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Changes for SQL::Translator
* Add support for monotonically increasing SQLite autoincs (GH#47)
* Add support for CHECK constraint in SQLite producer (GH#57)
* Add support for CHECK constraint in POD producer (GH#63)
* Fix forgotten quoting in the MySQL DROP TABLE diff producer (GH#50)
* Fix Pg grammar parsing of UUID, time, timetz columns (RT#100196, GH#52)
* Add support for USING and WHERE on indexes in PostgreSQL producer
and parser (RT#63814, GH#52)
* Improve add_trigger consistency between producers (GH#48)
* Declare dependencies in deterministic order (RT#102859)
* Multiple speedups of naive internal debugging mechanism (GH#54)
* Remove dependency on List::MoreUtils ( )
* Fix parsing of strings with leading whitespace for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL,
SQLServer and SQLite
* Fix parsing of MySQL column comments (RT#83380)
* Fix multi-line comments in YAML, JSON and PostgreSQL producers
* Fix identifier quoting in PostgreSQL diff producer
* Fix incorrect type conversion from various BigInt AutoIncrement to the
PostgreSQL-specific bigserial (GH#72)
* Fix missing semicolons between PostGIS statements
* Fix string and identifier quoting in PostGIS statements
* Fix intermittent test failures (RT#108460)
0.11021 2015-01-29
* Fix Oracle producer generating an unnecessary / at the end in case there
are no triggers
* Skip HTML tests if CGI is not installed (RT#98027)
* Fix JSON and YAML tests if the defaults have been tweaked (RT#98824)
* Fixes for parsing and producing identifiers and values that need
quoting and escaping for SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and
Oracle (RT#90700, RT#31034)
* Add support for ALTER TABLE ... ADD CONSTRAINT to Oracle parser
* Add trigger support to Oracle parser (RT#62927)
* Fix erroneous PostgreSQL floating point type translations (RT#99725)
* Remove executable bit from Parser/ (RT#100532)
* Update the Free Software Foundation's address (RT#100531)
* Provide default index names for SQLite (GH#45)
* Fix SQLite diffing on perl 5.8.1
* Fix multi-column indexes in Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL
* Fix array data types in Parser::PostgreSQL (GH#49)
* Fix multidimensional sizes in Parser::PostgreSQL
0.11020 2014-09-02
* Fix test failure if Test::PostgreSQL is installed but not working
0.11019 2014-09-02
* Add Json and hstore types to Pg Parser (cloudinstustrie)
* Fix DROP TABLE in SQL Server Producer
* Fix Pg DBI parser test (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)
* Remove spurious warnings (Matt Phillips, Wallace Reis)
* Fix MySQL producer for columns with scalar ref in 'ON UPDATE' (Wallace Reis)
* Fix handling of views in MySQL DBI parser
* Fix handling of renamed fields in SQLite diff (Peter Mottram)
* Check numeric equality of default values in numeric-type fields (Wallace Reis)
* Fix handling of renamed fields in renamed tables in Pg diff (Peter Mottram)
0.11018 2013-10-31 🎃
* Revert "Fix AUTOINCREMENT in SQLite"
0.11017 2013-10-30
* Apply quotes to fix tables that are reserved words, DBI::SQLServer (Jonathan C. Otsuka)
* Add DECIMAL_DIGITS to field size for scale info, DBI::SQLServer (Jonathan C. Otsuka)
* De-linkify XML namespace in docs (RT#81838)
* Allow both single and double quotes for values in MySQL parser
* Fix diff for altering two things per column - add ; at the end
* Call all diff methods in list context (it can be merged later)
* Fix Pg diff issue with drop constraint on primary keys
* SQLite support for SET NULL, SET DEFAULT and NO ACTION in FK clauses
* Clean up properly after Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL tests
* Fix typos in error messages
* Add SQL_TINYINT and SQL_BIGINT to the type map in
* Add JSON parser and producer (Jon Jensen)
* Clean up TTSchema doc some (Gavin Shelley)
* Fix AUTOINCREMENT in SQLite (Rafael Porres Molina)
0.11016 2012-10-09
* Allow passing an arrayref to SQLT->filename (lost in Mooification)
0.11015 2012-10-05
* Fix stupid missing version number in SQL::Translator::Schema::Object
0.11014 2012-10-05
* Relicense under Perl 5 terms
0.11013_03 2012-09-25
* Remove SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph as announced in 0.11011
* Remove a number of no longer needed deps
0.11013_02 2012-09-23
* Fix missing dep (List::MoreUtils)
0.11013_01 2012-09-22
* Convert SQL::Translator, ::Schema and ::Schema::* to Moo
* Fix leaks by weakening circular references between schema objects
0.11013 2012-09-22
* Make MySQL producer add NULL after every nullable field, conforming to SQL
standard, and avoiding MySQL bugs
0.11012 2012-07-02
* Fix/update quoting in PostgreSQL producer
* Add missing quote function to SQLServer producer
* Fix incorrect Parser::DBI documentation (RT#60878)
0.11011 2012-05-09
* SQLT no longer supports setting separate conflicting values for the now
deprecated 'quote_table_names' and 'quote_field_names'. Instead their values
are proxied to the new 'quote_identifiers'. If 'quote_identifiers' is
supplied, the legacy settings are ignored (with a warning). If nothing is
specified the default is TRUE as before. If only one is specified - default
to its value for everything, and if both are specified with a conflicting
value an exception is thrown.
* Partial quoting support has been added in SQLite. It is currently disabled by
default, you need to request is explicitly with quote_identifiers => 1. In a
future version of SQL::Translator *THIS DEFAULT BEHAVIOR WILL CHANGE*.
If you do NOT WANT quoting, set quote_identifiers to a false value to
protect yourself from changes in a future release.
* Bump the default MySQL parser version to MySQL 4.0
* script/sqlt-graph now accepts a --trace option
* Fixes to SQLite foreign keys production (patch from Johan Viklund)
closes RT#16412, RT#44769
* ON DELETE/UPDATE actions for SQLite (patch from Lukas Thiemeier)
closes RT#70734, RT#71283, RT#70378
* Fix data preservation on SQLite diffs involving adding/dropping columns
* Support for triggers in PostgreSQL producer and parser
* Correct Data Type in SQLT::Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL (patch from Andrew Pam)
* Fix index issue in SQLT::Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL
* Add column and table comments in SQLT::Parser::DBI::PostgreSQL(patch from Andrew Pam)
* Stop the DBI parser from disconnecting externally supplied DBI handles (RT#35868)
* Fixed alter_drop_constraint for foreign keys and applying multiple changes
via alter_field to a column in Postgres Producer
* Added a working mechanism for naming foreign keys in the PostgreSQL producer
* Fix PostgreSQL ignoring default values with specified data type
* Fix PostgreSQL parser support for (N)::int defaults (patch by Tina Müller)
* Fix possible name duplication in SQLlite producer
* Oracle does not accept ON DELETE/UPDATE RESTRICT (though it is the actual default)
fix by not adding the ON DELETE/UPDATE clause at all
* Changed dependency on Digest::SHA1 to the core-bundled Digest::SHA (RT#67989)
* Support for double quoted and bit strings as default values in MySQL parser
* Improved VIEW support in MySQL parser
* Proper handling of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP default values in MySQL parser (RT#65844)
* Check in MySQL parser to avoid trying to parse a table defined twice in the same
file as indices (and probably other things) get messed up
* Workaround for some MySQL quirks on primary key definitions
* Fix dropping primary keys in MySQL diffs (RT#62250, patch from Nick Bertrand)
* MySQL producer does not attempt to write out non-existent unique constraint names
* MySQL parser correctly differentiates between signed and unsigned integer column
display sizes
* Replace Class::Accessor::Fast dependency with already-included Moo
* Entire codebase is now free of tabs and trailing whitespace
* Spellfixes (RT#68912)
* Fix Diagram Producer POD (RT#71397, RT#71398)
* Fix Diagram Producer to use correct binmode on output (RT#71399)
* Fix ignored option to script/sqlt-diagram (RT#5992)
* Fix t/17sqlfxml-producer.t failures due to whitespace differences introduced by
environment config snippets (RT#70786)
* Fix assembly of Table objects with numbered columns being added out of order
(RT#74771) (based on patch from Jonathan Otsuka)
* Fix syntax error in SQL::Translator::Producer::Latex (RT#74953)
* Deprecate SQL::Translator::Schema::Graph and the as_graph() schema method
* Bump minimum supported perl version to 5.8.1 (mostly due to Moo)
0.11010 2011-10-05
* Add "if exists" to drop view statements in Pg.
0.11009 2011-09-02
* Fix MySQL producer to properly quote all table names on output (patch from geistteufel)
0.11008 2011-05-04
* Correctly create and parse FK constraints in SQLite
* Correct postgis geography type insertion and linebreak fix for multiple geometry/geography columns
* made PostgreSQL producer consistent with other producers in terms of
quoting and allowing functions in constraints and indices
* Add distinction of autoinc and regular primary keys to the GraphViz producer
* Fix odd invocation of Test::More::pass() in t/36-filters.t (RT#64728)
* Quote everything in SQL Server
* Turn off constraints before dropping tables in SQL Server
* Make true unique constraints if needed in SQL Server
* Fixed Producer::PostgresSQL to output array type after type size,
i.e. varchar(64)[] rather than varchar[](64)
0.11007 2010-11-30
* Fix POD typo in SQL/Translator/Schema/
* Add explicit Scalar::Util to the deplist for really old perls
* Add support for PostGIS Geometry and Geography data types in the Pg producer
* Some minor fixes to squash warnings on new perls
* Support a custom_type_name hint when creating enum types in PostgreSQL
* Fix sqlt options/pod mismatch (RT#58318)
* Oracle Producer multicolumn constraint support
* Add support for triggers in the MySQL producer
* Fix unstable order of View's in MySQL parser
0.11006 2010-06-03
* Fix Producer::Oracle varchar2 without size def (ORA-00906: missing right
* Fix Producer::Oracle translate float and double to float instead of number
* Fix Producer::Oracle generation of too long unique constraint names
* Fix Producer::SQLite when generating VIEWs with add_drop_table => 1
* Fix Producer::MySQL not quoting index names when requested (RT#56173)
* Fix Producer::MySQL wrapping extra ()s around VIEW SELECT-ors (RT#56419)
* Fix Field::default_value to behave like a real accessor (allow undef as
an unsetting argument)
* Fix Mysql/Pg/SQLite/MSSQL producers to properly *not* quote numeric default
values (RT#57059)
* Producer::Oracle tests now use Test::Differences
* Prettify output of SQLite producer (less bogus newlines)
* Augment SQLite and Pg producers to accept a perl-formatted (%d.%03d%03d)
and regular no-leading-zero (X.X.X) *_version producer args
0.11005 2010-02-24
* Fix Parser::DBI::Oracle reading too many tables (RT#49413)
* Fix Parser::MySQL tripping up on PRIMARY KEY ... USING (currently value is ignored) (RT#50468)
* Fix runaway debug trace (RT#52276)
* Fix Parser::PostgreSQL choking on commit; statements in DDL (#RT52277)
* Producer::Oracle now respects quote_field|table_names, and
no longer does name munging of reserved table names
* Producer::Oracle now correctly outputs databse-unique index names
0.11004 2010-02-14
* Fix PG producer numeric precision regression (RT#49301)
* Add DB2 producer numeric/decimal precision output
* Fix Oracle producer creating numeric precision statements that the test case expects (no whitespace)
* Add Oracle producer creating drop view statements like PG producer does
* Fix SQL::Translator::Diff to use producer_args instead of producer_options
0.11003 2009-09-28
* Pg parser fixes to deal properly with MATCH <type>
* Pg parser fixes to parse timestamp attributes correctly
* Fix broken default detection in script/sqlt (RT#27438)
* Fix dependency issues with LibXML and TT
0.11002 2009-08-30
* Depend on fixed Parse::RecDescent
* Added skip-tables and skip-tables-like options to Diagram
0.11001 2009-08-18
* Removed last use of Readonly
* Adjusted YAML dependency
0.11000 2009-08-18
* Re-add version numbers to files, else cpan's "upgrade" gets very confused
* Replaced code using Readonly, since most of the rest uses constant, and thats already a dep
* Moved YAML and XML::LibXML back to recommends, the tests for both now skip if not installed
* Bumped to 0.11000 to supercede 0.10 which has incorrect numbering scheme
0.10 2009-08-13
* Resolved the following RT bugs (thanks to everyone for reporting!):
- 25791 does not recognize PostgreSQL ON_ERROR_STOP
- 29265 sqlt-diagram: --natural-join needs Graph::Directed
- 37814 SQLite translator failing to parse schema
- 42548 Producer::PostgreSQL incorrectly inserts the size in
'time(stamp)? with(out) time zone' fields
- 43173 SQL::Translator::Parser without versionnumber - will install
old 0.09002
- 46805 (No subject)
- 47026 META.yml is not packaged due to MANIFEST.SKIP (easyfix)
- 32130 Move from XML::XPath to XML::LibXML::XPathContext
- 22261 MySQL parse
- 13915 missing optional prerequisite cause make test to fail
- 8847 BINMODE missing in printing of graphic file.
- 21065 GraphViz producer fails on tables named 'node'
- 35448 Producer::PostgreSQL types without size
- 22026 sqlt-diagram uses -f arg twice
- 47897 [PATCH] Fix uninitialized value within @_ in (uc|lc)
- 47668 Mysql Parser doesn't recognize key types
- 46448 sqlt-graph errors out on MySQL DDL with btree keys
- 47176 Add Foreign Key support to
- 48025 MySQL Producer: Case inconsistency between elements in
@no_length_attr and $data_type
- 48569 sqlt-diagram fails to load SQLite schema
- 48596 SQL::Translator::Diff::schema_diff should produce a list in
list context
- 44907 SQL::Translator::Producer::PostgreSQL produce() in list context
should return a list of statements
0.09007 2009-06-25
* Fixed Pg parser - caching the compiled P::RD schema is a *very*
bad idea
* Delay MSSQL FK constraint deployment until after all CREATE TABLE
* Coerce other engine's bytea/blob/clob datatypes to VarBinary
0.09006 2009-06-10
* Multiple test and dependency adhustments to make smokers happy
* Fix YAML producer wrt extra attribute
* Added support for "time(stamp) (p) with time zone" for Pg producer (mo)
0.09005 2009-06-08
* Add parser support for MySQL default values with a single quote
* Properly quote absolute table names in the MySQL producer
* Added CREATE VIEW subrules for mysql parser (wreis)
* Many fixes to code and tests for trigger's "database_events"
* Added semi-colon for (DROP|CREATE) TYPE statements in the Pg producer (wreis)
* ALTER TABLE/ALTER COLUMN/DROP DEFAULT support in Pg producer (mo)
* XML parser support for multi-event triggers
* SQLite producer support for multi-event triggers
* XML parser switched from XML::XPath to XML::LibXML
* Pg producer ALTER TABLE/COLUMN and DROP DEFAULT support
* MySQL producer skips length attribute for columns which do not support that
attribute. Currently following column types are added to that list:
date time timestamp datetime year
* Switch to Module::Install (mandates minimum perl 5.005)
* Major cleanup of GraphViz proucer
* Massive amount of fixes to SQLite/Pg/Mysql/MSSQL parsers/producers
Fix most of the problems uncovered by the roundtrip test framework
Some highlights:
- Rewind exhausted globs before attempting a read
- Do not add xml comment header if no_comments is set
- table/field counts are held per schema object, not globally
- no more variable table and column names in SQLite and MSSQL
- VIEW support for Pg parser, also some cleanups
- The way we generate Pg create view statements was not standards compliant
(per RhodiumToad in #postgresql)
- Disable MSSQL view/procedure production - they never worked in the first place
- SQLite/MSSQL improvements:
- Support parsing of all DROP clauses
- Support parsing of field-level comments
- When producing do not append table names to constraint/index names
0.09004 2009-02-13
* Add support for temporary tables in Pg (nachos)
* Create Trigger support for SQLite
* GraphViz producer improvements
0.09003 2009-02-07
0.09002 2008-12-05
* parsing MySQL CURRENT_TIMESTAMP as scalar ref so it can be produced without
quotes (jgoulah)
* Add ignore_opts parser arg (to ignore table options) in Parser::MySQL (jgoulah)
* Skip tests for buggy Spreadsheet::ParseExcel versions (rbo)
* Add support for skip tables parser arg in Parser::DBI::MySQL (jgoulah)
* Changed behaviour of ::Producer::Oracle when returning an array of statements
to make it compatible to DBI->do()
* Fixed a few bugs in ::Producer::Oracle
* Applied patch from jgoulah to support mysql's MERGE option
* Applied patch from rbo to add support of multiple database events on a trigger
* Applied patch from lukes to allow drop if exists in sqlite producer, with
version >= 3.3
* Applied patch from rjbs with minor changes, now we support scalar refs in
default values!
* Fixed SQLite producer to end index statements in newlines, in scalar context
* Decreed that all list context statements shall not end in ; or ;\n
* Fixed SQLite, Diff and MySQL producers to agree with Decree.
* Added support for CREATE VIEW + tests in the Pg producer (wreis)
* Added support for CREATE VIEW + tests in the sqlite producer (groditi)
* Added proper argument parsing and documentation to MySQL Parser and
Producer (ribasushi)
* Using DROP VIEW instead of OR REPLACE clause in the Pg producer, as replace
only allows replacement with identical set of columns (wreis)
* Added support for DROP VIEW and fixed CREATE VIEW statement in the sqlite
producer (wreis)
* Removed source_db and target_db accessors from Diff (throwback to old version,
only output_db is used)
* Support for longer varchar fields in MySQL
0.09001 2008-08-19
* Added support for CREATE VIEW + tests in the mysql producer (groditi)
* Added support for SET fields in the mysql producer + test (groditi)
* Added support for proper booleans in the mysql producer, when a mysql version
of at least 4.x is supplied
* Added support for proper enums under pg (as of 8.3), with pg version check,
and deferrable constraints
* Added support to truncate long constraint and index names in the mysql
producer, because of a change to DBIx::Class to produce such long names in
some cases.
0.09000 2008-02-25
* Fix Pg produces idea of which field types need a size param (wreis)
* Add support for COLLATE table option to MySQL parser
* Allow DEFAULT CHARACTER SET without '=' (as produced by mysqldump)
0.0899_02 2008-01-29
* Major refactoring of SQL::Translator::Diff again:
* Diff is no longer one huge monolithic function.
* Added more tests for diff
* When producing diffs for MySQL you will (by default) get single alter
statements per table
* SQLite can also do remove columns (by creating a temp table as shown in
* Columns can be renamed if the new schema is from a form that can have metadata
(which is pretty much anything but an SQL file.) It does this by looking at
renamed_from in the $field->extra
* Updated Oracle and Postgres producers
* More tests!
0.0899_01 2007-10-21
* SQL::Translator::Diff now uses the ::Producer modules to create diffs
This *will* break back-compatibility
Use sqlt-diff-old for the previous one, and fix producers!
0.08001 2007-09-26
* Patched to ignore all TT versions >= 2.15 until TT is fixed :(
0.08 2006-12-07
* Patched 18ttschema-producer.t and 33tt-table-producter.t to skip on TT 2.15,
thanks Ash!
0.08_04 2006-11-10
* Patched MySQL producer to name constraints sanely, thanks Ash
* Added patch to Producer::DB2 to avoid dependency issues with foreign keys
* Added patch to remove single quotes for numeric default values in Producer::DB2
* Fixed Parser::SQLite to require a semicolon after a create trigger statement
* Added patch from avinash to add CASCADE to pg table drops
* Added patch to use default values for Pg timestamp fields
0.08_02 2006-11-03
* Added patch from Ash to separate DROP statements in mysql producer in
* Fixed up SQLites usage of no-comments
0.08_01 2006-07-23
* Made Trigger check that a give table exists in on_table - castaway
* Split some producers (DB2, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL) into sub methods (others
to follow) - castaway
* Add alter_* methods to some Producers and docs to (for use by Diff
later) - castaway
* Made changes to allow producers to return a list of statements - castaway
* Split sqlt-diff into script and module - castaway
* Added quote_table_names and quote_field_names patch (omega, zamolxes) - castaway
* Added DB2 Producer - castaway
* Added mysql_character_set for 4.1+ -mda
* New filters, Names and Globals. -mda
* Added the initial work on a template based Dia UML producer. -mda
0.07 2005-06-10
* YAML parser supports extra attributes on tables.
* All schema objects now support the extra attribute, so can
have arbitary name/value data attached to them.
* Refactoring: Added SQL::Translator::Schema::Object - base
class for all Schema objects.
* Changes to MySQL Parser (Dave Howorth)
- ignore INSERT statements
- allow trailing comma on last field in CREATE statements
- collect the database name
* TTSchema Producer
- Can pass extra variables using tt_vars producer arg.
- Can pass extra config using tt_conf producer arg.
- Variables and config can be passed on the command line
with --tt-var and --tt-conf options to sqlt.
* Added schema filters.
* MySQL Producer
- Added 'mysql_table_type' extra attribute on tables.
- Works out InnoDB tables from constraints.
- mysql_charset and mysql_collate extra attributes for tables and fiels.
0.06 2004-05-13
* Added SQL::Translator::Manual
* Installation process now uses Module::Build
* Added new "Dumper" producer
* Changed the native SQL Fairy XML format to a fixed mapping.
*NB:* You should convert your existing XML schema. See the
SQL::Translator::Parser::XML::SQLFairy docs.
* Added producers: TT::Base and TT::Table.
0.05 2004-02-27
* Added "COMMENT ON *" syntax to PostgreSQL parser
* Some fixes to Oracle parser as reported by Gail Binkley
* Added support in PostgreSQL parser for all "ALTER TABLE" statements
* Now distributing sqlt-diff script as it's pretty usable
* Added new options to sqlt-graph and GraphViz producer (Dave Cash)
0.04 2003-11-07
* Increased version of Constants module to 1.41 to avoid a problem
where 0.02 has 1.4 of that file and 0.03 had 1.06 which confused
* Hard-coded all the PREREQ_PM modules in Makefile.PL (rather than
setting them dynamically) so that automated tests would pass
0.03 2003-11-06
* Added parsers: XML::SQLFairy, Sybase, SQLite, DBI-MySQL,
DBI-PostgreSQL, DBI-SQLite, DBI-Sybase, Storable, YAML
* Added producers: XML::SQLFairy, TTSchema, Storable, YAML
* HTML producer now uses stylesheets to allow easy customization of colors
* Many bug fixes to most every module
* Added "sqlt-dumper" script to help create a script for dumping
a database a la "mysqldump"
* Reversed the arrowheads on the graphical producers to show the
relationships in a more standard way
* Changes all included script names to start with "sqlt"
* Added capturing and printing most embedded table and field comments
0.02 2003-06-17
* Added parsers for Excel and Oracle
* Removed Sybase parser because it didn't actually work
* Added ClassDBI, Diagram, GraphViz, HTML, POD, SQLite, Sybase producers
* Added Schema classes to represent schema as objects
* Removed "Raw" producer in favor of the Schema classes
* Removed "Validator" class as the Schema classes validate themselves
* Improved all existing parsers and producers, expanding them to
handle foreign keys much better, produce better output, etc.
* Added and as CLI frontends to the
graphical producers
* Added sql_translator.cgi as a web-form frontend to graphical producers
* Expanded test suite
0.01 2003-02-27
* Added parsers: XML::SQLFairy, Sybase, SQLite, DBI-MySQL,
DBI-PostgreSQL, DBI-SQLite, DBI-Sybase, Storable, YAML
* Added producers: XML::SQLFairy, TTSchema, Storable, YAML
* HTML producer now uses stylesheets to allow easy customization of colors
* Many bug fixes to most every module
* Added "sqlt-dumper" script to help create a script for dumping
a database a la "mysqldump"
* Reversed the arrowheads on the graphical producers to show the
relationships in a more standard way
* Changes all included script names to start with "sqlt"
* Added capturing and printing most embedded table and field comments
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