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An app for facing-page translation. Online version here: This still needs a great deal of work! Where things are:

  • src/ are the raw application files
    • src/[bookname]-debug.html is the dev version of the page for a particular book (uses non-minned scripts, nothing else special)
  • src/js/modules/ is the general code – app.js is the entry point.
  • src/js/[bookname].js is the main JavaScript file for a particular book. These files are identical, but they point to different [bookname]/bookdata.js files.
  • src/js/[bookname]/ is where individual book files live right now
    • src/js/[bookname]/bookdata.js is the spine for a particular book, pointing to translations
    • src/js/[bookname]/translations/ is where a particular book's translations are
  • dist/ are the files for the web
  • dist/index.html is the main page
  • dist/[bookname].html is the page for a particular book
  • apps/ contains the Cordova projects for Android/iOS apps

Current books are inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso. More soon!

NPM build scripts are in package.json. Change variables in the "config" section to make build scripts for different books. It would be nice to have a smarter build system, but this works. npm run buildall will build all current books.

To build for Cordova: npm run cordova[bookname] or npm run cordovaall