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// include config with database definition
// start transaction
sqlQuery('start transaction');
// delete all
sqlQuery('delete from redips_timetable');
// accept parameters - p is array (suppress errors by adding "@" sign)
$arr = @$_REQUEST['p'];
// if input array exists (in all cases except deleting last element)
if (is_array($arr)) {
// open loop through each array element
foreach ($arr as $p) {
// detach values from combined parameters
// $tbl parameter is ignored because saving goes only from table 1
list($sub_id, $row, $col) = explode('_', $p);
// discard clone id part from the sub_id
$sub_id = substr($sub_id, 0, 2);
// insert to the database
sqlQuery("insert into redips_timetable (sub_id, tbl_row, tbl_col) values ('$sub_id', $row, $col)");
// commit transaction (sqlCommit is function from config.php)
// redirection to the index.php
header('location: index.php');
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