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SQL::Translator (SQLFairy)
Perl Perl6
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lib Remove duplicate entry in DBI drivers hash Apr 17, 2016
script Update the Free Software Foundation's address (RT#100531) Nov 24, 2014
share Use precompiled Parse::RecDescent parsers for moar speed Jan 17, 2012
xt Tab/WS crusade Jan 17, 2012
.gitignore Ignore Devel::Cover output Jul 25, 2014
.travis.yml Simplify .travis.yml Jun 28, 2015
AUTHORS Declare dependencies in deterministic order (RT#102859) Mar 20, 2015
BUGS Updating for release. Nov 6, 2003
Changes Fix incorrect serial instead of bigserial in PG Nov 5, 2015
MANIFEST.SKIP Updated MANIFEST.SKIP to include AUTHORS file. Nov 1, 2015
Makefile.PL Remove dependency on List::MoreUtils Jun 24, 2015
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