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Easy markup string building in Javascript, inspired by Jim Weirich's Builder library
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Easy markup string building in Javascript, inspired by Jim Weirich’s Builder library – scratched an itch for me as I kept screwing html up when constructing it with javascript string methods, didn’t like implementing templates in JS and the Builder style was a good fit for rapid dev.

Currently I don’t use this in production so it’s not got an extensive test suite, hasn’t had multi-browser QA and doesn’t support all html tags – in fact it’s generally horrible but vaguely usuable. Caveat Emptor etc. Would welcome any ideas, better yet fork the repo and fix something if it’s really bugging you and send me a pull request.

Supported Tags

TABLE, TR, TD, DIV, SPAN, P, UL, OL, LI, IMG, BR, A, H1, H2, H3, H4


// alias markupBuilder for convenience
var b = markupBuilder();

//basic tag
//generates string  ''<div></div>'

test_div = b.div();

//basic tag with text
//generates string 

test_span = b.span("hello world");

// self closing tag with attributes
// generates string  '<img src="moon.gif" width="200" height="100" />'

test_img = b.img({src:"moon.gif",width:"200",height:"100"});

// standard list
// generates string '<ul><li>apples</li><li>oranges</li><li>pears</li></ul>'

standardList = b.ul(

// list from array
// generates string '<ul><li>apples</li><li>oranges</li><li>pears</li></ul>'

myItems = ["apples","oranges","pears","grapes","bananas"];  
arraylist = b.ul(

// put them all together for complex markup
complexMarkup =   b.table(
                          src: "moon.gif",
                          width: "200",
                          height: "100"

TODO: autogenerate methods for all html tags
TODO: pass in yaml for list/table generation
TODO: wrapping array/yaml data in multiple tags
TODO: tables from multi-dimensional arrays

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