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  • Add Uuidm.{to,of}_mixed_endian_bytes.
  • Add Uuidm.unsafe_of_bytes

v0.9.6 2016-08-12 Zagreb

  • Safe-string support. Thanks to Josh Allmann for the help.
  • Deprecate Uuidm.create in favor of Uuidm.v.
  • Deprecate Uuidm.print in favor of Uuidm.pp_string
  • Add Uuidm.pp.
  • Relicensed from BSD3 to ISC.
  • Build depend on topkg.
  • uuidtrip uses Cmdliner which becomes an optional dependency of the package. The command line interface is unchanged except for long options which have to be written with a double dash. Binary output no longer adds an ending newline.

v0.9.5 2012-08-05 Lausanne

  • OASIS 0.3.0 support.

v0.9.4 2012-03-15 La Forclaz (VS)

  • OASIS support.
  • New functions Uuidm.v3 and Uuidm.v5 that generate directly these kinds of UUIDs.
  • New function Uuidm.v4_gen returns a function that generates version 4 UUIDs with a client provided random state. Thanks to Lauri Alanko for suggesting that Random.make_self_init may be too weak for certain usages.

v0.9.3 2008-08-01 Lausanne

  • POSIX compliant build shell script.

v0.9.2 2008-07-30 Lausanne

  • Support for debian packaging. Thanks to Sylvain Le Gall.

v0.9.1 2008-06-18 Lausanne

  • Minor internal cleanings.

v0.9.0 2008-06-11 Lausanne

  • First release.