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Source code to the Caliburn.Micro.Autofac nuget package.

Version 1.5.0 - 2013/01/02

  • Upgraded to Autofac
  • Upgraded to Caliburn.Micro 1.4
  • Upgraded solution / project files to VS2012
  • Minimum WPF support is .NET 4
  • Added support for Silverlight 5
  • Changed NuGet packaging to be a project in the solutions
  • Minor changes to the physical directory structure

Version 1.4.1 - 2012/05/21

Version 1.4 - 2012/05/19

  • Updated NUnit to 2.6
  • Minor project file updates to support TeamCity CI
  • Cleaned up AssemblyInfo
  • Modified .gitignore to support NuGet PackageRestore
  • Deprecated psake build scripts. These will be removed in the next release.
  • Updated Caliburn.Micro to 1.3.1
  • Updated Autofac to
  • Dropped support for Windows Phone 7.0
  • Added support for Windows Phone 7.1

Version 1.3 - 2011/08/19

  • Added AutoSubscribeEventAggegatorHandlers as a new property to AutofacBoostrapper
  • Defaults to false to maintain backwards compatibility
  • When true, will register the EventAggregationAutoSubscriptionModule module with Autofac
  • Added the EventAggregationAutoSubscriptionModule
  • This module will automaticaly subscribe new instances to the registered IEventAggregator services
  • Registration is done on activation only, so it will only happen once for singletons, and each time a non-singleton is created
  • Registration is only done if the instance derives from the IHandle marker interface

Version 1.2.1 - 2011/08/11

  • Fixed missing references in Caliburn.Micro.Autofac for .NET 4
  • Fixed incorrect AssemblyInfo.cs values for all projects

Version 1.2 - 2011/08/10

  • Upgraded .NET 4 and Silverlight 4 versions to Caliburn.Micro 1.2.0
  • Created a psake build script to be used in Continious Integration
  • Added new sample applications
  • First version of Windows Phone 7 support
  • Known Issues
    • The SimpleContainer class is not supported or exposed by the container
    • The PhoneContainer class is not supported or exposed by the container
    • The IPhoneContainer class is not supported or exposed by the container
  • Exposed new Creators for the Windows Phone Bootstrapper
    • CreateFrameAdapter
    • CreatePhoneApplicationServiceAdapter
    • CreateVibrateController
    • CreateSoundEffectPlayer

Version 1.1 - 2011/07/11

  • Cleaned up source directories slightly
  • Refactored AssemblyInfo.cs into GlobalAssemblyInfo.cs, VersionAssemblyInfo.cs, and project AssemblyInfo.cs
  • Upgraded Autofac to 2.5.1
  • Added support for Autofac SL4
  • Began work to support Autofac on Windows Phone 7
  • Modified GetInterface call in Configure to be compatible with SL4