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Add linkback to ResultSource::resultset_attributes

Also clarify problems related to its use
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@@ -3750,6 +3750,10 @@ searching for data. They can be passed to any method which takes an
C<\%attrs> argument. See L</search>, L</search_rs>, L</find>,
+Default attributes can be set on the result class using
+L<DBIx::Class::ResultSource/resultset_attributes>. (Please read
+the CAVEATS on that feature before using it!)
These are in no particular order:
=head2 order_by
@@ -1034,9 +1034,9 @@ exists.
=over 4
-=item Arguments: \%attrs
+=item Arguments: L<\%attrs|DBIx::Class::ResultSet/ATTRIBUTES>
-=item Return Value: \%attrs
+=item Return Value: L<\%attrs|DBIx::Class::ResultSet/ATTRIBUTES>
@@ -1047,8 +1047,35 @@ exists.
$source->resultset_attributes({ order_by => [ 'id' ] });
Store a collection of resultset attributes, that will be set on every
-L<DBIx::Class::ResultSet> produced from this result source. For a full
-list see L<DBIx::Class::ResultSet/ATTRIBUTES>.
+L<DBIx::Class::ResultSet> produced from this result source.
+B<CAVEAT>: C<resultset_attributes> comes with its own set of issues and
+bugs! While C<resultset_attributes> isn't deprecated per se, its usage is
+not recommended!
+Since relationships use attributes to link tables together, the "default"
+attributes you set may cause unpredictable and undesired behavior. Furthermore,
+the defaults cannot be turned off, so you are stuck with them.
+In most cases, what you should actually be using are project-specific methods:
+ package My::Schema::ResultSet::Artist;
+ use base 'DBIx::Class::ResultSet';
+ ...
+ #__PACKAGE__->resultset_attributes({ prefetch => 'tracks' });
+ sub with_tracks { shift->search({}, { prefetch => 'tracks' }) }
+ # in your code
+ $schema->resultset('Artist')->with_tracks->...
+This gives you the flexibility of not using it when you don't need it.
+For more complex situations, another solution would be to use a virtual view
+via L<DBIx::Class::ResultSource::View>.

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