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Tools for distributing OCaml software on
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pkgopkg — Tools for distributing OCaml software on

Ad-hoc tools to develop and distribute OCaml software.


To install:

opam pin add pkgopkg

The installed tools are described in the bin section below.


These tool must be invoked in the root directory of a project.

  • pkg-doc generate the documentation of package.
  • reload-browser reload an URI in a browser tab.
  • pkg-update-support update the package independent support file in the pkg of a project.
  • pkg-opam-descr extract an opam descr from a file on stdout.
  • pkg-distrib make a distribution tarball in /tmp.
  • pkg-www-release publish the distribution tarball created by pkg-distrib on
  • pkg-opam-pkg make an opam package for the distribution tarball created by pkg-distrib.
  • pkg-www-doc publish the documentation of the project on
  • pkg-www-demos publish the jsoo demos of the project on
  • repo-make-public from a local repo and a description make a master remote repo with a github mirror.


To packagify a project.

** Deprecated ** Use topkg instead.

  1. Copy pkg directory to root directory of the distribution.
  2. Add pkg/config with at least $NAME, $VERSION and $MAINTAINER. E.g.

    VERSION=`git describe master | sed "s/^.//"`
    MAINTAINER="Daniel Bünzli <daniel.buenzl i\\\>"
  3. Add pkg/META describing the library.
  4. Add pkg/build describing what to install using pkg-builder
  5. Add an opam file describing the library.


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