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Change the rt link from one requiring a login to a publicly accessibl…

…e one

Also switch to https:// whatever can be reasonably switched
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1 parent 54e4be9 commit e1ddfc8af3b09f26212c7b3fa58b972f3087667b @wchristian wchristian committed with ribasushi Mar 5, 2013
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16 lib/DBIx/
@@ -119,13 +119,13 @@ list below is sorted by "fastest response time":
=item * IRC:
=for html
-<a href="">(click for instant chatroom login)</a>
+<a href="">(click for instant chatroom login)</a>
=item * Mailing list: L<>
-=item * RT Bug Tracker: L<>
+=item * RT Bug Tracker: L<>
-=item * Twitter: L<>
+=item * Twitter: L<>
=item * Web Site: L<>
@@ -148,15 +148,15 @@ accessible at the following locations:
-=item * official repo: L<git://>
+=item * Official repo: L<git://>
-=item * official gitweb: L<>
+=item * Official gitweb: L<>
-=item * github mirror: L<>
+=item * GitHub mirror: L<>
-=item * authorized committers: L<ssh://>
+=item * Authorized committers: L<ssh://>
-=item * Travis-CI log: L<>
+=item * Travis-CI log: L<>
=for html
<br>&#x21AA; Stable branch CI status: <img src=""></img>

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