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+BeOS serial support is in the early stages. configure and the resulting
+Makefile should work properly. Initial readbyte/writebyte type support is
+ in contrib/ works on BeOS.
+rxtx.proj in contrib/ is included for people using the IDE that BeOS uses.
+Initially we tried to use the standard POSIX functions to get BeOS working. It
+became obvious the BeOS kernel API (See Serial.h on BeOS) would have to be
+used to get Events working. With simple build and read/write functionality
+we are releasing the work in case anyone wants to help contribute to the
+src/SerialImp.cpp is the BeOS support.
+List of functions ported: (Thanks to Brian Hindman)
+RXTXPort.writeArray (untested)
+RXTXPort.isRTS (not available in BeOS)
+RXTXPort.setDSR (not available in BeOS)
+RXTXPort.isDTR (not available in BeOS)
+RXTXPort.readByte (untested)

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