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DBIx::Class - Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper.
-The community can be found via:
+See L<DBIx::Class::Manual::DocMap> for an overview of the exhaustive documentation.
+To get the most out of DBIx::Class with the least confusion it is strongly
+recommended to read (at the very least) the
+L<Manuals|DBIx::Class::Manual::DocMap/Manuals> in the order presented there.
+Due to the complexity of its problem domain, DBIx::Class is a relatively
+complex framework. After you start using DBIx::Class questions will inevitably
+arise. If you are stuck with a problem or have doubts about a particular
+approach do not hesitate to contact the community with your questions. The
+list below is sorted by "fastest response time":
@@ -112,21 +123,34 @@ The community can be found via:
=item * Mailing list: L<>
-=item * Twitter L<>
+=item * RT Bug Tracker: L<>
+=item * Twitter: L<>
=item * Web Site: L<>
-=item * RT Bug Tracker: L<>
-The project is maintained in a git repository, accessible from the following sources:
+Contributions are always welcome, in all usable forms (we especially
+welcome documentation improvements). The delivery methods include git-
+or unified-diff formatted patches, GitHub pull requests, or plain bug
+reports either via RT or the Mailing list. Contributors are generally
+granted full access to the official repository after their first patch
+passes successful review.
+=for comment
+FIXME: Getty, frew and jnap need to get off their asses and finish the contrib section so we can link it here ;)
+This project is maintained in a git repository. The code and related tools are
+accessible at the following locations:
-=item * git: L<git://>
+=item * official repo: L<git://>
-=item * gitweb: L<>
+=item * official gitweb: L<>
=item * github mirror: L<>
@@ -135,7 +159,7 @@ The project is maintained in a git repository, accessible from the following sou
=item * Travis-CI log: L<>
=for html
-<img src=""></img>
+<br>&#x21AA; Stable branch CI status: <img src=""></img>
@@ -273,11 +297,6 @@ The test suite is quite substantial, and several developer releases
are generally made to CPAN before the branch for the next release is
merged back to trunk for a major release.
-L<DBIx::Class::Manual::DocMap> lists each task you might want help on, and
-the modules where you will find documentation.
=head1 AUTHOR
mst: Matt S. Trout <>

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