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File::Path needs to be upgraded separately on smoking

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1 parent 11343b3 commit 91d48c583b2ef8270ce1f9538a5fd418663c4891 @ribasushi ribasushi committed Mar 20, 2013
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@@ -66,9 +66,11 @@ else
# do the preinstall in several passes to minimize amount of cross-deps installing
# multiple times, and to avoid module re-architecture breaking another install
- # (e.g. once Carp is upgraded there's no more Carp::Heavy)
+ # (e.g. once Carp is upgraded there's no more Carp::Heavy,
+ # while a File::Path upgrade may cause a parallel EUMM run to fail)
parallel_installdeps_notest ExtUtils::MakeMaker
+ parallel_installdeps_notest File::Path
parallel_installdeps_notest Carp
parallel_installdeps_notest Module::Build ExtUtils::Depends
parallel_installdeps_notest Module::Runtime File::Spec Data::Dumper

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