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Wordpress 3.0 Deployable with Capistrano, used by my company (ZippyKid)
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What Is This?

This is a set of ruby scripts (Capistrano) that I use to setup a fresh install
of WordPress fairly quickly for my clients at ZippyKid.

How Does It Work?

1. Either change, or copy the config/deploy/vmware.rb file
1.1 Change the 'app' you want to deploy to (this is the 172. ip address you see there)
1.2 Change the application name (this should be your apache vhost for the install)
1.3 Change the user you want to deploy as..
1.4 Change the values of the variables set under the line marked: ##### YOU REALLY SHOULD CHANGE THESE ###
2. Type: cap vmware deploy:setup
3. Enter the information asked of you.

What Does It Really Do?

1. It creates a directory for a new web host for you
2. It downloads the latest version of WordPress, modified slightly by me (wp-config.php) and a set of plugins I use
3. It asks you for your mysql administrative username/password (for simplicity, it asks for the root password of mysql
but, as long as you have a user that has GRANT privileges you're fine)
4. It loads a pristine wordpress database with a standard user (zippykid) as the admin
4.1 The password for this user is specified in the vmware.rb file

#Capistrano/Ruby Notes for PHP Developers

You need some Ruby Gems installed

#First you need capistrano multistage and ssh gems.

bash> sudo gem install capistrano-ext

Since this is not a rails app, we want the railsless deploy (

bash> sudo gem install railsless-deploy -s

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