Rails plugin that interfaces with the Errorlytics service.
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= Errolytics Plugin for Rails

The Errorlytics plugin provides an interface to the Errorlytics system
(http://www.errorlytics.com).  Errorlytics is an easy to use service that
centralizes reporting and handling of 404 "Page Not Found" errors for your
websites. Errorlytics gives you the tools to transparently fix the problems
quickly and easily so they never happen again. No more regex writing, no more
messing with your .htaccess file for search engine friendly redirects.
Errorlytics handles it all, effortlessly. The end results are better user
experiences and higher search engine rankings for your websites.

== Installation

If using Rails 2.1 or later the Rails Errorlytics plugin can be installed by
issuing the command:

script/plugin install git://github.com/dburger/errorlytics-rails-plugin.git

If you are using an older version of rails you can clone this repository into
your vendor/plugins directory and then remove the .git subdirectory:

git clone git://github.com/dburger/errorlytics-rails-plugin.git vendor/rails/errorlytics
rm -rf vendor/rails/errorlytics/.git

== Configuration

To configure Errolytics you need to set the secret key, account id, and
website id.  A good place to put this configuration would be in an
initializer or in your environment.  For example you could have a
config/initializers/errorlytics.rb file similar to the following:

Errorlytics.secret_key = 'YOUR SECRET KEY';
Errorlytics.account_id = 'YOUR ACCOUNT ID';
Errorlytics.website_id = 'YOUR WEBSITE ID';

The correct values for these settings can be find on the "Rails" tab of
the "Client Plugins" section for the website you are configuring.

Copyright (c) 2008 Accession Media, released under the MIT license