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jarvi committed Apr 5, 2002
1 parent 996d158 commit 9b676ca4fbb82e764de5db6303b48feb3c78a260
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@@ -5,9 +5,30 @@ This is TODO Tue Nov 13 14:54:06 MST 2001
Win32 Frame Parity CD and RI events. TIOCGICOUNT is commented out in
-win32termios.h to avoid SIG11's. The source of these has not been identified.
+win32termios.h to avoid SIG11's. The source of these has not been
+identified. I could not figure this one out. If BlackBox is run on COM1
+and COM2 and you plug in a null modem cable between the ports things blow
+up. I dont know if variables is on the native side get gc'd or if there
+is a bad pointer someplace.
+The next bug is also report using BlackBox on Win32:
+"Using all of the default settings, if I click auto-transmit it
+runs for about half a second and then crashes. I've attached the log file
+it gave. Sometimes it runs a little longer than others. If you enable and
+disable auto-transmit repeatedly it seems to help it crash faster. This
+looks like a fairly repeatable way to cause the problem so hopefully
+debugging would be easier." I'm going to try looking at this tonight.
+And the final bug report is reported on FreeBSD 4.5 with some in house
+"Okay, now the application runs. I don't get a sig11, but my application
+freezes when it tries to talk to the modem. The user has access to the
+modem as minicom works on that modem. This application works well under
+windows with the JavaComm from Sun."
Sat Jul 28 09:55:37 MDT 2001

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