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borkify is a small perl script that turns ASCII text into similar looking but goofily chosen characters. Not very useful, though the reverse mode (borkify -r) reverses the process... useful for getting mostly useful ASCII out of accented "high-bit" text.

% echo "This is really goofy." | borkify
Ṯĥǐϟ îﺉ ṟêåļłỹ ǥŏõḟý∙

% echo "Jöe Smíth uses “annoying smart quotes”" | borkify -r
Joe Smith uses "annoying smart quotes"

It's also a node module that does the same:

{ toASCII, fromASCII } = require 'borkify'

console.log toASCII 'Hérè ïs søme idiot’s text.'
# ==> Here is some idiot's text.

console.log fromASCII "Let's make this look really horrible."
# ==> ∟ẻţיš ḿăḵě †ḣ¡ﻱ ļỏőḵ ŗęǡłŀỹ ḧőŗṙíЫě∙
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