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Apr 16, 2013

  1. Alexander Hartmaier

    moved duplicate sections to their later counterparts

    abraxxa authored
  2. Alexander Hartmaier

    fixed links, spelling and pod and added Windows git infos

    also use lists for pod, removed frew and castaway from git urls
    abraxxa authored

Jan 21, 2011

  1. castaway

    Started to expand this into a full doc

    castaway authored ribasushi committed
  2. fREW Schmidt

    add info for basic patches w/ github; fix command

    frioux authored ribasushi committed
  3. fREW Schmidt

    initial commit of contributing stuff

    frioux authored ribasushi committed

Jan 20, 2011

  1. Rafael Kitover

    improve bare ODBC dsn warning

    rkitover authored

Jan 19, 2011

  1. Alexander Hartmaier

    Release 0.08127

    abraxxa authored
  2. Rafael Kitover

    Examples/instructions for connecting to MSSQL over DBD::ODBC

    rkitover authored ribasushi committed
  3. Rafael Kitover

    Change indentation after 384b8bc (whitespace changes only)

    rkitover authored ribasushi committed
  4. Rafael Kitover

    Improvements for MSSQL+ODBC multiple active resultset options

    rkitover authored ribasushi committed
  5. Rafael Kitover

    Move mssql/sybase guid tests to their own table (do not reuse artist)

    rkitover authored ribasushi committed
  6. Peter Rabbitson

    Rewrap Changes before 0.08127

    ribasushi authored
  7. Alexander Hartmaier

    Fix deploy and relationship traversal on partial schemas

    abraxxa authored ribasushi committed
  8. Peter Rabbitson

    DBIC now warns on explicit false AutoCommit, and when altering extern…

    …al $dbh's
    ribasushi authored
  9. Peter Rabbitson

    Cleanup some of the storage tests (no func. changes)

    ribasushi authored
  10. Peter Rabbitson

    Start calling result_source_instance automatically when result_source…

    … is undef
    Fix specifically for the POBox folks abusing the power of ->new :)
    ribasushi authored
  11. Peter Rabbitson

    Fix incorrect error detection during populate() on Oracle

    ribasushi authored
  12. Peter Rabbitson

    Fix stupid stupid ommission RT#64839

    ribasushi authored
  13. Peter Rabbitson

    Add back populate stress-test (inadvertently broken in d35a6fe)

    ribasushi authored
  14. Peter Rabbitson

    Skip test on smokers with broken Moose

    ribasushi authored
  15. Peter Rabbitson

    ENV manging warning on older perls

    ribasushi authored
  16. Maik Hentsche

    Cleaner error message for using source() without required argument

    MaikHentscheAMD authored ribasushi committed

Jan 14, 2011

  1. Alexander Hartmaier

    Release 0.08126_01

    abraxxa authored
  2. Peter Rabbitson

    New namespace::clean to resolve the Package::Stash megafail

    ribasushi authored
  3. Peter Rabbitson

    Reduce to a warning the commit-without-apparent-begin exception from 7…

    ribasushi authored
  4. Peter Rabbitson

    Reduce to a warning the find-with-NULL-key exception from b7743da

    ribasushi authored

Jan 13, 2011

  1. Peter Rabbitson

    Fix for => 'shared' on MySQL (RT#64590)

    ribasushi authored
  2. Peter Rabbitson

    Fix RT#64500

    ribasushi authored
  3. Peter Rabbitson

    Remove some accumulated cruft

    ribasushi authored
  4. Peter Rabbitson

    Cleanup ResultSourceHandle handling after M.A.D. introduction

    Since a source/schema combos no longer leak, it is safe to store
    strong-refs to sources directly in Row/ResultSet objects. Reduce
    ResultSourceHandle to a simple Source "meta-layer" to facilitate
    serialization of ResultSources.
    In the process improve behavior/error messages of objects which
    were deserialized without $schema re-attachment
    ribasushi authored
  5. Peter Rabbitson

    Introduce M.A.D. within the schema/source instance linkage

    When a source instance is registered with a schema instance, the code
    in Schema::_register_source() adds a strong ref of the source to the
    schema register, and a weak schema ref to the source itself. Install
    DESTROY handlers both on Schema and ResultSource to flip this setup
    any time the Schema instance goes out of scope (if we somehow
    increment the refcount of $self in a DESTROY, then the garbage
    collection is aborted). Tested all the way back to 5.8.1 with excellent
    Promote the source links in both ResultSet and Row to real ResultSource
    instance refs, as there's no longer any issue with memory leaks (before
    a source handle would be instantiated lazily to sidestep the source
    object entirely by keeping a schema ref instead).
    Add freeze/thaw hooks for proper serialization of Source-containing
    structures (be it Row's or ResultSet's). In another round of cleanup
    ResultSourceHandle will be reduced to purely a "no schema yet"
    placeholder after schema-less a freeze/thaw cycle.
    ribasushi authored
  6. Peter Rabbitson

    5.8.1 threads are wonky - tests no longer pass with recent DBD::Pg

    ribasushi authored
  7. Peter Rabbitson


    ribasushi authored
  8. Fix losing order of columns provided in select/as

    ostmann authored ribasushi committed

Jan 12, 2011

  1. Multiple optimizations of $rs->populate

    Remove unnecessary "find" while populating has_many, and reduce the overall
    amount of method calls
    Brian Phillips authored ribasushi committed
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