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Commits on Apr 13, 2015
  1. @ribasushi

    Post-last touchups to 00describe_environment.t

    ribasushi authored
     - Display the contents of @INC, making it even easier to follow sourcing
     - Add support for (site|vendor)lib_stem (whatever that is)
     - Add support for (site|vendor)prefix
     - Add support for ./blib/(lib|arch)
     - Add support for an explicit CWD marker
Commits on Apr 6, 2015
  1. @ribasushi
  2. @ribasushi

    Further enhance 00describe_environment.t:

    ribasushi authored
    - Explicitly report expected but failed-to-load modules
    - Add knowledge of './t' => T, under same rules as LIB
    - When no sourcing is found - report the @INC index if possible
    - If a module came from {SVP}{AL}, list it even if no version is defined
Commits on Apr 5, 2015
  1. @ribasushi

    Add an explicit DateTime::TimeZone::OlsonDB optdep

    ribasushi authored
    It happens to lazy-load a lot of extra modules, which both hides them from the
    t/00describe_encironment lister *and* messes with preforking.
  2. @ribasushi

    Rewrite dependency lister from - now produces *much* easier to read o…

    ribasushi authored
    Knowing where a module came from is quite valuable, but the segmentation done
    in cebc0cc makes it rather hard finding a particular module. Instead add
    an extra prefix with shorthand "dirs of interest" names, and putput the entire
    list in ci-alphabetical order.
    Additionally make sure we explicitly print out our versions under CI (a silly
    omission from earlier), and explicitly omit loading dist_* optdeps
    While the diff is massive, the actual logic did not change in any significant
Commits on Apr 4, 2015
  1. @ribasushi

    (travis) More robust post-success test cycle run (enhancements over b…

    ribasushi authored
     - Make sure it always runs in parallel
     - Make sure we do not drag in SQLT/Moose after sitelib purge
  2. @ribasushi

    Make sure plain install with DBICTEST_VIA_REPLICATED works

    ribasushi authored
    This is an omission from 8b60b92, unnoticed all the way until bf44bdb
  3. @ribasushi

    Fix missing handling of on_(dis)connect* failures

    ribasushi authored
    Time for a short story (see last paragraph for TL;DR): Some hours ago an
    innocent question was asked in the #dbix-class channel, apparently
    related to a mysterious failure to determine the RDBMS version. Before I
    was able to properly investigate the problem, someone else piped up with
    "Oh I've seen this before, and I worked around it". That was of course
    without telling anyone else </headdesk>
    After a little back and forth it became apparent that if the on_connect
    settings could not be executed for whatever reason, the result may be an
    implicitly failed connection attempt which is *entirely undetected* as
    it leaves the original $dbh in place with some or all of the on_connect
    instructions not having executed as expected.
    To reiterate: if one manages to:
     * supply a malformed on_connect*
    and then
     * call as the first order of business some codepath that can mask away
       the connection failure (say ->deploy under sqlite)
    then the result is a $schema with a proper $dbh in the storage instance,
    but *without* some (or all) of the on_connect instructions having been
    executed. As a bonus the actual call to get e.g. the RDBMS metadata (like
    version etc) will have failed completely silently as well. Arguably a
    rather problematic bug.
    The above and by extension an issue with silent on_disconnect* failures
    are bith fixed by this commit. This was possible *only* because the
    second person came into the channel and reported it, instead of silently
    fixing things and moving on to whatever they were doing.
    Moreover while preparing the (relatively modest) patch to fix this issue,
    a small refactor revealed a pretty serious bug in the XS accessor provider
    Yes, it took about 3 hours to diagnose this and hunt down an isolated
    failcase, but the bug severety (and its elegance) are totally worth it.
    Moral of the story: *PLEASE* report issues upstream. Even if you figured
    out a quick workaround, the devs still need to know about the problem you
    did encounter in the first place. Bugs that nobody knows about can *NOT*
    be fixed, and our software commons can not improve. So *PLEASE* speak up.
  4. @ribasushi

    Minor code reformat, to shorten the diff of next commit

    ribasushi authored
    Zero functional changes, read under -w
  5. @ribasushi
Commits on Apr 3, 2015
  1. @kentfredric @ribasushi

    Do not load PadWalker at all on plain installs

    kentfredric authored ribasushi committed
    Avoids a SEGV on perls with unusual compilation options
  2. @geotheve @ribasushi

    (travis) Add explicit sudo:true to .travis.yml

    geotheve authored ribasushi committed
    The 'sudo' setting now defaults to false on establishing of new github=>travis
    linkages, so the CI runs will fail for anyone who wants to smoke their own
  3. @ribasushi
  4. @ribasushi

    (travis) Enhance post-success to run a full CPAN install cycle

    ribasushi authored
    This is as much a check for our installability, as it is a smoke of
Commits on Apr 2, 2015
  1. @ribasushi
  2. @ribasushi
  3. @ribasushi

    (travis) Restore proper post-success testing

    ribasushi authored
    The functionality was silently lost due to TravisCI issue #3533
  4. @ribasushi

    Fix incorrect optdep output introduced in 34d2dea / 31c31b8

    ribasushi authored
    Too many thinkos for a simple feature like this. When given "foo" cpanm
    actually tries to find '"foo"' on CPAN, and nothing works. The original
    thinking was that the > in ~>= needs escaping when copy/pasted by a user, so
    the ""-enclosing seemed like a valid approach. Of course this does not work
    at all when the output is piped into cpanm directly:
     perl -Ilib -MDBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies=-list_missing,deploy | cpanm
    Moreover, all of the above is *utterly unnecessary*, as Foo~>=2 is entirely
    equivalent to Foo~2, which requires no escaping (thus quoting) whatsoever.
    Hopefully this is the end of the embarrassing flailing on this feature :(
  5. @ribasushi

    (travis) Revert backout of ODBC firebird testing aa0e82a

    ribasushi authored
    It seems that sourceforge got their act together (for now)
Commits on Apr 1, 2015
  1. @ilmari

    Work around Firebird/InterBase/ODBC crash in tests

    ilmari authored
    If DBD::Firebird and DBD::InterBase are used in the same process, the
    last one loaded leaves an active statement handle around and later
    segfaults at some point in the tests.  Also, if DBD::ODBC is used
    before either of them, they leak the handle but don't segfault.
    Thus, to avoid breaking installing DBIC if more than one of
    DBICTEST_FIREBIRD(_INTERBASE|ODBC)?_DSN is set, skip Interbase if any
    of the others are set, and make sure to run the ODBC test last.
    However, keep the leak-triggering order for author, CI and smoker
    runs, so we don't forget that it needs fixing.
Commits on Mar 28, 2015
  1. @ribasushi

    (travis) Cut down the amount of APT repos during updates

    ribasushi authored
    Sometimes things outside of ubuntu's control go down, and the entire smoke
    will crash and burn for reasons completely unrelated to what we are doing
Commits on Mar 20, 2015
  1. @talexb @ribasushi

    Examples and documentation update and cleanup

    talexb authored ribasushi committed
    This version updates the original POD with slightly more information
    so that more DBIx::Class functionality is revealed.  The source code is
    removed from POD, and instead the reader is directed to the examples
    It also changes the example schema from silly auto-inferred column
    names to proper *id-suffixed ones.
  2. @ribasushi

    Inflators are not respected by find() (being a ResultSet method)

    Alastair McGowan-Douglas authored ribasushi committed
    Adjust docs and add an extra IC::DT-specific FAQ section
  3. @karenetheridge @ribasushi

    Cross-reference alias with current_source_alias

    karenetheridge authored ribasushi committed
    (slightly modified 4e4b848)
  4. @ribasushi

    Clarify load_namespaces call -- more than one call can be made

    Mike Wisener authored ribasushi committed
  5. @drzigman @ribasushi
  6. @ribasushi

    Linked "prefetch" in columns documentation

    C.J. Adams-Collier authored ribasushi committed
  7. @ingydotnet @ribasushi

    Example doesn't work without 'year' column

    ingydotnet authored ribasushi committed
Commits on Mar 18, 2015
  1. @vanstyn @ribasushi
  2. @ribasushi
  3. @ribasushi

    (travis) Revert LMU pin df604e8

    ribasushi authored
  4. @ribasushi

    Run the entire test suite under replicated SQLite on DBICTEST_VIA_REP…

    ribasushi authored
    There isn't real replication, the reader and writer in fact talk to the same
    on-disk file. Still this is effective enough to put into CI.
  5. @ribasushi

    Fix exception on complex update/delete under a replicated setup

    ribasushi authored
    THIS COMMIT IS A HACK!!! The actual fix is migration of the logic to the
    SQLMaker subclass and deal with it there. However the entire class hierarchy
    is currently in flux, so go with the least invasive change until the storage
    rewrite settles.
    Testing for this will show up in the next commit
  6. @ribasushi

    Some stylistic test changes in preparation for next commits

    ribasushi authored
    There are zero functional changes - everything has to do with making sure
    we are not blindly poking into storage objects which may be changed to
    delegates AND to make sure we do not leave any open cursors, which would show
    up as deadlocks on multiple connections to the same SQLite file
    Read under -w
  7. @ribasushi
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