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Enclosed you'll find a version of rxtx for Windows CE.
It was compiled using Microsoft's eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0 (which is free).
It was tested on Compaq iPAQ 3650 (ARM).
Native code is completely rewritten, since CE doesn't have overlapped IO
(and MANY other things), but does non-overlapped better than regular Win32
- simultanous multiple operations on the same handle are OK.
I tried compiling this project under NT (with Visual C++ 6.0) and it
compiles without problems but it doesn't work right because NT doesn't
support simultanous operations without overlapping.
Yes, that means that there's no compatibility between Win32 and Win32CE -
neither direction. I love Microsoft.
Aha, I used unicode everywhere, since both CE and Java use it internally
(CE doesn't have ANSI at all) and I didn't find converting data back and
forth sensible.
Windows CE doesn't have stdio and console at all so I had to make printj()
function. Look at it - it can be quite usable for other projects. Basically
it works like printf() but uses System.out.print() for output.
You can find more info on Java serial support on
Michal Hobot