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This is AUTHORS Tue Oct 15 20:32:04 MDT 2002
This package is not the result of one persons time. Recognition is given
to the following people for their assistance.
Stephane Cachat <> J2SE java.util.loggin and property file to match
Sheikh, Awais <> HP-UX port enumeration fixes.
Bill Smith <> QNX Port
Michal Hobot WinCE port.
Scott Burleigh <> Documentation of ThinkPad Serial Behavior and clairification of "No serial ports found!"
Melissa Pike <> Integration of rxtx into QA tests.
Jauhar Ismail <> QA testing
Joey Armstrong <> The amazing wonder pulling things together behind the scenes.
Finbarr O'Kane <> True64 Port
Peter C. Verhage <> FreeBSD fixes
Jonathan Schilling <> UnixWare and OpenUNIX ports
Dmitry Markman <> Mac OS X builds with CW lots of
Joseph Goldstone <> Mac OS X port.
Brian Hindman <> Brian initiated the BeOS port and implemented most of the functions.
Chris Portal <> Joey Armstrong <>
did some intense testing and debugging of RS232 on Linux.
"Bertrand Renuart" <> provided a java side read()
which appears to have resolved many problems.
W. Craig Trader <> and Gareth Lee <> Added
Calls to DeleteLocalRef to functions get_java_var and throw_java_exception to
avoid FATAL ERROR in native method: Out of memory when expanding local ref
table beyond capacity
Tim Groner <> Assistance tracking down an open() bug
that was accidently introduced in rxtx-1.3-10.
"Alejandro P. Revilla" <> Assistance tracking down event_loop
Peter Bennett <> Moxa serial board support. Bug hunting.
Simple Read/Write example contributions.
Masayuki "Tencho" Yamashita <> Japanese install instructions
Stuart Anderson <> Free-BSD port
Ken Thompson <> Comtrol RocketPort serial boards
Holger Lehmann <> Printer support fixes
Neil Darlow <>
Flow Control Modifications/Implementation.
Will Kassebaum <>
Work on rxtx.spec
Douglas Lau <>
Major Rewrite. rxtx-1.3. Multiple fixes and enhancements.
Wayne Roberts <>
Win32 Enhancements (extensive)
Read Timeouts. Thresholds. event notification. Linux kernel hacking.
verification of rxtx with analysis equipment.
Wayne has been invaluable to rxtx. The project would be a 404 without him.
Yuen-Ping Leung <>
Fixes for FreeBSD support.
David Atkinson
Hardware event handling implementation.
Many fixes and contributions.
Sheldon Young
JCL/CommAPI compatibility with "javacomm20-ea"
Many fixes and contributions. (Kevin Hester)
CommAPI support. The Linux Comm Project
src/ src/ (Karl Asha)
Karl gave this package a web presence at
Debugging the autoconfig
Reminding me to upgrade to 1.1.1. (Oliver Frommel)
IRIX port
Fixed open() call so pins 4,5,6,8 and 20 don't need to be tied together.
Helped track down a problem with the threads that prevented the package
from working.
Multiple suggestions.
Verifying serial communication with the rs232 analyzer
Michael.Forte@Corp.Sun.COM (Mike Forte)
SunOS port (Gilles Paquet)
SunOS port
Martin Pool <>
Added support for explicitly-specified lists of ports
Maintainer: Trent Jarvi
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