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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use Test::Warn;
use DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies ();
use lib qw(t/lib);
use DBICTest;
plan skip_all => 'Test needs ' . DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies->req_missing_for ('test_dt_pg')
unless DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies->req_ok_for ('test_dt_pg');
my $schema = DBICTest->init_schema();
warnings_are {
my $event = $schema->resultset("EventTZPg")->find(1);
$event->update({created_on => '2009-01-15 17:00:00+00'});
isa_ok($event->created_on, "DateTime") or diag $event->created_on;
is($event->created_on->time_zone->name, "America/Chicago", "Timezone changed");
# Time zone difference -> -6hours
is($event->created_on->iso8601, "2009-01-15T11:00:00", "Time with TZ correct");
# test 'timestamp without time zone'
my $dt = DateTime->from_epoch(epoch => time);
$dt->set_nanosecond(int 500_000_000);
$event->update({ts_without_tz => $dt});
isa_ok($event->ts_without_tz, "DateTime") or diag $event->created_on;
is($event->ts_without_tz, $dt, 'timestamp without time zone inflation');
is($event->ts_without_tz->microsecond, $dt->microsecond,
'timestamp without time zone microseconds survived');
} [], 'No warnings during DT manipulations';
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