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A canvas in your browser. Literally.
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Literally Canvas

Literally Canvas is an extensible, open source (BSD-licensed), HTML5 drawing widget that currently supports a minimal set of drawing operations. You can draw, erase, set the color with the eyedropper, undo, redo, pan, and zoom. It depends on jQuery and Underscore.js.


Full documentation

Literally Canvas depends on jQuery (tested on 1.8.2) and underscore.js (tested on 1.4.2). The "fat" version includes these dependencies. The "thin" version does not.

Add the files under lib/css and lib/img to your project, as well as the appropriate file from lib/js. Then do this:

<div class="literally"><canvas></canvas></div>

For options and other information, see the full documentation.

The color picker is derived from (but not identical to) this one by Stefan Petre. We intend to replace it in the next version.


coffee/       Coffeescript source code
js/           Javascript dependencies and temporary Javascript files
lib/          Things you need to use Literally Canvas on your page
LICENSE       The license. Spoiler: it's BSD!     You are here   Simple watch script for people who don't have make (...)


You'll need coffee-script and uglify-js2 installed via npm.

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