handle ($dbh). Fixes
connection coderefs returning garbage (seen in the wild)
* Misc
- Only allow known globals in SQL::Translator leak allowance
- General cleanup of error message texts - quote names/identifiers
for easier reading
- Stop t/52leaks.t from failing when AUTOMATED_TESTING=1
0.08205 2013-01-22
* New Features / Changes
- The emulate_limit() arbitrary limit dialect emulation mechanism is
now deprecated, and will be removed when DBIx::Class migrates to
- Support for the source_bind_attributes() storage method has been
removed after a lengthy deprecation cycle
* Fixes
- When performing resultset update/delete only strip condition
qualifiers - leave the source name alone (RT#80015, RT#78844)
- Fix incorrect behavior on resultset update/delete invoked on
composite resultsets (e.g. as_subselect_rs)
- Fix update/delete operations referencing the updated table failing
on MySQL, due to its refusal to modify a table being directly
queried. As a workaround induce in-memory temp-table creation
(RT#81378, RT#81897)
- More robust behavior under heavily threaded environments - make
sure we do not have refaddr reuse in the global storage registry
- Fix failing test on 5.8 under Win32 (RT#81114)
- Fix hash-randomization test issues (RT#81638)
- Disallow erroneous calling of connect_info on a replicated storage
* Misc
- Improve the populate docs in ::Schema and ::ResultSet
- ::Storage::DBI::source_bind_attributes() removed as announced
on Jan 2011 in 0e773352a
0.08204 2012-11-08
* New Features / Changes
- SQLMaker now accepts \'literal' with the 'for' rs attribute as an
override to the builtin FOR options
* Fixes
- Fix unique constraint violations in blanket movement
(RT#79773, rolls back short-sighted 5e6fde33e)
- Fix API mismatch between new_result() and new_related() (originally
broken by fea3d045)
- Fix test failure on perl 5.8
* Misc
- Much more extensive diagnostics when a new RDBMS/DSN combination is
encountered (RT#80431)
0.08203 2012-10-18
* Fixes
- Really fix inadequate $dbh->ping SQLite implementation (what shipped
in 0.08201 tickled other deficiencies in DBD::SQLite itself)
0.08202 2012-10-06
* Fixes
- Replace inadequate $dbh->ping SQLite implementation with our own,
fixes RT#78420
0.08200 2012-08-24 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Change one of the new tests for the previous release to not require
0.08199 2012-08-22 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Roll back incomplete (and broken) internal changes - restore prefetch functionality
0.08198 2012-07-11 03:43 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Fix a number of Win32 Test issues
- Fix silent Oracle connection failures
0.08197 2012-07-10 10:32 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Issue a warning when DateTime objects are passed to ->search
- Fast populate() in void context is now even more efficient by
going directly through execute_for_fetch bypassing execute_array
- Fix update()/delete() on complex resultsets to no longer fall back
to silly row-by-row deletion, construct a massive OR statement
- Allow complex update/delete operations on sources without a
primary key, as long as they have at least one non-nullable
unique constraint
- dbicadmin now better supports catalyst-style config files, by
unrolling 'config_info' hashkeys
- Multiple Improvements MSSQL over DBD::ADO
- Transaction support
- Nomalization of retrieved GUID values
* Fixes
- Fix complex has_many prefetch with resultsets not selecting identity
columns from the root result source
- Fix SkipFirst and FirstSkip limit dialects (Informix and Firebird)
- Fix "Skimming limit" dialects (Top, FetchFirst) to properly check
the order_by criteria for stability
- Fix "Skimming limit" dialects (Top, FetchFirst) to propagate
non-selected order criteria when part of a larger subquery
- Fix RowNumberOver and all "skimming limits" to correctly assemble
bind values when supplied for both select and order_by
- Fix all subquery-based dialects to not lose a subquery fragment
when we both select and order by the result of the same subquery
- Fix the Sybase hubrid limit dialect (RowCountOrGenericSubQ) losing
Group/Having/Order clauses when called without an offset (RT#73244)
- No longer generate incorrect SQL on ->as_query called on resultsets
with software_limit enabled
- A number of corner case fixes of void context populate() with \[]
- Fix corner case of forked children disconnecting the parents DBI
- Improve identity/autoinc retrieval code in MSSQL and Sybase -
should reduce weird side-effects especially with populate()
- Explicitly disable DBD::ODBC batch operations (as of DBD::ODBC 1.35)
for the following drivers too buggy to handle the optimized path:
- FreeTDS ODBC driver (when used with MSSQL)
- The Firebird ODBC driver
- The MSAccess ODBC driver
- Explicitly disable DBD::ODBC dynamic_cursors when using freetds 0.83
or later - they made enough ODBC incompatible changes making it
impossible to support sanely
- Explicitly disable SCOPE_IDENTITY queries and statement caching for
MSSQL on DBD::Sybase compiled against freetds 0.83 or later - way too
- Disable statement caching when using Sybase ASE and DBD::Sybase
compiled against freetds 0.83 or later
- Fix leakage of $schema on in-memory new_related() calls
- Fix more cases of $schema leakage in SQLT::Parser::DBIC
- Fix leakage of $storage in ::Storage::DBI::Oracle
- Fix pessimization of Oracle RowNum limit dialect query when no
offset has been specified
- Remove useless vestigial pessimization in for cases
when the position column is part of a unique constraint
- Fix dbicadmin to no longer ignore the documented 'config' option
- The schema-resultsource entanglement is now much more robust
under threads
- Fix ::Schema::ddl_filename() failing miserably on paths containing
certain numeric sequences
- t/53lean_startup.t adjusted for new 5.15.x behavior
* Misc
- Centralized leak-checks for all instances of DBICTest::Schema
from within any test
- Now passes all tests with Test::Builder 1.005
- Codebase is now trailing-whitespace-free
- Cleanup of complex resultset update/delete oprations - storage
specific code moved back to ResultSet and replaced by checks
of storage capabilities
- Fixed carp_once only emitting one single warning per package
regardless of warning content
- Test suite now can be safely executed in parallel (prove -jN
0.08196 2011-11-29 05:35 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Fix tests for DBD::SQLite >= 1.34.
- Fix test failures with DBICTEST_SQLITE_USE_FILE set
- Fix the find() condition heuristics being invoked even when the
call defaults to 'primary' (i.e. when invoked with bare values)
- Throw much clearer error on incorrect inflation spec
- Fix incorrect storage behavior when first call on a fresh schema
is with_deferred_fk_checks
- Fix incorrect dependency on Test::Simple/Builder (RT#72282)
- Fix uninitialized warning in ::Storage::Sybase::ASE
- Improve/cache DBD-specific datatype bind checks (also solves a
nasty memleak with on multiple ->VERSION invocations)
- The internal carp module now correctly skips CAG frames when
reporting a callsite
- Fix test failures on perl < 5.8.7 and new Package::Stash::XS
- Fix TxnScopeGuard not behaving correctly when $@ is set at the
time of $guard instantiation
- Fix the join/prefetch resolver when dealing with ''/undef/()
relation specifications
* Misc
- No longer depend on Variable::Magic now that a pure-perl
namespace::clean is available
- Drop Oracle's Math::BigInt req down to 1.80 - no fixes concerning
us were made since
0.08195 2011-07-27 16:20 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Fix horrible oversight in the Oracle sqlmaker when dealing with
queries updating blobs (RT#69829)
0.08194 2011-07-20 16:10 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Fix $rs->populate([]) to be a no-op rather than an exception
- Overhaul t/53lean_startup.t to better dodge false positives
- Stop Data::Compare from loading random plugins
- Oracle: Recalculate LOB bind indices for UPDATE with LOBs in WHERE
0.08193 2011-07-14 17:00 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Allow schema cloning to mutate attributes
- DBIC now attempts more aggressive de-duplication of where
conditions on resultset chaining
- The Ordered component is now smarter wrt reordering of dirty
objects, and does its job with less storage queries
- Logging via DBIC_TRACE=1=<filename> no longer overwrites the
logfile on every program startup, appending loglines instead
* Fixes
- Fix issue where the query was becoming overly mangled when trying
to use pagination with a query that has a sub-select in the WHERE
- Fix possible incorrect pagination on Oracle, when a resultset
is not ordered by a unique column
- Revert "Fix incorrect signature of the default sqlt_deploy_hook"
from 0.08191 - documentation was in fact incorrect, not the code
- Fix Sybase ASE IC::DateTime support (::Storage going out of sync
with new default format expected by DateTime::Format::Sybase)
- Fix a bug in update_all() resulting in the first row receiving a
different dataset than the subsequent ones
- Accomodate MSAccess supporting only 'INNER JOIN' (not plain 'JOIN')
- InflateColumn::DateTime option datetime_undef_if_invalid no longer
masks missing dependency exceptions (RT#66823)
- Fix bug in Schema::Versioned failing to insert a schema version row
during upgrades at the turn of the second
- Fix incorrect bind of integers >= 2^^32 (bigint columns) to
SQL_INTEGER, resulting in silent conversion to '-1'
- Fix pre 5.10 failures of t/55namespaces_cleaned.t due to buggy
require() (RT#68814)
- Oracle autoinc inserts no longer leave open cursors behind
0.08192 2011-05-10 04:20 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Fix serious regression on SQLite, corrupting data when an alphanum
value does not correspond to a stale numeric datatype in colinfo
0.08191 2011-05-02 00:45 (UTC) (deleted from CPAN)
* New Features / Changes
- Add quote_names connection option. When set to true automatically
sets quote_char and name_sep appropriate for your RDBMS
- Add retrieve_on_insert column info flag, allowing to retrieve any
column value instead of just autoinc primary keys
- Bring back strict ordering of selectors in complex search chains
(an ill-fated attempt was made in 0.08127 to order intelligently)
- All limit dialects (except for the older Top and FetchFirst) are
now using bind parameters for the limits/offsets, making DBI's
prepare_cached useful across paged resutsets
- Support for savepoints for SQLite
- Support for MS Access databases via DBD::ODBC and DBD::ADO (only
Win32 support currently tested)
- Support for the Firebird RDBMS over the new DBD::Firebird driver
- IC::DateTime support for MSSQL over DBD::ADO
- Both the ::ODBC and ::ADO dispatchers now warn if a rdbms-specific
driver is not found for this connection before falling back to
plain ::Storage::DBI
- ::Storage::DBI::sth was mistakenly marked/documented as public,
privatize and warn on deprecated use
- Massive overhaul of bind values/attributes handling - slightly
changes the output of as_query (should not cause compat issues)
- Support ancient DB2 versions (5.4 and older), with proper limit
- Support sub-second precision for TIMESTAMPs for Firebird over ODBC
- Support BLOBs and CLOBs in WHERE clauses for Oracle, including LIKE
queries for CLOBs.
* Fixes
- Fix ::Storage::DBI::* MRO problems on 5.8.x perls
- Disable mysql_auto_reconnect for MySQL - depending on the ENV
it sometimes defaults to on and causes major borkage on older
DBD::mysql versions
- Fix dropped bind values in select/group_by on Oracle (omission
from 0542ec57 and 4c2b30d6)
- Fix remaining errors with Oracle and identifiers longer than the
Oracle-imposed maximum of 30 characters (RT#66390)
- Fix older oracle-specific "WhereJoins" to work properly with
name quoting
- Fix problems with M.A.D. under CGI::SpeedyCGI (RT#65131)
- Reenable paging of cached resultsets - breakage erroneously added
in 0.08127
- Better error handling when prepare() fails silently
- Fixes skipped lines when a comment is followed by a statement
when deploying a schema via sql file
- Fix reverse_relationship_info on prototypical result sources
(sources not yet registered with a schema)
- Warn and skip relationships missing from a partial schema during
dbic cascade_delete
- Automatically require the requested cursor class before use
- Work around a Firebird ODBC driver bug exposed by DBD::ODBC 1.29
- Fix (to the extent allowed by the driver) transaction support in
DBD::Sybase compiled against FreeTDS
- Fix exiting via next warnings in ResultSource::sequence()
- Fix stripping of table qualifiers in update/delete in arrayref
condition elements
- Change SQLMaker carp-monkeypatch to be compatible with versions
of SQL::Abstract >= 1.73
- Fix using \[] literals in the from resultset attribute
- Fix populate() with \[], arrays (datatype) and other exotic values
- Fix handling of rollbacks in nested transactions
- Fix complex limits (RNO/RowNum/FetchFirst/Top/GenSubq) with
sub-selects in the selectors list (correlated subqueries)
- Fix inconsistency between $rs->next with and without HRI when all
the "root" columns are in fact injected from the right rs side
- Fix the join optimizer to correctly preserve the non-multi path to
a multi relationship ( x -> might_have y -> has_many z )
- Fix object-derived custom-relationship resultsets to resultsources
with multilevel monikers (e.g. $schema->source('Foo::Bar') )
- Fix incorrect signature of the default sqlt_deploy_hook - it now
matches the documentation of passing in the result source object
- Fix inadequate handling of internal storage methods within
::Storage::Replicated (RT#66295)
* Misc
- Rewire all warnings to a new Carp-like implementation internal
to DBIx::Class, and remove the Carp::Clan dependency
- Only load Class::C3 and friends if necessary ($] < 5.010)
- Greatly reduced loading of non-essential modules to aid startup
time (mainly benefiting CGI users)
- Make sure all namespaces are clean of rogue imports
- Dropped DBI req 2 years back - everything works with 1.57, no
point requiring something newer
0.08190-TRIAL 2011-01-24 15:35 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Support for completely arbitrary SQL::Abstract-based conditions
in all types of relationships
0.08127 2011-01-19 16:40 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Schema/resultsource instances are now crossreferenced via a new
system guaranteeing leak-free mutually assured destruction
- DBIx::Class now warns when the user erroneously supplies
AutoCommit => 0 to connect()
- A warning is also issued before forcing the RaiseError
setting of externally supplied DBI handles
- Switch to a warning when find() is invoked with both a 'key'
argument and a NULL-containing condition to satisfy the named
constraint. Previously (starting with 0.08124) an exception was
- Switch to a warning when a commit is attempted with an out-of-sync
transaction_depth (someone issued a begin externally to DBIC).
Previously (starting with 0.08124) an exception was thrown
* Fixes
- A number of improvements/diagnostics of multiple active resultset
handling on MSSQL over DBD::ODBC
- Revert default selection to being lazy again (eagerness introduced
in 0.08125) - fixes DBIx::Class::Helper::ResultSet::RemoveColumns
- Fix losing order of columns provided in select/as (regression from
- Unaliased "dark" selectors no longer throw off prefetch
- Fix proper composition of bind values across all possible
SQL areas ( group_by => \[ ... ] now works properly )
- Allow populate to skip empty has_many relationships which makes
it easier to pass HashRefInflator data directly to ->populate
- Improve freeze/thaw semantics and error messages (RT#62546)
- Fix inconsistency in Manual::Features (RT#64500)
- Fix incorrect SQL when using for => 'shared' with MySQL (RT#64590)
- Throw comprehensible exception on erroneous $schema->source()
- Fix sloppy refactor of ResultSource::sequence back from 89170201
- Fix incorrect error detection during populate() on Oracle
- Better handling of result_source-less row objects by
auto-calling result_source_instance when necessary
- Fix reverse_relationship_info and sqlt deploy on partially
loaded schemas (relationships point to non-existent sources)
* Misc
- Fix test warning on win32 - at this point the test suite is
warning-free on all known OSes
- Require newest namespace::clean which in turn depends on new
installable Package::Stash
0.08126 2010-12-28 18:10 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Bump forgotten Class::Accessor::Grouped core dependency
- Promote forgotten Hash::Merge optdep to a hard requirement
- Skip t/storage/error.t on smokers with leaking perls
- Fix t/storage/txn.t deadlocks on slower machines
- Do not run on smokers if a trial Package::Stash is found
0.08125 2010-12-27 04:30 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- New method ResultSource columns_info method, returning multiple
pairs of column name/info at once
- $rs->search now throws when called in void context, as it makes
no sense (and is nearly always a sign of a bug/misdesign)
- Restore long-lost ability to supply unbalanced select/as pairs
e.g. +select => \'DISTINCT(foo, bar)', +as => ['foo', 'bar']
- +columns now behaves just like columns by not stripping a
fully-qualified 'as' spec (i.e. results in $obj->foo->bar)
- Deprecate legacy $rs->search( %condition ) syntax (warn once per
- NULL is now supplied unquoted to all debug-objects, in order to
differentiate between a real NULL and the string 'NULL'
- New search() condition operator -value used to pass complex bind
values to DBI: search({ array_col => { -value => [1,2,3] }})
- Add full INSERT...RETURNING support for Oracle
- Deprecate use of -nest in search conditions (warn once per
- Deprecate the completely useless DBIx::Class::Serialize::Storable
result component
* Fixes
- Fixed read-only attribute set attempt in ::Storage::Replicated
- Fix incomplete logic while detecting correct Oracle sequence
on insert
- Fix detection of Oracle sequences for tables without an explicitly
specified schema (RT#63493)
- Major overhaul of Storage::Oracle to handle enabled quoting
- Fixed incorrect composition of select/as/columns attributes during
chaining (RT#61235)
- Proper serialization of resultsets with open cursors
- Refactor handling of RDBMS-side values during insert() - fix
regression of inserts into a Postgres / ::Replicated combination
- Missing dependency check in t/60core.t (RT#62635)
- Fix regressions in IC::DT registration logic
- Fix regression in select-associated bind value handling (RT#61025)
- Simplify SQL generated by some LIMITed prefetching queries
- Throw an exception when a required group_by on a complex prefetch
can not be auto-constructed, instead of continuing to eventually
produce invalid SQL
- Fix infinite loops on old perls with a recent Try::Tiny
- Improve "fork()" on Win32 by reimplementing a more robust DBIC
thread support (still problematic, pending a DBI fix)
- Properly quote table name on INSERT with no values
- Work around possible Storage destruction warnings
- Fix count of grouped resultsets using HAVING with aliases
- Setting belongs_to columns/relationships no longer leaves the
FK value and related object out of sync
- Stop stripping newlines from SQL statements in the limit emulators
as it is possible that custom sql with comments was provided
- Add forgotten attributes to
- Fix incorrect 'having' attribute documentation (RT#64129)
- Improve fallback-to-master/return-to-slave reporting in
- Adjust txn_scope_guard code/tests to changes in $@ handling on
recent blead (RT#64251)
* Misc
- Add extra option groups to DBIC::Optional::Depencencies, to aid
users in requesting the prerequisites for a particular RDBMS
- Switch all serialization to use Storable::nfreeze for portable
architecture independent ice
- Fix the bogus META.yml dependency injection issue for good
- Refactor DBIx::Class::Storage::Statistics::debugfh() to be lazy
0.08124 2010-10-28 14:23 (UTC)
* New Features / Changes
- Add new -ident "function" indicating rhs is a column name
{ col => { -ident => 'othercol' } } vs { col => \'othercol' }
- Extend 'proxy' relationship attribute
- Use DBIx::Class::Storage::Debug::PrettyPrint when the
environment variable DBIC_TRACE_PROFILE is set, see
DBIx::Class::Storage for more information
- Implemented add_unique_constraints() which delegates to
add_unique_constraint() as appropriate
- add_unique_constraint() now poparly throws if called with
multiple constraint definitions
- No longer depend on SQL::Abstract::Limit - DBIC has been doing
most of the heavy lifting for a while anyway
- FilterColumn now passes data through when transformations
are not specified rather than throwing an exception.
- Optimized RowNum based Oracle limit-dialect (RT#61277)
- Requesting a pager on a resultset with cached entries now
throws an exception, instead of returning a 1-page object
since the amount of rows is always equal to the "pagesize"
- $rs->pager now uses a lazy count to determine the amount of
total entries only when really needed, instead of doing it
at instantiation time
- New documentation map organized by features
- find( { ... }, { key => $constraint } ) now throws an exception
when the supplied data does not fully specify $constraint
- find( col1 => $val1, col2 => $val2, ... ) is no longer supported
(it has been in deprecated state for more than 4 years)
- Make sure exception_action does not allow exception-hiding
due to badly-written handlers (the mechanism was never meant
to be able to suppress exceptions)
* Fixes
- Fix memory leak during populate() on 5.8.x perls
- Temporarily fixed 5.13.x failures (RT#58225)
(perl-core fix still pending)
- Fix result_soutrce_instance leaks on compose_namespace
- Fix $_ volatility on load_namespaces (a class changing $_
at compile time no longer causes a massive fail)
- Fix find() without a key attr. choosing constraints even if
some of the supplied values are NULL (RT#59219)
- Fixed rels ending with me breaking subqueried limit realiasing
- Fixed $rs->update/delete on resutsets constrained by an
-or condition
- Remove rogue GROUP BY on non-multiplying prefetch-induced
- Fix incorrect order_by handling with prefetch on
$ordered_rs->search_related ('has_many_rel') resultsets
- Oracle sequence detection now *really* works across schemas
(fixed some ommissions from 0.08123)
- dbicadmin now uses a /usr/bin/env shebang to work better with
perlbrew and other local perl builds
- bulk-inserts via $dbh->bind_array (void $rs->populate) now
display properly in DBIC_TRACE
- Incomplete exception thrown on relationship auto-fk-inference
- Fixed distinct with order_by to not double-specify the same
column in the GROUP BY clause
- Properly support column names with symbols (e.g. single quote)
via custom accessors
- Fixed ::Schema::Versioned to work properly with quoting on
- Fixed t/54taint fails under local-lib
- Fixed SELECT ... FOR UPDATE with LIMIT regression (RT#58554)
- Fixed CDBICompat to preserve order of column-group additions,
so that test relying on the order of %{} will no longer fail
- Fixed mysterious ::Storage::DBI goto-shim failures on older
perl versions
- Non-blessed reference exceptions are now correctly preserved
when thrown from udner DBIC (e.g. from txn_do)
- No longer disconnecting database handles supplied to connect
via a coderef
- Fixed t/inflate/datetime_pg.t failures due to a low dependency
on DateTime::Format::Pg (RT#61503)
- Fix dirtyness detection on source-less objects
- Fix incorrect limit_dialect assignment on Replicated pool members
- Fix invalid sql on relationship attr order_by with prefetch
- Fix primary key sequence detection for Oracle
(first trigger instead of trigger for column)
- Add various missing things to Optional::Dependencies
- Skip a test that breaks due to serious bugs in current DBD::SQLite
- Fix tests related to leaks and leaky perls (5.13.5, 5.13.6)
* Misc
- Entire test suite now passes under DBIC_TRACE=1
- Makefile.PL no longer imports GetOptions() to interoperate
better with Catalyst installers
- Bumped minimum Module::Install for developers
- Bumped DBD::SQLite dependency and removed some TODO markers
from tests (RT#59565)
- Do not execute t/zzzzzzz_sqlite_deadlock.t for regular module
installs - test is prone to spontaneous blow up
- DT-related tests now require a DateTime >= 0.55 (RT#60324)
- Makefile.PL now provides a pre-parsed DBIC version to the
Opt::Dep pod generator
- t/52leaks.t now performs very aggressive leak detection in
author/smoker mode
0.08123 2010-06-12 14:46 (UTC)
* Fixes
- Make sure Oracle identifier shortener applies to auto-generated
column names, so we stay within the 30-char limit (RT#58271)
- Oracle sequence detection now works across schemas
- Fix a Storage/$dbh leak introduced by the migration to
Try::Tiny (this is *not* a Try::Tiny bug)
- Fix corner case of count with group-by over a 1:1 join column
where the selector ends up with column name clashes
- POD fixes (RT#58247)
* Misc
- Test suite default on-disk database now checks for Win32
fail-conditions even when running on other OSes
0.08122 2010-06-03 17:41 (UTC)
* New Features
- Add DBIx::Class::FilterColumn for non-ref filtering
- ::Storage::DBI now correctly preserves a parent $dbh from
terminating children, even during interpreter-global
out-of-order destruction
- dbicadmin supports an -I option with the same semantics as
perl itself
- InflateColumn::DateTime support for MSSQL via DBD::Sybase
- Millisecond precision support for MSSQL datetimes for
- Oracle-specific hierarchical query syntax support:
- Support connecting using $ENV{DBI_DSN} and $ENV{DBI_DRIVER}
- current_source_alias method on ResultSet objects to
determine the alias to use in programatically assembled
search()es (originally added in 0.08100 but unmentioned)
- Rewrite/unification of all subselecting limit emulations
(RNO, Top, RowNum) to be much more robust wrt complex joined
- MSSQL limits now don't require nearly as many applications of
the unsafe_subselect_ok attribute, due to optimized queries
- Support for Generic Subquery limit "emulation" - awfully slow
and inefficient but works on almost any db, and is preferred
to software limit emulation
- Sybase ASE driver now uses SET ROWCOUNT where possible, and
Generic Subquery otherwise for limit support instead of always
using software limit emulation
- create_ddl_dir (and derivatives) now attempt to create the given
$ddl_dir if it does not already exist
- deployment_statements now automatically supplies the current RDBMS
version to SQLT producer_args for MySQL, Pg, SQLite and Oracle
* Fixes
- Fix nasty potentially data-eating bug when deleting/updating
a limited resultset
- Fix find() to use result_class set on object
- Fix result_class setter behaviour to not mistakenly stuff attrs.
- Don't try and ensure_class_loaded an object. This doesn't work.
- Fix as_subselect_rs to not inject resultset class-wide where
conditions outside of the resulting subquery
- Fix count() failing with {for} resultset attribute (RT#56257)
- Fixed incorrect detection of Limit dialect on unconnected $schema
- update() on row not in_storage no longer throws an exception
if there are no dirty columns to update (fixes cascaded update
- update()/delete() on prefetching resultsets no longer results
in malformed SQL (some $rs attributes were erroneously left in)
- Fix dbicadmin to allow deploy() on non-versioned schema
- Fix dbicadmin to respect sql_dir on upgrade() (RT#57732)
- Update Schema::Versioned to respect hashref style of
- Do not recreate the same related object twice during MultiCreate
(solves the problem of orphaned IC::FS files)
- Fully qualify xp_msver selector when using DBD::Sybase with
MSSQL (RT#57467)
- Fix ::DBI::Storage to always be able to present a full set of
connect() attributes to e.g. Schema::Versioned
- Fix Oracle auto-inc trigger detection of "INSERT OR UPDATE"-type
* Misc
- Reformatted Changelog \o/
- DBIC goes git://
- Allow developers to skip optional dependency forcing when working
from a checkout
- Add a warning to load_namespaces if a class in ResultSet/ is not
a subclass of DBIx::Class::ResultSet
- All DBIC exception-handling switched to Try::Tiny
- All DBIC modules are now free of imports via namespace::clean
- Depend on optimized SQL::Abstract (faster SQL generation)
- Depend on new Class::Accessor::Grouped reintroducing optional use
of Class::XSAccessor (just install C::XSA and get lightning fast
column accessors)
0.08121 2010-04-11 18:43:00 (UTC)
- Support for Firebird RDBMS with DBD::InterBase and ODBC
- Add core support for INSERT RETURNING (for storages that
supports this syntax, currently PostgreSQL and Firebird)
- Fix spurious warnings on multiple UTF8Columns component loads
- DBIx::Class::UTF8Columns entered deprecated state
- DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::File entered deprecated state
- DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies left experimental state
- Add req_group_list to Opt::Deps (RT#55211)
- Add support for mysql-specific STRAIGHT_JOIN (RT#55579)
- Cascading delete/update are now wrapped in a transaction
for atomicity
- Fix accidental autovivification of ENV vars
- Fix update_all and delete_all to be wrapped in a transaction
- Fix multiple deficiencies when using MultiCreate with
data-encoder components (e.g. ::EncodedColumn)
- Fix regression where SQL files with comments were not
handled properly by ::Schema::Versioned.
- Fix regression on not properly throwing when $obj->relationship
is unresolvable
- Fix the join-optimiser to consider unqualified column names
whenever possible
- Fix an issue with multiple same-table joins confusing the join
- Add has_relationship method to row objects
- Fix regression in set_column on PK-less objects
- Better error text on malformed/missing relationships
- Add POD about the significance of PK columns
- Fix for SQLite to ignore the (unsupported) { for => ... }
- Fix ambiguity in default directory handling of create_ddl_dir
- Support add_columns('+colname' => { ... }) to augment column
0.08120 2010-02-24 08:58:00 (UTC)
- Make sure possibly overwritten deployment_statements methods in
schemas get called on $schema->deploy
- Fix count() with group_by aliased-function resultsets
- with_deferred_fk_checks() Oracle support
- Massive refactor and cleanup of primary key handling
- Fixed regression losing custom result_class (really this time)
- Fixed regression in DBIC SQLT::Parser failing with a classname
(as opposed to a schema object)
- Changes to Storage::DBI::Oracle to accomodate changes in latest
SQL::Translator (quote handling)
- Make sure deployment_statements is per-storage overridable
- Fix dbicadmin's (lack of) POD
0.08119 2010-02-15 09:36:00 (UTC)
- Add $rs->is_ordered to test for existing order_by on a resultset
- Add as_subselect_rs to DBIC::ResultSet from
- Refactor dbicadmin adding DDL manipulation capabilities
- New optional dependency manager to aid extension writers
- Depend on newest bugfixed Moose
- Make resultset chaining consistent wrt selection specification
- Storage::DBI::Replicated cleanup
- Fix autoinc PKs without an autoinc flag on Sybase ASA
0.08118 2010-02-08 11:53:00 (UTC)
- Fix a bug causing UTF8 columns not to be decoded (RT#54395)
- Fix bug in One->Many->One prefetch-collapse handling (RT#54039)
- Cleanup handling of relationship accessor types
0.08117 2010-02-05 17:10:00 (UTC)
- Perl 5.8.1 is now the minimum supported version
- Massive optimization of the join resolution code - now joins
will be removed from the resulting SQL if DBIC can prove they
are not referenced by anything
- Subqueries no longer marked experimental
- Support for Informix RDBMS (limit/offset and auto-inc columns)
- Support for Sybase SQLAnywhere, both native and via ODBC
- might_have/has_one now warn if applied calling class's column
has is_nullable set to true.
- Fixed regression in deploy() with a {sources} table limit applied
- Views without a view_definition will throw an exception when
parsed by SQL::Translator::Parser::DBIx::Class
- Stop the SQLT parser from auto-adding indexes identical to the
Primary Key
- InflateColumn::DateTime refactoring to allow fine grained method
- Fix ResultSetColumn improperly selecting more than the requested
column when +columns/+select is present
- Fix failure when update/delete of resultsets with complex WHERE
SQLA structures
- Fix regression in context sensitiveness of deployment_statements
- Fix regression resulting in overcomplicated query on
search_related from prefetching resultsets
- Fix regression on all-null returning searches (properly switch
LEFT JOIN to JOIN in order to distinguish between both cases)
- Fix regression in groupedresultset count() used on strict-mode
MySQL connections
- Better isolation of RNO-limited queries from the rest of a
prefetching resultset
- New MSSQL specific resultset attribute to allow hacky ordered
subquery support
- Fix nasty schema/dbhandle leak due to SQL::Translator
- Initial implementation of a mechanism for Schema::Version to
apply multiple step upgrades
- Fix regression on externally supplied $dbh with AutoCommit=0
- FAQ "Custom methods in Result classes"
- Cookbook POD fix for add_drop_table instead of add_drop_tables
- Schema POD improvement for dclone
0.08115 2009-12-10 09:02:00 (CST)
- Real limit/offset support for MSSQL server (via Row_Number)
- Fix distinct => 1 with non-selecting order_by (the columns
in order_by also need to be aded to the resulting group_by)
- Do not attempt to deploy FK constraints pointing to a View
- Fix count/objects from search_related on limited resultset
- Stop propagating distinct => 1 over search_related chains
- Make sure populate() inherits the resultset conditions just
like create() does
- Make get_inflated_columns behave identically to get_columns
wrt +select/+as (RT#46953)
- Fix problems with scalarrefs under InflateColumn (RT#51559)
- Throw exception on delete/update of PK-less resultsets
- Refactored Sybase storage driver into a central ::DBI::Sybase
dispatcher, and a sybase-specific ::DBI::Sybase::ASE
- Fixed an atrocious DBD::ADO bind-value bug
- Cookbook/Intro POD improvements
0.08114 2009-11-14 17:45:00 (UTC)
- Preliminary support for MSSQL via DBD::ADO
- Fix botched 0.08113 release (invalid tarball)
0.08113 2009-11-13 23:13:00 (UTC)
- Fix populate with has_many bug
(RT #50828)
- Fix Oracle autoincrement broken for Resultsets with scalar refs
(RT #50874)
- Complete Sybase RDBMS support including:
- Support for TEXT/IMAGE columns
- Support for the 'money' datatype
- Transaction savepoints support
- DateTime inflation support
- Support for bind variables when connecting to a newer Sybase with
OpenClient libraries
- Support for connections via FreeTDS with CASTs for bind variables
when needed
- Support for interpolated variables with proper quoting when
connecting to an older Sybase and/or via FreeTDS
- bulk API support for populate()
- Transaction support for MSSQL via DBD::Sybase
- Add is_paged method to DBIx::Class::ResultSet so that we can
check that if we want a pager
- Skip versioning test on really old perls lacking Time::HiRes
(RT #50209)
- Fixed on_connect_do/call regression when used with a coderef
connector (RT #50003)
- A couple of fixes to Ordered to remedy subclassing issues
- Fixed another lingering problem with PostgreSQL
auto-increment support and its interaction with multiple
- Remove some IN workarounds, and require a recent version of
SQLA instead
- Improvements to populate's handling of mixed scalarref values
- Fixed regression losing result_class after $rs->find (introduced
in 0.08108)
- Fix in_storage() to return 1|0 as per existing documentation
- Centralize handling of _determine_driver calls prior to certain
::Storage::DBI methods
- Fix update/delete arbitrary condition handling (RT#51409)
- POD improvements
0.08112 2009-09-21 10:57:00 (UTC)
- Remove the recommends from Makefile.PL, DBIx::Class is not
supposed to have optional dependencies. ever.
- Mangle the DBIx/ POD to be more clear about
copyright and license
- Put back PG's multiple autoinc per table support, accidentally
dropped during the serial-autodetection rewrite
- Make sure ResultSetColumn does not depend on the (undefined)
return value of ->cursor->reset()
- Add single() to ResultSetColumn (same semantics as ResultSet)
- Make sure to turn off IDENTITY_INSERT after insert() on MSSQL
tables that needed it
- More informative exception on failing _resolve_relationship
- Allow undef/NULL as the sole grouping value in Ordered
- Fix unreported rollback exceptions in TxnScopeGuard
- Fix overly-eager left-join chain enforcing code
- Warn about using distinct with an existing group_by
- Warn about attempting to $rs->get_column a non-unique column
when has_many joins are added to resultset
- Refactor of the exception handling system (now everything is a
DBIx::Class::Exception object)
0.08111 2009-09-06 21:58:00 (UTC)
- The hashref to connection_info now accepts a 'dbh_maker'
coderef, allowing better intergration with Catalyst
- Fixed a complex prefetch + regular join regression introduced
in 0.08108
- Fixed insert_bulk rebless handling
- Fixed Storable roundtrip regression, and general serialization
- SQLT related fixes:
- sqlt_type is now called on the correct storage object
- hooks can now see the correct producer_type (RT#47891)
- optional SQLT requirements for e.g. deploy() bumped to 0.11002
- Really fixed (and greatly cleaned up) postgresql autoinc sequence
- Automatically detect MySQL v3 and use INNER JOIN instead of JOIN
- POD improvements (including RT#48769)
- Test suite tweaks (including fixes for recent CPANTS fails)
- Better support for MSSQL IDENTITY_INSERT ON
0.08109 2009-08-18 08:35:00 (UTC)
- Replication updates:
- Improved the replication tests so that they are more reliable
and accurate, and hopefully solve some cross platform issues.
- Bugfixes related to naming particular replicants in a
'force_pool' attribute.
- Lots of documentation updates, including a new Introduction.pod
- Fixed the way we detect transaction to make this more reliable
and forward looking.
- Fixed some trouble with the way Moose Types are used.
- Made discard_chages/get_from_storage replication aware (they
now read from the master storage by default)
- Refactor of MSSQL storage drivers, with some new features:
- Support for placeholders for MSSQL via DBD::Sybase with proper
- 'uniqueidentifier' support with auto newid()
- Dynamic cursor support and other MARS options for ODBC
- savepoints with auto_savepoint => 1
- Support for MSSQL 'money' type
- Support for 'smalldatetime' type used in MSSQL and Sybase for
- Support for Postgres 'timestamp without timezone' type in
InflateColumn::DateTime (RT#48389)
- Added new MySQL specific on_connect_call macro 'set_strict_mode'
(also known as make_mysql_not_suck_as_much)
- Multiple prefetch-related fixes:
- Adjust overly agressive subquery join-chain pruning
- Always preserve the outer join-chain - fixes numerous
problems with search_related chaining
- Deal with the distinct => 1 attribute properly when using
- An extension of the select-hashref syntax, allowing labeling
SQL-side aliasing: select => [ { max => 'foo', -as => 'bar' } ]
- Massive optimization of the DBI storage layer - reduce the
amount of connected() ping-calls
- Some fixes of multi-create corner cases
- Multiple POD improvements
- Added exception when resultset is called without an argument
- Improved support for non-schema-qualified tables under
Postgres (fixed last_insert_id sequence name auto-detection)
0.08108 2009-07-05 23:15:00 (UTC)
- Fixed the has_many prefetch with limit/group deficiency -
it is now possible to select "top 5 commenters" while
prefetching all their comments
- New resultsed method count_rs, returns a ::ResultSetColumn
which in turn returns a single count value
- Even better support of count with limit
- New on_connect_call/on_disconnect_call functionality (check
POD of Storage::DBI)
- Automatic datetime handling environment/session setup for
Oracle via connect_call_datetime_setup()
- count/all on related left-joined empty resultsets now correctly
returns 0/()
- Fixed regression when both page and offset are specified on
a resultset
- Fixed HRI returning too many empty results on multilevel
nonexisting prefetch
- make_column_dirty() now overwrites the deflated value with an
inflated one if such exists
- Fixed set_$rel with where restriction deleting rows outside
the restriction
- populate() returns the created objects or an arrayref of the
created objects depending on scalar vs. list context
- Fixed find_related on 'single' relationships - the former
implementation would overspecify the WHERE condition, reporting
no related objects when there in fact is one
- SQL::Translator::Parser::DBIx::Class now attaches tables to the
central schema object in relationship dependency order
- Fixed regression in set_column() preventing sourceless object
- Fixed a bug in search_related doubling a join if the original
$rs already joins/prefetches the same relation
- Storage::DBI::connected() improvements for Oracle and Sybase
- Fixed prefetch+incomplete select regression introduced in
- MSSQL limit (TOP emulation) fixes and improvements
0.08107 2009-06-14 08:21:00 (UTC)
- Fix serialization regression introduced in 0.08103 (affects
- POD fixes
- Fixed incomplete ::Replicated debug output
0.08106 2009-06-11 21:42:00 (UTC)
- Switched SQLite storage driver to DateTime::Format::SQLite
(proper timezone handling)
- Fix more test problems
0.08105 2009-06-11 19:04:00 (UTC)
- Update of numeric columns now properly uses != to determine
dirtyness instead of the usual eq
- Fixes to IC::DT tests
- Fixed exception when undef_if_invalid and timezone are both set
on an invalid datetime column
0.08104 2009-06-10 13:38:00 (UTC)
- order_by now can take \[$sql, @bind] as in
order_by => { -desc => \['colA LIKE ?', 'somestring'] }
- SQL::Abstract errors are now properly croak()ed with the
correct trace
- populate() now properly reports the dataset slice in case of
an exception
- Fixed corner case when populate() erroneously falls back to
- Work around braindead mysql when doing subquery counts on
resultsets containing identically named columns from several
- Fixed m2m add_to_$rel to invoke find_or_create on the far
side of the relation, to avoid duplicates
- DBIC now properly handles empty inserts (invoking all default
values from the DB, normally via INSERT INTO tbl DEFAULT VALUES
- Fix find_or_new/create to stop returning random rows when
default value insert is requested (RT#28875)
- Make IC::DT extra warning state the column name too
- It is now possible to transparrently search() on columns
requiring DBI bind (i.e. PostgreSQL BLOB)
- as_query is now a Storage::DBI method, so custom cursors can
be seamlessly used
- Fix search_related regression introduced in 0.08103
0.08103 2009-05-26 19:50:00 (UTC)
- Multiple $resultset -> count/update/delete fixes. Now any
of these operations will succeed, regardless of the complexity
of $resultset. distinct, group_by, join, prefetch are all
supported with expected results
- Return value of $rs->delete is now the storage return value
and not 1 as it used to be
- don't pass SQL functions into GROUP BY
- Remove, effectively deprecating
{ select => { distinct => [ qw/col1 col2/ ] } }
- Change ->count code to work correctly with DISTINCT (distinct => 1)
- Removed interpolation of bind vars for as_query - placeholders
are preserved and nested query bind variables are properly
merged in the correct order
- Refactor DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Sybase to automatically
load a subclass, namely
(similar to DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::ODBC)
- Refactor InflateColumn::DateTime to allow components to
circumvent DateTime parsing
- Support inflation of timestamp datatype
- Support BLOB and CLOB datatypes on Oracle
- Storage::DBI::Replicated::Balancer::Random:
added master_read_weight
- Storage::DBI::Replicated: storage opts from connect_info,
connect_info merging to replicants, hashref connect_info support,
improved trace output, other bug fixes/cleanups
- distinct => 1 with prefetch now groups by all columns
- on_connect_do accepts a single string equivalent to a one
element arrayref (RT#45159)
- DB2 limit + offset now works correctly
- Sybase now supports autoinc PKs (RT#40265)
- Prefetch on joins over duplicate relations now works
correctly (RT#28451)
- "timestamp with time zone" columns (for Pg) now get inflated with a
time zone information preserved
- MSSQL Top limit-emulation improvements (GROUP BY and subquery support)
- ResultSetColumn will not lose the joins infered from a parent
resultset prefetch
0.08102 2009-04-30 08:29:00 (UTC)
- Fixed two subtle bugs when using columns or select/as
paired with a join (limited prefetch)
- Fixed breakage of cdbi tests (RT#45551)
- Some POD improvements
0.08101 2009-04-27 09:45:00 (UTC)
- Fix +select, +as, +columns and include_columns being stripped
by $rs->get_column
- move load_optional_class from DBIx::Class::Componentised to
Class::C3::Componentised, bump dependency
- register_extra_source() now *really* fixed wrt subclassing
- Added missing POD descriptions (RT#45195)
- Fix insert() to not store_column() every present object column
- Multiple Makefile.PL fixes
0.08100 2009-04-19 11:39:35 (UTC)
- Todo out the register_extra_source test until after shipping
0.08099_08 2009-03-30 00:00:00 (UTC)
- Fixed taint mode with load_namespaces
- Putting IC::DateTime locale, timezone or floating_tz_ok attributes into
extra => {} has been deprecated. The new way is to put these things
directly into the columns definition
- Switched MI code to MRO::Compat
- Document db-side default_value caveats
- Search_like() now warns to indicate deprecation in 0.09.
- TxnScopeGuard left experimental state
0.08099_07 2009-02-27 02:00:00 (UTC)
- multi-create using find_or_create rather than _related for post-insert
- fix get_inflated_columns to check has_column_loaded
- Add DBIC_MULTICREATE_DEBUG env var (undocumented, quasi-internal)
- Fix up multi-create to:
- correctly propagate columns loaded during multi-insert of rels
- not try and insert things tagged on via new_related unless required
- Possible to set locale in IC::DateTime extra => {} config
- Calling the accessor of a belongs_to when the foreign_key
was NULL and the row was not stored would unexpectedly fail
- Split sql statements for deploy only if SQLT::Producer returned a scalar
containing all statements to be executed
- Add as_query() for ResultSet and ResultSetColumn. This makes subqueries
possible. See the Cookbook for details.
- Massive rewrite of Ordered to properly handle position constraints and
to make it more matpath-friendly
- deploy_statements called ddl_filename with the $version and $dir arguments
in the wrong order.
- columns/+columns attributes now support { as => select } hahsrefs
- support for views both in DBIC and via deploy() in SQLT
0.08099_06 2009-01-23 07:30:00 (UTC)
- Allow a scalarref to be supplied to the 'from' resultset attribute
- Classes submitted as result_class for a resultsource are now
automatically loaded via ensure_loaded()
- 'result_class' resultset attribute, identical to result_class()
- add 'undef_on_null_fk' option for relationship accessors of type 'single'.
This will prevent DBIC from querying the database if one or more of
the key columns IS NULL
- for 'belongs_to' rels, 'undef_on_null_fk' defaults to true.
- fixed scope unaware last_insert_id fetching for MSSQL
- an sqlt_deploy_hook can now be shared between result sources using
a configurable callback trigger
- new order_by => { -desc => 'colname' } syntax supported
- PG array datatype supported
- insert should use store_column, not set_column to avoid marking
clean just-stored values as dirty. New test for this
- regression test for source_name
0.08099_05 2008-10-30 21:30:00 (UTC)
- Rewrite of Storage::DBI::connect_info(), extended with an
additional argument format type
- InflateColumn::DateTime: add warning about floating timezone
- InflateColumn::DateTime: possible to enforce/skip inflation
- delete throws exception if passed arguments to prevent drunken mishaps.
- Fix storage to copy scalar conds before regexping to avoid
trying to modify a constant in odd edge cases
- Related resultsets on uninserted objects are now empty
- Fixed up related resultsets and multi-create
- Fixed superfluous connection in ODBC::_rebless
- Fixed undef PK for first insert in ODBC::Microsoft_SQL_Server
- Added virtual method to Versioned so a user can create upgrade
path across multiple versions (jgoulah)
- Better (and marginally faster) implementation of the HashRefInflator
hash construction algorithm
- Allow explicit specification of ON DELETE/ON UPDATE constraints
when using the SQLT parser
0.08099_04 2008-07-24 01:00:00
- Functionality to storage to enable a sub to be run without FK checks
- Fixed $schema->clone bug which caused clone and source to share
internal hash refs
- Added register_extra_source methods for additional sources
- Added datetime_undef_if_invalid for InflateColumn::DateTime to
return undef on invalid date/time values
- Added search_related_rs method to ResultSet
- add a make_column_dirty method to Row to force updates
- throw a clear exception when user tries multi-has_many prefetch
- SQLT parser prefixes index names with ${table}_idx_ to avoid clashes
- mark ResultSetManager as deprecated and undocument it
- pod fix (RT #32988)
- add Test::Exception to test requirements (RT #34256)
- make ash's build_requires/META.yml fixes work better
- is_deferable support on relations used by the SQL::Translator
- Refactored DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned
- Syntax errors from resultset components are now reported correctly
- sqltargs respected correctly in deploy et al.
- Added support for savepoints, and using them automatically in
nested transactions if auto_savepoint is set in connect_info.
- Changed naming scheme for constraints and keys in the sqlt parser;
names should now be consistent and collision-free.
- Improve handling of explicit key attr in ResultSet::find
- Add warnings for non-unique ResultSet::find queries
- Changed Storage::DBI::Replication to Storage::DBI::Replicated and
refactored support.
- By default now deploy/diff et al. will ignore constraint and index
- Add ResultSet::_is_deterministic_value, make new_result filter the
values passed to new to drop values that would generate invalid SQL.
- Use Sub::Name to name closures before installing them. Fixes
incompatibility with Moose method modifiers on generated methods.
0.08010 2008-03-01 10:30
- Fix t/94versioning.t so it passes with latest SQL::Translator
0.08009 2008-01-20 13:30
- Made search_rs smarter about when to preserve the cache to fix
mm prefetch usage
- Added Storage::DBI subclass for MSSQL over ODBC.
- Added freeze, thaw and dclone methods to Schema so that thawed
objects will get re-attached to the schema.
- Moved dbicadmin to JSON::Any wrapped for a sane API
(also fixes RT #32393)
- introduced DBIx::Class::set_inflated_columns
- DBIx::Class::Row::copy uses set_inflated_columns
0.08008 2007-11-16 14:30:00
- Fixed join merging bug (test from Zby)
- When adding relationships, it will throw an exception if you get the
foreign and self parts the wrong way round in the condition
- ResultSetColumn::func() now returns all results if called in list
context; this makes things like func('DISTINCT') work as expected
- Many-to-many relationships now warn if the utility methods would
- InflateColumn::DateTime now accepts an extra parameter of timezone
to set timezone on the DT object (thanks Sergio Salvi)
- Added sqlt_deploy_hook to result classes so that indexes can be
- Added startup checks to warn loudly if we appear to be running on
RedHat systems from perl-5.8.8-10 and up that have the bless/overload
patch applied (badly) which causes 2x -> 100x performance penalty.
(Jon Schutz)
- ResultSource::reverse_relationship_info can distinguish between
sources using the same table
- Row::insert will now not fall over if passed duplicate related objects
- Row::copy will not fall over if you have two relationships to the
same source with a unique constraint on it
0.08007 2007-09-04 19:36:00
- patch for Oracle datetime inflation (
- added on_disconnect_do
- on_connect_do and on_disconnect_do take coderefs and arrayrefs
0.08006 2007-08-12 15:12:00
- Move to using Class::C3::Componentised
- Remove warn statement from DBIx::Class::Row
0.08005 2007-08-06
- add timestamp fix re rt.cpan 26978 - no test yet but change
clearly should cause no regressions
- provide alias for related_resultset via local() so it's set
correctly at resultset construction time (fixes RestrictWithObject)
- fixes bind params in debug statements
(original test from abraxxa)
- fixed storage->connected fork bug
(test and fix from Radu Greab)
- add 1; to for stuff that still uses it
- refactor Statistics to create debugging filehandle to fix bug with
closed STDERR, update docs and modify Versioned to use Statistics
(original fix from diz)
0.08004 2007-08-06 19:00:00
- fix storage connect code to not trigger bug via auto-viv
(test from aherzog)
- fixup cursor_class to be an 'inherited' attr for per-package defaults
- add default_resultset_attributes entry to Schema
- optimisation in DBI::Cursor to check software_limit before falling
back to base Cursor->all
- fix bug with create_multi not inserting non-storage objects
(test and fix from davinchi)
- DBIx::Class::AccessorGroup made empty subclass of
- fixed an ugly bug regarding $dbh->{AutoCommit} and transactions
- ensure_class_loaded handles non-classnames better.
- non-destructive hashref handling for connect_info options
- count no longer returns negative values after slice
(report and test from JOHANL)
- rebless before building datetime_parser
(patch from mattlaw / Matt Lawrence)
0.08003 2007-07-14 18:01:00
- improved populate bulk_insert mode
- fixed up multi_create to be more intelligent about PK<->PK rels
- fix many-many rels to not use set_columns
- Unmarked deploy as experimental since it isn't anymore
- Removed Cwd dep since it's not required and causes problems
with debian packaging
- Patch to fix ? in data for NoBindVars (from Tom Hukins)
- Restored mk_classaccessor method for compatibility
- Fixed group_by problem with oracle limit syntax
- Fixed attr merging problem
- Fixed $rs->get_column w/prefetch problem
0.08002 2007-06-20 06:10:00
- add scope guard to Row::insert to ensure rollback gets called
- more heuristics in Row::insert to try and get insert order right
- eliminate vestigial code in PK::Auto
- more expressive DBI errors
- soften errors during deploy
- ensure_connected before txn_begin to catch stomping on transaction
- new method "rethrow" for our exception objects
0.08001 2007-06-17 21:21:02
- Cleaned up on_connect handling for versioned
- removed DateTime use line from multi_create test
- hid DBIx::ContextualFetch::st override in CDBICompat
0.08000 2007-06-17 18:06:12
- Fixed DBIC_TRACE debug filehandles to set ->autoflush(1)
- Fixed circular dbh<->storage in HandleError with weakref
0.07999_06 2007-06-13 04:45:00
- tweaked to make last_insert_id take multiple column names
- Fixed DBIC::Storage::DBI::Cursor::DESTROY bug that was
messing up exception handling
- added exception objects to eliminate stacktrace/Carp::Clan
output redundancy
- setting $ENV{DBIC_TRACE} defaults stacktrace on.
- added stacktrace option to Schema, makes throw_exception
use "confess"
- make database handles use throw_exception by default
- make database handles supplied by a coderef use our
standard HandleError/RaiseError/PrintError
- add "unsafe" connect_info option to suppress our setting
of HandleError/RaiseError/PrintError
- removed several redundant evals whose sole purpose was to
provide extra debugging info
- fixed page-within-page bug (reported by nilsonsfj)
- fixed rare bug when database is disconnected inbetween
"$dbh->prepare_cached" and "$sth->execute"
0.07999_05 2007-06-07 23:00:00
- Made source_name rw in ResultSource
- Fixed up SQL::Translator test/runtime dependencies
- Fixed t/60core.t in the absence of DateTime::Format::MySQL
- Test cleanup and doc note (ribasushi)
0.07999_04 2007-06-01 14:04:00
- pulled in Replication storage from branch and marked EXPERIMENTAL
- fixup to ensure join always LEFT after first LEFT join depthwise
- converted the vendor tests to use schema objects intead of schema
classes, made cleaned more reliable with END blocks
- versioning support via DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned
- find/next now return undef rather than () on fail from Bernhard Graf
- rewritten collapse_result to fix prefetch
- moved populate to resultset
- added support for creation of related rows via insert and populate
- transaction support more robust now in the face of varying AutoCommit
and manual txn_begin usage
- unbreak back-compat for Row/ResultSet->new_result
- Added Oracle/ for Oracle >= 8 to support
Oracle <= 9i, and provide Oracle with a better join method for
later versions. (I use the term better loosely.)
- The SQL::T parser class now respects a relationship attribute of
is_foreign_key_constrain to allow explicit control over wether or
not a foreign constraint is needed
- resultset_class/result_class now (again) auto loads the specified
class; requires Class::Accessor::Grouped 0.05002+
- added get_inflated_columns to Row
- %colinfo accessor and inflate_column now work together
- More documentation updates
- Error messages from ->deploy made more informative
- connect_info will now always return the arguments it was
originally given
- A few small efficiency improvements for load_classes
and compose_namespace
0.07006 2007-04-17 23:18:00
- Lots of documentation updates
- deploy now takes an optional 'source_names' parameter (dec)
- Quoting for for columns_info_for
- RT#25683 fixed (multiple open sths on DBD::Sybase)
- CDBI compat infers has_many from has_a (Schwern)
- Fix ddl_filename transformation (Carl Vincent)
0.07999_02 2007-01-25 20:11:00
- add support for binding BYTEA and similar parameters (w/Pg impl)
- add support to Ordered for multiple ordering columns
- mark and compose_connection as deprecated
- switch tests to compose_namespace
- ResultClass::HashRefInflator added
- Changed row and rs objects to not have direct handle to a source,
instead a (schema,source_name) tuple of type ResultSourceHandle
0.07005 2007-01-10 18:36:00
- fixup changes file
- remove erroneous .orig files - oops
0.07004 2007-01-09 21:52:00
- fix find_related-based queries to correctly grep the unique key
- fix InflateColumn to inflate/deflate all refs but scalar refs
0.07003 2006-11-16 11:52:00
- fix for #22740 (use $^X instead of hardcoded "perl")
- Tweaks to resultset to allow inflate_result to return an array
- Fix UTF8Columns to work under Perl <= 5.8.0
- Fix up new_result in ResultSet to avoid alias-related bugs
- Made new/update/find handle 'single' rel accessor correctly
- Fix NoBindVars to be safer and handle non-true bind values
- Don't blow up if columns_info_for returns useless results
- Documentation updates
0.07999_01 2006-10-05 21:00:00
- add connect_info option "disable_statement_caching"
- create insert_bulk using execute_array, populate uses it
- added DBIx::Class::Schema::load_namespaces, alternative to
- added source_info method for source-level metadata (kinda like
- Some of ::Storage::DBI's code/docs moved to ::Storage
- DBIx::Class::Schema::txn_do code moved to ::Storage
- Storage::DBI now uses exceptions instead of ->ping/->{Active} checks
- Storage exceptions are thrown via the schema class's throw_exception
- DBIx::Class::Schema::throw_exception's behavior can be modified via
- columns_info_for is deprecated, and no longer runs automatically.
You can make it work like before via
__PACKAGE__->column_info_from_storage(1) for now
- Replaced DBIx::Class::AccessorGroup and Class::Data::Accessor with
Class::Accessor::Grouped. Only user noticible change is to
table_class on ResultSourceProxy::Table (i.e. table objects in
schemas) and, resultset_class and result_class in ResultSource.
These accessors no longer automatically require the classes when
0.07002 2006-09-14 21:17:32
- fix quote tests for recent versions of SQLite
- added reference implementation of Manual::Example
- backported column_info_from_storage accessor from -current, but
- fixed inflate_datetime.t tests/stringify under older Test::More
- minor fixes for many-to-many relationship helpers
- cleared up Relationship docs, and fixed some typos
- use ref instead of eval to check limit syntax (to avoid issues with
- update ResultSet::_cond_for_update_delete to handle more complicated
- bugfix to Oracle columns_info_for
- remove_columns now deletes columns from _columns
0.07001 2006-08-18 19:55:00
- add directory argument to deploy()
- support default aliases in many_to_many accessors.
- support for relationship attributes in many_to_many accessors.
- stop search_rs being destructive to attrs
- better error reporting when loading components
- UTF8Columns changed to use "utf8" instead of "Encode"
- restore automatic aliasing in ResultSet::find() on nonunique queries
- allow aliases in ResultSet::find() queries (in cases of relationships
with prefetch)
- pass $attrs to find from update_or_create so a specific key can be
- remove anonymous blesses to avoid major speed hit on Fedora Core 5's
Perl and possibly others; for more information see:
- fix a pathological prefetch case
- table case fix for Oracle in columns_info_for
- stopped search_rs deleting attributes from passed hash
0.07000 2006-07-23 02:30:00
- supress warnings for possibly non-unique queries, since
_is_unique_query doesn't infer properly in all cases
- skip empty queries to eliminate spurious warnings on ->deploy
- fixups to ORDER BY, tweaks to deepen some copies in ResultSet
- fixup for RowNum limit syntax with functions
0.06999_07 2006-07-12 20:58:05
- fix issue with from attr copying introduced in last release
0.06999_06 2006-07-12 17:16:55
- documentation for new storage options, fix S::A::L hanging on to $dbh
- substantial refactor of search_related code to fix alias numbering
- don't generate partial unique keys in ResultSet::find() when a table
has more than one unique constraint which share a column and only one
is satisfied
- cleanup UTF8Columns and make more efficient
- rename _parent_rs to _parent_source in ResultSet
- new FAQ.pod!
0.06999_05 2006-07-04 14:40:01
- fix issue with incorrect $rs->{attrs}{alias}
- fix subclassing issue with source_name
- tweak quotes test to output text on failure
- fix Schema->txn_do to not fail as a classmethod
0.06999_04 2006-06-29 20:18:47
- disable cdbi-t/02-Film.t warning tests under AS perl
- fixups to MySQL tests (aka "work round mysql being retarded")
- compat tweaks for Storage debug logging
0.06999_03 2006-06-26 21:04:44
- various documentation improvements
- fixes to pass test suite on Windows
- rewrote and cleaned up SQL::Translator tests
- changed relationship helpers to only call ensure_class_loaded when the
join condition is inferred
- rewrote many_to_many implementation, now provides helpers for adding
and deleting objects without dealing with the link table
- reworked InflateColumn implementation to lazily deflate where
possible; now handles passing an inflated object to new()
- changed join merging to not create a rel_2 alias when adding a join
that already exists in a parent resultset
- Storage::DBI::deployment_statements now calls ensure_connected
if it isn't passed a type
- fixed Componentized::ensure_class_loaded
- InflateColumn::DateTime supports date as well as datetime
- split Storage::DBI::MSSQL into MSSQL and Sybase::MSSQL
- fixed wrong debugging hook call in Storage::DBI
- set connect_info properly before setting any ->sql_maker things
0.06999_02 2006-06-09 23:58:33
- Fixed up POD::Coverage tests, filled in some POD holes
- Added a warning for incorrect component order in load_components
- Fixed resultset bugs to do with related searches
- added code and tests for Componentized::ensure_class_found and
- NoBindVars + Sybase + MSSQL stuff
- only rebless S::DBI if it is still S::DBI and not a subclass
- Added `use' statement for DBD::Pg in Storage::DBI::Pg
- stopped test relying on order of unordered search
- bugfix for join-types in nested joins using the from attribute
- obscure prefetch problem fixed
- tightened up deep search_related
- Fixed 'DBIx/Class/ did not return a true value' error
- Revert change to test for deprecated find usage and swallow warnings
- Slight wording change to new_related() POD
- new specific test for connect_info coderefs
- POD clarification and content bugfixing + a few code formatting fixes
- POD::Coverage additions
- fixed debugfh
- Fix column_info stomping
0.06999_01 2006-05-28 17:19:30
- add automatic naming of unique constraints
- marked as deprecated and noted it will be removed by 1.0
- add ResultSetColumn
- refactor ResultSet code to resolve attrs as late as possible
- merge prefetch attrs into join attrs
- add +select and +as attributes to ResultSet
- added InflateColumn::DateTime component
- refactor debugging to allow for profiling using Storage::Statistics
- removed Data::UUID from deps, made other optionals required
- modified SQLT parser to skip dupe table names
- added remove_column(s) to ResultSource/ResultSourceProxy
- added add_column alias to ResultSourceProxy
- added source_name to ResultSource
- load_classes now uses source_name and sets it if necessary
- add update_or_create_related to Relationship::Base
- add find_or_new to ResultSet/ResultSetProxy and find_or_new_related
to Relationship::Base
- add accessors for unique constraint names and coulums to
- rework ResultSet::find() to search unique constraints
- CDBICompat: modify retrieve to fix column casing when ColumnCase is
- CDBICompat: override find_or_create to fix column casing when
ColumnCase is loaded
- reorganized and simplified tests
- added Ordered
- added the ability to set on_connect_do and the various sql_maker
options as part of Storage::DBI's connect_info.
0.06003 2006-05-19 15:37:30
- make find_or_create_related check defined() instead of truth
- don't unnecessarily fetch rels for cascade_update
- don't set_columns explicitly in update_or_create; instead use
update($hashref) so InflateColumn works
- fix for has_many prefetch with 0 related rows
- make limit error if rows => 0
- added memory cycle tests and a long-needed weaken call
0.06002 2006-04-20 00:42:41
- fix set_from_related to accept undef
- fix to Dumper-induced hash iteration bug
- fix to copy() with non-composed resultsource
- fix to ->search without args to clone rs but maintain cache
- grab $self->dbh once per function in Storage::DBI
- nuke ResultSource caching of ->resultset for consistency reasons
- fix for -and conditions when updating or deleting on a ResultSet
- Added fix for quoting with single table
- Substantial fixes and improvements to deploy
- slice now uses search directly
- fixes for update() on resultset
- bugfix to Cursor to avoid error during DESTROY
- transaction DBI operations now in debug trace output
0.06000 2006-03-25 18:03:46
- Lots of documentation improvements
- Minor tweak to related_resultset to prevent it storing a searched rs
- Fixup to columns_info_for when database returns type(size)
- Made do_txn respect void context (on the off-chance somebody cares)
- Fix exception text for nonexistent key in ResultSet::find()
0.05999_04 2006-03-18 19:20:49
- Fix for delete on full-table resultsets
- Removed caching on count() and added _count for pager()
- ->connection does nothing if ->storage defined and no args
(and hence ->connect acts like ->clone under the same conditions)
- Storage::DBI throws better exception if no connect info
- columns_info_for made more robust / informative
- ithreads compat added, fork compat improved
- weaken result_source in all resultsets
- Make pg seq extractor less sensitive.
0.05999_03 2006-03-14 01:58:10
- has_many prefetch fixes
- deploy now adds drop statements before creates
- deploy outputs debugging statements if DBIX_CLASS_STORAGE_DBI_DEBUG
is set
0.05999_02 2006-03-10 13:31:37
- remove test dep on YAML
- additional speed tweaks for C3
- allow scalarefs passed to order_by to go straight through to SQL
- renamed insert_or_update to update_or_insert (with compat alias)
- hidden lots of packages from the PAUSE Indexer
0.05999_01 2006-03-09 18:31:44
- renamed cols attribute to columns (cols still supported)
- added has_column_loaded to Row
- Storage::DBI connect_info supports coderef returning dbh as 1st arg
- load_components() doesn't prepend base when comp. prefixed with +
- $schema->deploy
- HAVING support
- prefetch for has_many
- cache attr for resultsets
- PK::Auto::* no longer required since Storage::DBI::* handle auto-inc
- minor tweak to tests for join edge case
- added cascade_copy relationship attribute
(sponsored by Airspace Software,
- clean up set_from_related
- made copy() automatically null out auto-inc columns
- added txn_do() method to Schema, which allows a coderef to be
executed atomically
0.05007 2006-02-24 00:59:00
- tweak to Componentised for Class::C3 0.11
- fixes for auto-inc under MSSQL
0.05006 2006-02-17 15:32:40
- storage fix for fork() and workaround for Apache::DBI
- made update(\%hash) work on row as well as rs
- another fix for count with scalar group_by
- remove dependency on Module::Find in 40resultsetmanager.t (RT #17598)
0.05005 2006-02-13 21:24:51
- remove build dependency on
0.05004 2006-02-13 20:59:00
- allow specification of related columns via cols attr when primary
keys of the related table are not fetched
- fix count for group_by as scalar
- add horrific fix to make Oracle's retarded limit syntax work
- remove Carp require
- changed UUIDColumns to use new UUIDMaker classes for uuid creation
using whatever module may be available
0.05003 2006-02-08 17:50:20
- add component_class accessors and use them for *_class
- small fixes to Serialize and ResultSetManager
- rollback on disconnect, and disconnect on DESTROY
0.05002 2006-02-06 12:12:03
- Added recommends for Class::Inspector
- Added skip_all to t/40resultsetmanager.t if no Class::Inspector
0.05001 2006-02-05 15:28:10
- debug output now prints NULL for undef params
- multi-step prefetch along the same rel (e.g. for trees) now works
- added multi-join (join => [ 'foo', 'foo' ]), aliases second to foo_2
- hack PK::Auto::Pg for "table" names referencing a schema
- find() with attributes works
- added experimental Serialize and ResultSetManager components
- added code attribute recording to DBIx::Class
- fix to find() for complex resultsets
- added of $storage->debugcb(sub { ... })
- added $source->resultset_attributes accessor
- added include_columns rs attr
0.05000 2006-02-01 16:48:30
- assorted doc fixes
- remove ObjectCache, not yet working in 0.05
- let many_to_many rels have attrs
- fix ID method in to be saner for new internals
- fix t/30dbicplain.t to use ::Schema instead of
0.04999_06 2006-01-28 21:20:32
- fix Storage/DBI (tried to load deprecated ::Exception component)
0.04999_05 2006-01-28 20:13:52
- count will now work for grouped resultsets
- added accessor => option to column_info to specify accessor name
- added $schema->populate to load test data (similar to AR fixtures)
- removed cdbi-t dependencies, only run tests if installed
- Removed DBIx::Class::Exception
- unified throw_exception stuff, using Carp::Clan
- report query when sth generation fails.
- multi-step prefetch!
- inheritance fixes
- test tweaks
0.04999_04 2006-01-24 21:48:21
- more documentation improvements
- add columns_info_for for vendor-specific column info (Zbigniew
- add SQL::Translator::Producer for DBIx::Class table classes (Jess
- add unique constraint declaration (Daniel Westermann-Clark)
- add new update_or_create method (Daniel Westermann-Clark)
- rename ResultSetInstance class to ResultSetProxy, ResultSourceInstance
to ResultSourceProxy, and TableInstance to ResultSourceProxy::Table
- minor fixes to UUIDColumns
- add debugfh method and ENV magic for tracing SQL (Nigel Metheringham)
0.04999_03 2006-01-20 06:05:27
- imported Jess Robinson's SQL::Translator::Parser::DBIx::Class
- lots of internals cleanup to eliminate result_source_instance
- added register_column and register_relationship class APIs
- made Storage::DBI use prepare_cached safely (thanks to Tim Bunce)
- many documentation improvements (thanks guys!)
- added ->connection, ->connect, ->register_source and ->clone schema
- Use croak instead of die for user errors.
0.04999_02 2006-01-14 07:17:35
- Schema is now self-contained; no requirement for co-operation
- add_relationship, relationships, relationship_info, has_relationship
- relationship handling on ResultSource
- all table handling now in /
- added GROUP BY and DISTINCT support
- hacked around SQL::Abstract::Limit some more in DBIC::SQL::Abstract
(this may have fixed complex quoting)
- moved inflation to inflate_result in
- added $rs->search_related
- split compose_namespace out of compose_connection in Schema
- ResultSet now handles find
- various *_related methods are now ->search_related->*
- added new_result to ResultSet
0.04999_01 2005-12-27 03:33:42
- search and related methods moved to ResultSet
- select and as added to ResultSet attrs
- added DBIx::Class::Table and TableInstance for table-per-class
- added DBIx::Class::ResultSetInstance which handles proxying
search etc. as a superclass of DBIx::Class::DB
- assorted test and code cleanup work
0.04001 2005-12-13 22:00:00
- Fix so set_inflated_column calls set_column
- Syntax errors in relationship classes are now reported
- Better error detection in set_primary_key and columns methods
- Documentation improvements
- Better transaction support with txn_* methods
- belongs_to now works when $cond is a string
- PK::Auto::Pg updated, only tries primary keys instead of all cols
0.04 2005-11-26
- Moved get_simple and set_simple into AccessorGroup
- Made 'new' die if given invalid columns
- Added has_column and column_info to
- Refactored away from direct use of _columns and _primaries
- Switched from NEXT to Class::C3
- Added an || '' to the CDBICompat stringify to avoid null warnings
- Updated name section for manual pods
0.03003 2005-11-03 17:00:00
- POD fixes.
- Changed use to require in Relationship/Base to avoid import.
0.03002 2005-10-20 22:35:00
- Minor bugfix to new (
- Schema doesn't die if it can't load a class (
- New UUID columns plugin (
- Documentation improvements.
0.03001 2005-09-23 14:00:00
- Fixes to relationship helpers
- IMPORTANT: prefetch/schema combination bug fix
0.03 2005-09-19 19:35:00
- Paging support
- Join support on search
- Prefetch support on search
0.02 2005-08-12 18:00:00
- Test fixes.
- Performance improvements.
- Oracle primary key support.
- MS-SQL primary key support.
- SQL::Abstract::Limit integration for database-agnostic limiting.
0.01 2005-08-08 17:10:00
- initial release