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# this is not ready for prime time.
# It's in the process of being removed from the build process and being
# used external to the .tgz
# Trent Jarvi
Summary: RXTX -- W/Escient Mods
Name: rxtx
%define version 1.3
%define release 1
Version: %{version}
Release: %{release}
Copyright: GPL (programs), relaxed LGPL (libraries), and public domain (docs)
Group: Applications/compiler
Source: lpr-%{PACKAGE_VERSION}.tar.gz
Provides: jcl.jar
BuildRoot: /var/tmp/rxtx-root
rxtx is a native interface to serial ports in java.
%setup -q
cd rxtx
./configure --prefix=$BuildRoot/usr
make clean
cd rxtx
mkdir -p $BuildRoot/usr/{lib,local}
make ROOT="$BuildRoot" install
%attr(755, root, root) /usr/lib/
%attr(777, root, root) /usr/lib/
%attr(777, root, root) /usr/lib/
%attr(644, root, root) /usr/local/java/lib/jcl.jar