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Niko Karppinen LawlietNick

Umesh Ghimire ughimire

Sofos Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Kathmandu, Nepal

Rafael erro

Overdrive Corp. São Paulo

Ray coderray guangzhou.china

Raphaël Dartigues rafasashi

Developing a multimedia content aggregation platform providing thematic and location filters to search, follow and share web resources Europe

Vlady vladwelt

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Jerônimo Velasquez jevel9

Shift Code Florianópolis

Muri Budiman udamuri

still newbie


Mahmoud AbdulHalim dev-mah

Mahmoud Abdulhalim Dubai

Cosmin Silaghi 7cosmin7

Interested about anything new in the web development field. Started because of my curiosity of what's happening behind the "curtains" ...

Jamie Campbell j-cam

I like front-end architecture, content management systems, and getting better at building stuff for the web.

Portland, OR

raul murciano raul

Heroku San Francisco

TrunksIT asen477

This is timeless love I will always believe!- Trunks

Shenyang, China

Mare Sergiu maresergiu

Hy there,my name is Mare Sergiu!I stepped in front-end developing because I was very curious.What started as a hobby now is my career. Southend-on-Sea

Jubayer Arefin jubayerarefin

InfoSapex Limited Bangladesh

TaeJae Han taejaehan

Interactive VIsualization Frontend Developer & Designer

IDD Seoul

Nijat Ahmadov Nijat13

Frontend developer, javascript and open source lover.

Baku, Azerbaijan

Adnan Ahmed Idnan

Not native. I'm from other planet.

Tajawal Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Jens Grochtdreis jensgro

Freelancer - Frontend Development Mainz, Germany

Josh Johnson jshjohnson

Front-end Developer @ BT

@BTplc London, UK

Behrooz BehroozB

Freelance Web Developer United States

Jhon JhonM

A Front End Developer from Amsterdam. Love to work /experiment with Node, Ember, Meteor, React, SASS and HTML5 standards. Currently working for @onepercentclub.

Blancframe Amsterdam

vaibhav da-vaibhav


Pune, Maharashtra, India

Kristaps Ledins krysits

Internet Entrepreneur


Ajmal Afif ajmalafif

If the “why” is strong enough, I'll figure out the “how”. I rinse and repeat, iterate or whatever you wanna called it; until I arrive at fitting solutions.

Aviva Digital Garage Singapore

Mohammad Esfandiari mamadoo

Welcome to my Profile. I am a Front-End Developer and currently Work at and

Farsial Iran

Sergio Acosta costacode

Designing Stories London, UK

Diego Peralta spacecowb0y

Pixel2HTML Buenos Aires, Argentina

lunix01 lunix01


World China