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v0.9.4 2015-01-23 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Add Uutf.decoder_byte_count returning the bytes decoded so far.
  • The utftrip cli utility now uses Cmdliner which becomes an optional dependency of the package. The cli interface is not compatible with previous versions.

v0.9.3 2013-08-10 Cambridge (UK)

  • Fix wrong decoding sequence when an UTF-8 encoding guess is based on a two byte UTF-8 sequence. Thanks to Edwin Török for the report.
  • OPAM friendly workflow and drop OASIS support.

v0.9.2 2013-01-04 La Forclaz (VS)

  • utftrip, better tool help.
  • Fix Uutf.is_uchar always returning false. Thanks to Edwin Török for reporting and providing the fix and test.

v0.9.1 2012-08-05 Lausanne

  • OASIS 0.3.0 support.

v0.9.0 2012-05-05 La Forclaz (VS)

First release.

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