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And more fulltest dep conflicts

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1 parent 6147aa7 commit 0cac451f77a310ad85c03e2f8c0f555b5ec575eb @ribasushi ribasushi committed
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  1. +2 −2 maint/travis-ci_scripts/30_before_script.bash
4 maint/travis-ci_scripts/30_before_script.bash
@@ -75,8 +75,8 @@ else
parallel_installdeps_notest Test::Exception Encode::Locale Test::Fatal
parallel_installdeps_notest Test::Warn bareword::filehandles B::Hooks::EndOfScope Test::Differences HTTP::Status
parallel_installdeps_notest Test::Pod::Coverage Test::EOL Devel::GlobalDestruction Sub::Name MRO::Compat Class::XSAccessor URI::Escape HTML::Entities
- parallel_installdeps_notest YAML LWP Moose Class::Trigger JSON::XS DBI
- parallel_installdeps_notest Moo Class::Accessor::Grouped Module::Install JSON DateTime
+ parallel_installdeps_notest YAML LWP Moo Class::Trigger JSON::XS DBI DateTime::Format::Builder
+ parallel_installdeps_notest Moose Class::Accessor::Grouped Module::Install JSON Package::Variant
if [[ -n "DBICTEST_FIREBIRD_DSN" ]] ; then
# the official version is full of 5.10-isms, but works perfectly fine on 5.8

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