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dbt adapter for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL services.

The adapter supports dbt-core 0.14 or newer and follows the same versioning scheme. E.g. version 1.1.x of the adapter will be compatible with dbt-core 1.1.x.


We've bundled all documentation on the dbt docs site:

Join us on the dbt Slack to ask questions, get help, or to discuss the project.


This adapter requires the Microsoft ODBC driver to be installed: Windows | macOS | Linux


Make sure to install the ODBC headers as well as the driver linked above:

sudo apt-get install -y unixodbc-dev

Latest version: PyPI

pip install -U dbt-sqlserver

Latest pre-release: GitHub tag (latest SemVer pre-release)

pip install -U --pre dbt-sqlserver


See the changelog


Unit tests Integration tests on SQL Server Integration tests on Azure

This adapter is community-maintained. You are welcome to contribute by creating issues, opening or reviewing pull requests or helping other users in Slack channel. If you're unsure how to get started, check out our contributing guide.


PyPI - License

Code of Conduct

This project and everyone involved is expected to follow the dbt Code of Conduct.