PHP Tool for CodeIgniter Models generation (model layer for MVC) from MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, SQLite or PostgreSQL relationals databases tables
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QuickCIM QuickCIM generates the CodeIgniter Models from any relational database. Also available on SourceForge.

Generated models extends of MY_Model by Chris Schmitz in v2.x

Get started

Clone the repository

git clone

Open index.php (Apache and PHP required)



  • Supports Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL databases
  • Freaking fast: select all your tables in one click, add '_model' suffix in one click and download in another one!
  • Classname editable
  • Instant download as .zip.
  • Multilanguage: available in english and spanish
  • Efficient and clear. Using CodeIgniter and Backbone.js
  • License: MIT, allows commercial purposes.


v2.1 - 27/08/2012

  • Fix: “Connection Error” message (remove Apache ModRewrite requirement)

v2.0 - 30/07/2012

  • New: models extends of MY_Model by Chris Schmitz
  • New: classname personalization
  • New: add suffix _model button
  • New: using Backbone.js at frontend
  • New UI
  • 15 kb code less

v1.1 – 24/03/2012

  • New: insert() function generation optionally
  • New: default connection data by CodeIgniter project
  • Fix: Oracle driver connection
  • Fix: syntax of model variables
  • Minimum code optimization

v1.0 – 14/03/2012

  • First version released


MIT License