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=== 0.7.0 / 2009-12-08
* Enhancements
* Allow generation of JRuby extensions. Thanks to Alex Coles (myabc) for the
This will allow, with proper JDK tools, cross compilation of JRuby gems
from MRI.'my_java_extension', GEM_SPEC) do |ext|
# most of ExtensionTask options can be used
# plus, java_compiling:
ext.java_compiling do |gem_spec|
gem_spec.post_install_message = "This is a native JRuby gem!"
Please note that cross-compiling JRuby gems requires either JRUBY_HOME or
JRUBY_PARENT_CLASSPATH environment variables being properly set.
* Allow alteration of the Gem Specification when cross compiling. Closes GH-3
This is useful to indicate a custom requirement message, like DLLs
installation or similar.'my_extension', GEM_SPEC) do |ext|
ext.cross_compile = true
# ...
ext.cross_compiling do |gem_spec|
gem_spec.post_install_message = "You've installed a binary version of this gem"
* Bugfixes
* Detect GNU make independently of distribution based naming.
Thanks to flori for patches.
* Usage of #dup to duplicate gemspec instead of YAML dumping.
* No longer support Ruby older than 1.8.6
* No longer support RubyGems older than 1.3.5
* Force definition of binary directory and executables. Closes GH-11
* Workaround path with spaces issues using relative paths. Closes GH-6
* Removed gemspec, GitHub gems no more
* Known issues
* Usage of rake-compiler under projects with Jeweler requires some tweaks
Please read issue GH-73 for Jeweler:
For a workaround, look here:
=== 0.6.0 / 2009-07-25
* Enhancements
* Implemented 'fat-binaries' generation for cross compiling
(for now). Thanks to Aaron Patterson for the suggestion and
original idea.
rake cross native gem RUBY_CC_VERSION=1.8.6:1.9.1
Will package extensions for 1.8 and 1.9 versions of Ruby.
* Can now cross compile extensions for 1.9 using 1.8.x as base.
Be warned: works from 1.8 to 1.9, but not if your default ruby is 1.9
rake cross compile RUBY_CC_VERSION=1.9.1
* Allow simultaneous versions of Ruby to compile extensions.
This change allow 1.8.x compiles co-exist with 1.9.x ones
and don't override each other.
Please perform <tt>rake clobber</tt> prior compiling again.
* Allow optional source file URL for cross-compile tasks.
(Thanks to deepj for the patches)
rake-compiler cross-ruby VERSION=1.9.1-p0 SOURCE=
* Bugfixes
* Removed strict versioning for gems since it clash with fat binaries.
From now on, if your gem only targets a specific version of Ruby, please
indicate it in the Gem::Specification (<tt>required_ruby_version</tt>)
=== 0.5.0 / 2009-04-25
* Enhancements
* Allow generation of multiple gems for Windows (EXPERIMENTAL)
This allows build gems for both VC6 and MinGW builts of Ruby
(Thanks to Jonathan Stott for the suggestion)'my_extension', GEM_SPEC) do |ext|
ext.cross_compile = true
ext.cross_platform = ['i386-mswin32', 'i386-mingw32']
=== 0.4.1 / 2009-04-09
* Enhancements
* Target specific versions of Ruby when generating binaries.
This avoids installing a 1.8.x binary gem in 1.9.x and viceversa.
(Thanks to Aaron Patterson for the patches)
* Bugfixes
* No longer raises error if rake-compiler configuration is missing.
Not all users of a project would have it installed.
(Thanks to Aaron Patterson for the patch)
=== 0.4.0 / 2009-04-03
* Enhancements
* Bended the convention for extension folder.
Defining <tt>ext_dir</tt> for custom extension location.'my_extension') do |ext|
ext.ext_dir = 'custom/location' # look into custom/location
end # instead of ext/my_extension
* Better detection of mingw target across Linux/OSX.
Exposed it as Rake::ExtensionCompiler
* Display list of available tasks when calling rake-compiler script
* Track Ruby full versioning (x.y.z).
This will help the compilation of extensions targetting 1.8.6/7 and 1.9.1
* Bugfixes
* Better output of Rake development tasks (Thanks to Luis Parravicini).
* Proper usage of Gem::Platform for native gems (Thanks to Dirkjan Bussink).
* Don't use autoload for YAML (present problems with Ruby 1.9.1).
=== 0.3.1 / 2009-01-09
* Enhancements
* Download cross-ruby source code using HTTP instead of FTP.
* Disabled Tcl/Tk extension building on cross-ruby (helps with 1.9).
* Bugfixes
* Workaround bug introduced by lack of Gem::Specification cloning. Fixes DM LH #757.
* Use proper binary extension on OSX (reported by Dirkjan Bussink).
* Ensure lib/binary task is defined prior clear of requisites.
=== 0.3.0 / 2008-12-07
* New features
* Let you specify the Ruby version used for cross compilation instead
of default one.
rake cross compile RUBY_CC_VERSION=1.8
* Enhancements
* Properly update rake-compiler configuration when new version is installed.
* Automated release process to RubyForge, yay!
* Bugfixes
* Corrected documentation to reflect the available options
=== 0.2.1 / 2008-11-30
* New features
* Allow cross compilation (cross compile) using mingw32 on Linux or OSX.
* Allow packaging of gems for Windows on Linux or OSX.
* Enhancements
* Made generation of extensions safe and target folders per-platform
* Bugfixes
* Ensure binaries for the specific platform are copied before packaging.