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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use lib qw(t/lib);
use DBICTest;
my $schema = DBICTest->init_schema();
plan tests => 3;
my $bookmark = $schema->resultset("Bookmark")->find(1);
my $link = $bookmark->link;
my $link_id = $link->id;
ok $link->id;
is $schema->resultset("Link")->search({id => $link_id})->count, 0,
"link $link_id was deleted";
# Get a fresh object with nothing cached
$bookmark = $schema->resultset("Bookmark")->find($bookmark->id);
# This would create a new link row if none existed
is $schema->resultset("Link")->search({id => $link_id})->count, 0,
'accessor did not create a link object where there was none';
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