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This is ChangeLog Tue Jan 9 00:52:36 MST 2001
rxtx-1.5 and rxtx-1.4 changes are kept in the same file. skip to the version
you downloaded.
1.5-3 Oct 4, 2000 Initial BeOS Support
Brian D. Hindman <>
Win32 cross build fixes <>
Documentation changes D. Bahi <>
Kaffe Support
freebsd build fixes
Makefile fixes
Merged changes from 1.4-5
1.5-2 Jul 16, 2000 Merged changes from 1.4-4
Added RawIO classes and read/write/open/close functions.
Jim Garvin <>
1.5-1 Mar 7, 2000 RS485 write support. comm.jar implemented.
Stallion Card support
Greg Luck <>
CommPort enumeration with rxtx's comm.jar
1.4-8 Jan 8, 2001 irix build fixes (fine tuning required)
Tom Mander <>
more lockfile code with testing from
"Roberto" <> and
Chris Portal <>
bsd and linux default to lockfile support
some documentaion clarifications.
1.4-7 Nov 13, 2000 HP-UX fixes for port enumeration
Cathrine Guiollot <>
CLASSPATH build fixes
Dale Seaburg <>
1.4-6 Oct 26, 2000 support for explicitly-specified lists of ports
Martin Pool <>
Documentation for explicitly-specified lists of ports
Martin Pool <>
Clarification of accessReadWrite()
Martin Pool <> was added
HP-UX fixes for Serial Support
(it may need some fine tuning)
Cathrine Guiollot <>
Documentation of RXTX lantency frantz
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard 2.1 sec 5.6 lock files.
UUCP style lock support is needed.
removed extra files not used in 1.4
merged config/Makefile fixes from 1.5
merged win32 fixes from 1.5
cleanup of ParallelImp.c eventLoop (more needed)
merged documentation changes from 1.5 that are related.
1.4-5 Aug 18, 2000 RXTXPort constructor to set the name to the port being
opened. RXTXPort.removeEventListener() fixes/work arounds
all by Chris Hamlett <>
SGI Irix build fixes
Thorsten Schmidt <>
Corrected SerialPortEvent.getNewValue()
open()/close() fixes.
Chris Hamlett <>
SerialPortInstructions.txt contributed by
Vaibhav Andleigh/Athena <>
inputBuffer does not dictate read size. Makefile cleanup.
1.5 stop bit support.
1.4-4 Jun 15, 2000 An attempt to get eventLoop() to exit properly.
Chris Portal <>
data accessed by multiple threads declared volatile.
1.4-3 Jun 14, 2000 synchronization fixes(?)
Chris Portal <>
get rid of annoying kenrel version messages
Joey Armstrong <>
Allow Event loop to die silently after closing the fd.
LPRPort open() throws PortInUseException not IOException
cleanup of LPRPort java variable access.
1.4-2 Jun 13, 2000 Documentation changes Bryce Nesbitt <>
1.4-1 Jun 6, 2000 HP-UX build fixes (still a messed up compile flag I think)
"Peter Pastrnak" <>
if you get HP-UX working please let peter know.
redo of RXTXPort's read()
"Bertrand Renuart" <>
Many println's replaced with appropriate exceptions
"Bertrand Renuart" <>
Suse build fixes.
Jean-Francois Fels <>
jdk-1.3 build fix (lost the email that pointed this out)
took out extra code from 1.5 development to simplify
the package.
1.3-13 Mar 26, 2000 patches for Cyclades support and other multi-port cards
that do not support TIOCGICOUNT or TIOCSERGETLSR
Jac Kersing <>
Stallion Card Support
Greg Luck <>
~20 additions devices added for linux.
1.3-12 Mar 7, 2000 Added Calls to DeleteLocalRef to functions get_java_var
and throw_java_exception to avoid FATAL ERROR in native
method: Out of memory when expanding local ref table
beyond capacity W. Craig Trader <> and
Gareth Lee <>
fixed flush() for printer ports.
Robert Perry <>
work around for missed DSR events (incomplete?).
Ken Eisner <>
readArray behavior fix Gareth Lee <>
1.3-11 Jan 28, 2000 Added notification of output buffer empty.
Chris Portal <>
tracked down a bug in open() (introduced in rxtx-1.3-10)
Tim Groner <>
Ken Eisner <>
Fix for people reporting lost bytes.
Wayne Robers <>
Douglas Baker <>
1.3-10 Jan 16, 2000 Tracked down threshold bugs and Linux configure fixes.
Brent J. Nordquist <>
Moxa Driver Support read/write examples libc5 build fixes.
Peter Bennett <>
Free-BSD configure and compile fixes
Soren Dayton <>
Tracked down racing event loops.
Alejandro P. Revilla <>
1.3-9 Dec 1, 1999 Japanese install instructions Thanks to Masayuki "Tencho"
Yamashita <>
IBM JDK support. Thanks for bug reports from Herber Carl
Meyer <> and Scott Simms
Warning messages when kernel does not match headers
Alejandro P. Revilla <>
Documentation of libc5 bugs. Peter Bennett
Warning when there are multiple jni include file paths.
Win32 code now builds. Thanks to Wayne Roberts for the
changes to termios.c.
Free-BSD serial comm is working.
1.3-8 Oct 25, 1999 Introduced Wayne Roberts Win32 code.
CLOCAL added to c_cflags. (How did it get out?)
-thanks to Bertrand Renuart <>
Several configure fixes for common problems.
-thanks to Andrew Baerst <> for comments
fixes for larger writes. Mark Lindsey <>
Free-BSD fixes Stuart Anderson <>
Linux port enumeration fixes.
Several configure fixes for common problems.
Parity fixes. Wayne Roberts
1.3-7 Aug 15, 1999 More Threshold and Timeout fixes. Tried to get Printer
support working with linux-2.2.11. More work needed
there. Comtrol card support by Ken Thompson
1.3-6 Aug 3, 1999 Threshold and Timeout typo fixes in SerialImp.c.
1.3-5 Jul 26, 1999 Threshold and Timeout implemented on native side. default
on open is to block. Hope this doesn't fill the mailbox.
1.3-4 Jul 26, 1999 Printer port fixes Holger Lehmann <>
minor build fixes
intelligent port identification
merge of many small changes from cvs.
moved to automake-1.4a libtool-1.2f make-3.77
1.3-3 Apr 29, 1999 flow Control corrections Neil Darlow and Chris Kakris
software flow control implementation Neil Darlow
close fixes and exception cleanup Douglas Lau
build modifications
Documentation updates
counter roll over fixes for events Neil Darlow
Minor changes to read
1.3-2 Mar 27, 1999 When throwing exceptions, include the method name in the
message string. Douglas Lau
fixes for close() drop DSR and DTR call super.close()
Wayne Roberts and Douglas Lau
fixes for readArray() used IndexArrayOutOfBoundsException
return 0 on readArray(0); Douglas Lau and Will Kassebaum
fix for drain(). retry on EINTR Daniel Lintjens
fixes for using
ParallelImp.c implementation of isPaperOut,isPrinterBusy,
1.3-1 Mar 20, 1999 added Stubs for Printer Support and CommPortIdentifiers.
Several minor Makefile Modifications for the above and
some quirks that showed up in 1.1.7 javah.
1.3 Mar 17, 1999 Imported Douglas Lau's changes Merged build files with
1.2 tree.
1.2BETA2Jan 31, 1999 Stop Bit fix Stephen Martin
SerialImp.c: Set Speed fix. Stephen Martin Specialix card support.
configure: remove -ansi for libc5 Linux
hardware flow control error message fix.
1.2BETA1Dec 28, 1998 extensive native code rewrite.
1.2pre12Dec 20, 1998 SerialImp.c cleanup. ASYNC is now default. irix is
running. Thanks to Steve Swicord and Bob Carpenter.
1.2pre11Dec 20, 1998 multi-port bug fix. Event Notification (FE PE BI OE)
1.2pre10Dec 11, 1998 public release of pre9 work.
1.2pre9 Dec 11, 1998 Series of non-public releases to work out sgi-irix build
problems. Thanks to Steve Swicord and Bob Carpenter for
the feedback. Some multi-port fixes.
1.2pre8 Nov 30, 1998 Wayne Roberts Contributed read timeout fix
binary read fix libtool-1.2b is now used
multi-port use is in.
Yeun-Ping Leung contributed Free-BSD support
1.2pre7 Oct 14, 1998 Various Fixes
1.2pre6 Oct 6, 1998 cleaned up documentation. Pulled out win32 support. remove full path from JAR command.
1.2pre5 Aug 12, 1998 Added David Atkinson's support for which implements event
notification, hardware flow control (tested with a modem),
multiple bytes reads etc. Needs to be converted back to
termios calls. Claims to work with blackbox.
.cvsignore - Added to ignore generated files such as
"config.h". It just cleans up CVS reports of what's new
and different. - Add a "jcl.jar" target to make a JAR file
for JCL.
SerialImp.c - Implemented SerialInputStream_skip(). If
it runs out of memory it uses a slower algorithm which
uses almost no memory.
- Support for baud rates of 38400. - Rename get_speed to
bps2speed_t (bits-per-second to speed_t constant) to
remove ambiguity.
- The GetSpeed functions now correctly return the bps
speed rather than the speed_t constant. This means JCL
will now return the correct speed.
- Add speed_t2bps to be the reverse of bps2speed_t.
- Fix the spelling of "receive".
Added /dev/modem to the list of ports because it's very
common. Added comments from Suns NullDriver sample,
giving credit where necessary. (Sheldon Young -
Commented SerialImp.c (
1.2pre4 Aug 12, 1998 The CommAPI has changed in the newest beta from Sun,
now named "javacomm20-ea". I have attached,
which I have modified so it now compiles.
Sheldon Young
1.2pre3 July 5, 1998 libtool 1.0h, automake 1.3, (redhat-5.1 defaults)
added JDK_HOME as and option to configure.
missing string control to termios (in progress).
documentation changes/updates
(doc and JDK_HOME changes suggested by
IOExeption work.
1.2pre2 Jun 5, 1998 termios control from java (overdue)
1.2pre1 May 19, 1998 CommAPI start < (Kevin Hester)>
1.1.5 Mar 17, 1998 mingw (win32) support
1.1.3p7 Feb 26, 1998 change how finds JAVANATINC
1.1.3p6 Feb 24, 1998 SunOS support (further)
thanks to Gilles Paquet
Added libtool support. This should fix most Unix
porting problems.
added automake. I'm not convinced it was a good idea.
1.1.3p4 Jan 30, 1998 SunOS support (initial)
thanks to Michael.Forte@Corp.Sun.COM
makeraw() fix
1.1.3p3 Jan 18, 1998 added termios(3) functions and FD class javadoc'ed
1,1.3p2 Jan 16, 1998 Complete rewrite. Now have SerialIn/Output.class's
1,1.3p1 Jan 15, 1998 Speed was not being changed properly
1.1.3p0 Jan 13, 1998 jdk-1.1.3 fixes.
1.1.1p2 May 23, 1997 Replaced termio with termios.
1.1.1p1 May 22, 1997 obj dirs for different os's. per request.
1.1.1p0 May 21, 1997 Support for jdk 1.1.1. Dropped support for 1.0.2
because of the jni in 1.1.1. The native code required
many changes.
0.50 Mar 17, 1997 Buffered input/output use of FileDescriptors. Removed
most of the native code. deleted
0.22 Mar 14, 1997 Everything is now controlled from renamed
classes for easier reading. debug info for open(),
write(). prevent reading from bad fd. dump hex for RX
as an example in
0.21 Mar 12, 1997 Removal of hard coded vars Makefile Removed the last
remnants of my GPS program. Fixed by making it
wait for TX to finish (thanks to oliver) Irix support.
(thanks to oliver)
0.2 Mar 11, 1997 added autoconf ability
0.1 Mar 10, 1997 Just tossed the stuff together
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