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Puzzler is a generic puzzle assistant. Puzzler is a collection of command-line
programs written in Haskell. Its aim is to help the puzzle-enthusiast with the
mechanical and dull parts of puzzle solving.
* Current Features
** Anagram generation. Given an a list of words, a string of letters, puzzler
can generate all the anagrams that match a given regular expression. First
create a dictionary out of a list of words (data/mball.txt is just one word
per line):
$ ./dist/build/CreateDict/CreateDict data/mball.txt -o data/mball.puz
Saving dictionary to 'data/mball.puz' ...
Find all anagrams of 'fark' of any length (at least one):
$ ./dist/build/FindAnagrams/FindAnagrams -d data/mball.puz fark
a af ak ar arf ark f fa far fr fra k ka kaf kr kra r ra rf
Find all anagraphs of 'pianohid' with 8 letters.
$ ./dist/build/FindAnagrams/FindAnagrams -d data/mball.puz pianohid -p '^........$'
Find all anagrams from any combination of 'andbit' that has three letters:
$ ./dist/build/FindAnagrams/FindAnagrams -d data/mball.puz andbit -p '^...$'
abd abn abt aid ain ait and ani ant bad bai ban bat bid bin bit dab dan dat dia dib din dit iba ind int ita itd nab nad nat nib nid nit tab tad tai tan tib tid tin
Find all anagrams from any combination of 'andbit' that has three letters and
'a' as the second letter:
$ ./dist/build/FindAnagrams/FindAnagrams -d data/mball.puz andbit -p '^.a.$'
bad bai ban bat dab dan dat nab nad nat tab tad tai tan
* Dependencies
Currently puzzler depends on glpk, the gnu linear programming kit. The glpk
dependency is currently unused, but, it will be used soon.
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