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Grunt plugin to rasterize SVG to PNG images using PhantomJS

Getting Started

This plugin requires Grunt ~0.4.1

// Gruntfile.js configuration

    svg2png: {
        all: {
            // specify files in array format with multiple src-dest mapping
            files: [
                // rasterize all SVG files in "img" and its subdirectories to "img/png"
                { cwd: 'img/', src: ['**/*.svg'], dest: 'img/png/' }

This task works well between SVGO Grunt and Grunt ImageOptim!


2014-06-23 pulled in path fix and option for use case without terminal. You may need to update your files config to include cwd and dest options.

Created by David Bushell | @dbushell

Copyright © 2013 David Bushell | MIT license