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#webmock-disabler webmock-disabler is a gem that allows users of WebMock to disable and re-enable WebMock on-demand. This is useful in testing scenarios where the mere presence of WebMock causes some tests to fail. A common case is that the presence of WebMock is known to cause failures in Selenium-based integration tests, such as RSpec's request specs and Cucumber features.

The blog post introducing webmock-disabler is here.

#Installation gem install webmock-disabler or, if you use Bundler

gem 'webmock-disabler'

#Requirements webmock-disabler works by monkey patching WebMock, so, its implementation is understandably fragile. It was written against version 1.6.4 of WebMock, and it might work with higher 1.x versions. Then again, it might not.

If future versions of WebMock break webmock-disabler, file an issue about it, or, better yet, fork, fix, and send a pull request.

#Limitations While WebMock can mock out lots of different HTTP libraries (Net::HTTP, HTTPClient, EventMachine::HttpRequest, and more), webmock-disabler only supports Net::HTTP. So if you're using any HTTP library other than Net::HTTP, don't expect webmock-disabler to do squat.

I have no plans to implement support for other HTTP libraries, but I do have plans to accept pull requests- so have at it.

#Usage require 'webmock' require 'webmock/disabler'

Net::HTTP.get(URI.parse('')) => raises WebMock::NetConnectNotAllowedError


Net::HTTP.get(URI.parse('')) => the HTML at


Net::HTTP.get(URI.parse('')) => raises WebMock::NetConnectNotAllowedError

#Usage with RSpec In your spec_helper.rb:

before(:each), :type => :request do

after(:each), :type => :request do

#Usage with Cucumber / Rails

You can create a tag to run a particular feature with WebMock disabled.

Create webmock_disabler.rb in your features/support directory:

require 'webmock'
require 'webmock/disabler'

Before('@nowebmock') do

After('@nowebmock') do

Then tag any feature where you want to disable WebMock with '@nowebmock'